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Renegade Munchy
2015-06-06, 11:11 AM
Not sure if I should just add all my classes on one thread or not, ill keep making new threads until someone tells me not to :P
This is my take on how a Death Knight could be done, any feedback positive or negative is greatly appreciated.
Did I finally learn how to make these tables or can they be done better?

Some random ideas for RP reasons//

Summary: Warriors who were on the brink of death and saved by someone with great necromatic powers, the dark and twisted magic, corrupts their being and they carry death with them.
Though most necromancers have to great a hold on the death knights through their spells there are those that do not submit to the control and break free and once again become independent beings.

Training: Death knights come from a large variety of people with previous training, which they now combine with the dark magical energies within themselves.


Proficiency Bonus

Undying, Fighting Style


Path of destruction

Ability score improvement

Extra Attack

Blood Rite

Path of destruction feature

Ability score improvement


Path of destruction feature

Extra Attack(2)

Ability score improvement

Blood Rite (2)


Path of destruction feature

Ability score improvement

Nightmare (2)

Path of destruction feature

Ability score improvement

Dread Lord

Class features:
Hit dice: D10
Weapons: All simple, All martial melee weapons
Armour: All armour.
Saving throws: Strength and Constitution
Tools: None
Skills: Choose 2 from this list
Acrobatics, Animal handling, Athletics, Intimidation, Religion, survival


A, Chain Mail B Scale Mail and any simple weapon C Leather Armour and Greatsword
A, Any martial weapon B Two simple weapons
A, Light crossbow and 20 bolts B One longsword
A, Dungeoneerís Pack B Explorerís Pack

Fighting Style:

You adopt a particular style of fighting as your speciality.
Choose one of the following options. You canít take a
Fighting Style option more than once, even if you later
get to choose again.

You gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls you make with
ranged weapons.

While you are wearing armour, you gain a +1 bonus to AC.

When you are wielding a melee weapon in one hand and
no other weapons, you gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls
with that weapon.

Great Weapon Fighting
When you roll a 1 or 2 on a damage die for an attack you
make with a melee weapon that you are wielding with
two hands, you can reroll the die and must use the new
roll, even if the new roll is a 1 or a 2. The weapon must
have the two-handed or versatile property for you to gain
this benefit.

Two-Weapon Fighting
When you engage in two-weapon fighting, you can add
your ability modifier to the damage of the second attack.


Due to the necrotic powers keeping you alive you do not age as long as you can consume energy from the living.
As a bonus action you can attempt to drain energy from an adjacent target dealing 1d4 damage to the target and restoring your own vitality equal to half the damage done (min 1). If the target is not willing they must attempt a Con save with DC (8 + proficiency + Con mod). (Use this for pretty much any other effect that includes a save in this class.)


When a target dies within 10 feet of you, you can use your reaction to infuse the target with some of your energy and give it a simple command to cause it to get back up and fight for you. Doing this costs you Hit points equal to your Con Mod. The Thrall gets its action instantly as part of your reaction. The thrall will do the one thing it was commanded to do, unless the DM deems the task to difficult or out of reach etc, in that case the Thrall instead moves towards the closest enemy and does a normal attack action. After completing the task or attacking an enemy the Thrall crumbles to dust.

Path of Destruction:

At 3rd level you choose the type of death knight you are, the choices are Reaper or Defiler.

Utilizes powerful attacks and places himself on the front-line sacrificing his own body to protect others.

When you choose this at 3rd level you gain a permanent bonus to your hit points and AC as your background was most certainly that of a great warrior.
You gain 1 Extra hit point per level including this one.
You can add your CON modifier instead of DEX modifier to non-heavy armours and while wearing heavy armour you gain + 1 to your AC.

Blood weapon:
At 7th level you gain the ability to use your life force to increase the damage of your attacks.
You can spend a Hit dice to add it as damage to one of your attacks, once per short rest.

Undead Resistance:
At 10th level you gain resistance to cold and necrotic damage.

Master of death:
At 15th level you can once per long rest if you were about to take a fatal attack you instead are put on 1 HP and gain damage immunity until the end of your next turn.

At 18th level Your first attack per turn deal + 2 dice damage against targets under half health. (might change this to on critical hits or something as it pretty much gives away how much health a target has)

Plague Spreader
Uses the magical attributes inside his body to inflict enemies with disease and fear attempting to just outlast his enemies with his own high resilience.

At 3rd level you gain the ability to infect a target with a disease as a bonