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2015-06-06, 12:32 AM
AmbientRaven's House Rules


Please feel free to provide feedback on these rules and changes. This will be getting updated as I go. Within the next 3 weeks I will be adding a full weapon change system to increase the amount of weapons available.

Some rules I have borrowed form other people/posters. If this is the case I have left an italicised credit referencing them and thanking them

#1 Rule – Rule of Cool
If it sounds awesome, I will most likely allow it. This is always rule number one.

You may train a new skill proficiency, tool proficiency, or language during downtime. This requires the expenditure of 250gp, and requires a number of 8 hour days training equal to 250 divided by your intelligence modifier. You cannot learn saving throw proficiency in this fashion.
Credit: Inchoroi of the Giant in the Playground Forums

Crafting mundane items progresses at a speed of 5 x your proficiency bonus gp per day; you may not craft an item unless you are proficient in the tool required to create it. The cost of the materials remains the same (half the total cost). This does not affect the crafting of magical items. To speed up the crafting of magical items, you require the Master Artisan feat.
Credit: Inchoroi of the Giant in the Playground Forums

Cooperative Crafting
Any one whom is proficient with the tools required to craft an item may assist in any crafting attempt. They add half of their proficiency bonus to yours for working out how many days it takes to craft an item. For example, two blacksmiths are working together to create a set of full plate armour. Normally this would take a level 10 Blacksmith 75 Days to craft by their self. If a second smith helps this would instead make the armour take only 50 Days to craft.
Credit: Inchoroi of the Giant in the Playground Forums inspired this section as it is based off of one of their houserule feats

Initiative rolls are susceptible to both critical scores and fumbles. To model this, whenever a person scores a natural 20 on an initiative roll, they add 5 to their normal initiative modifier, and when a person or creature rolls a natural 1, regardless of their initiative modifier, they always goes last in the initiative order. If there is a tie on critical fumbles, the person with the lowest Dexterity modifier goes last, the other person whom critical fumbled goes second to last.
Credit: Inchoroi of the Giant in the Playground Forums

You may focus on one positive concentration effect and one negative concentration effect. To determine which is which if unsure ask the GM

Perception Checks in combat
If an enemy is within 10ft of you, you have disadvantage on perception checks.

Picking up a dropped weapon
If you pick up a weapon whilst an enemy within 5ft of you, they get an Attack of Opportunity. If you have a shield they have disadvantage on the attack
Critical Damage
Critical Damage adds in the damage stat bonus (so +str for str weapons, +dex for finesse ect.)

If there is an opponent in front & behind you, the opponent behind has Advantage

Death Saves
All death saves are rolled in secret to the GM.
Each round you are uconcious and not stabalised you add 1 death save roll to your tally. These dice are not rolled until an ally checks on you. As soon as an ally checks on you, you roll all death saves at once. These are rolled in secret to the GM.

All races besides Tieflings and Drow require some sort of light source (starlight a dim glow ect.).
Tieflings can see in pitch dark using their darkvision, but only in shades of grey

Drow Darkvision
Drow Darkvision is thermal based, they do not see in colours, only in shades of body temperature.

New Weapons
300gp; martial, Finesse, 1d10 slashing, Exotic
(at present can only be obtained using a feat to get proficiency specifically in use of a Katana)

More weapons coming soon, a lot of 3.5 weapons will be modified for 5e to allow greater variety in weapons

Garrote; Cost: 5gp; Damage:--; 1/2lb.; Properties: Finesse, Special, Two-handed
This martial weapon has no damage die. It is used to make a grapple attack (rolling to hit as normal), and its wielder may use either Dexterity (Acrobatics) or Strength (Athletics) in their contest with the target. If the grapple attack made with the garrote is successful, the creature begins suffocating, as if they had been previously holding their breath, on the target's next turn (see PHB, pg 183). Rogues of the Assassin archetype are able to use their sneak attack ability with a garrote--other characters do not deal damage with this weapon.
Credit: Inchoroi of the Giant in the Playground Forums

New Armour
Tower Shield
Requires: 13 Str, Heavy Armour Mastery.
Adds: +2 AC; Ability: Shield Defence
Shield Defence: At the start of your turn you can declare you are going into Shield Defence mode. When you do you get disadvantage on attacks, and movement is halved. You gain Half cover against all attacks.

Monkey Grip
+1 Str
- You can wield versatile weapons you are proficient with in one hand, using their versatile damage die for damage. They can never be dual wielded.
- You gain proficiency in a Versatile weapon of your choice

Master Artisan
Through training and dedication, you have mastered the use of a type of artisan's tools. You pick one set of artisan's tools that you are proficient with. When using those tools to craft an item, you double the amount of progress you make each day, after all other modifiers. If you wish, you may purchase this feat multiple times, each purchase applying to a different artisan tool.
Credit: Inchoroi of the Giant in the Playground Forums

You gain proficiency in the poisoner's kit, if you already have proficiency in a poisoners kit, you instead gain expertise. In addition, when you create or harvest poisons, you gain two doses when you would normally gain one, and you add your proficiency bonus to the DCs of any poison you create yourself.
Credit: Inchoroi of the Giant in the Playground Forums

Intelligence & starting languages
You all begin play with your normal languages based on your Race. In addition, you get additional languages equal to half of your Intelligence modifier; this does not reduce the number of languages known if that modifier is negative, however.

In addition, if your Intelligence is 8 or lower, you are not able to read your racial languages, but you may speak them. If your Intelligence is 6 or lower, you can only speak a single language--badly. Depending on the complexity of the idea, others may be required to make Intelligence checks to understand your words.
Credit: Inchoroi of the Giant in the Playground Forums, though has a minor change

Alternate Elf: Drow Crinti (http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Crinti)
Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 1.
Darkvision. Your darkvision has a radius of 60 feet.
Drow Magic. You know the dancing Lights Cantrip. When you reach 3rd level, you can cast the faerie fire spell once per day. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for the spell.

These can be used to represent drow followers of Eilistraee whom have been living above ground for longer and are more used to the daylight. They may be full drow, you don’t have to make them half-drow

If Feats are in play, the weapon proficiencies gained from Feats (Tavern Brawler, Weapon Master) are considered Monk Weapons so long as they don't have the Heavy or Two-Handed properties.
Credit: Inchoroi of the Giant in the Playground

Elderitch Knight and Arcane Trickster
Eldritch Knight Fighters and Arcane Trickster Rogues gain a third school of their choice which they have access to, in addition to the two listed in their respective entries.

Druid Animal Companion
A druid may take an animal companion much like a Ranger can. If they chose to do this they lose access to several abilities. A Moon Druid may no longer shift into elemental forms. They may also only know a maximum of 5 animal shapes (Those of the same family as their companion don’t count towards this (ie. A druid may know 5+bear forms if they have a bear companion). A Land Druid loses its 10th level ability “Nature’s Ward”, and “thousand forms” at 14th level becomes 1 per long rest.

Beastmaster Hunters
It takes a bonus action to command your companion. They continue on this action until combat ends or otherwise commanded to. (“Attack” once their first foe is down they will move to the next”)

Exceptional Training class ability now allows you to command your animal companion as a free action.

Pet Level Progression
An animal companion gains a new hit die every second level. The hit die used is equivalent to their base hit die. At tenth level an animal companion gains the following stats +2str +2dex +2con +2int. They continue to use the masters proficiency bonus towards their AC as per the PHB.

Warlock - Credit: Inchoroi of the Giant in the Playground for all warlock changes
Warlocks begins with the Eldritch Blast cantrip for free, and can choose two others, as per the PHB.
Pact of the Chain
All warlocks gain this feature, in addition to either Pact of the Blade or Pact of the Tome, at 3rd level. You may still do so by sacrificing your action as detailed in the PHB as per normal. The Pact of the Chain may also take a Flumph or a Homonculus as an option for the find familiar spell.
Pact of the Blade
You also receive Medium Armour proficiency. You automatically gain the Thirsting Blade invocation at 6th level, which does not count towards your total number of known invocations.
Pact of the Tome
Your tome may serve as an Arcane Focus if both your hands are free to hold the Book of Shadows.

Repelling Blast: This Invocation only affects targets sized Large or Smaller, and allows for a Strength Saving Throw to resist.
Mask of Myriad Forms: This invocation now has a prerequisite of 7th level, instead of 15th.

New Invocation: Blade-lore
Prerequisite: Level 3, Pact of the Blade
You learn the Dueling or Great Weapon fighting style (PHB, pg 72).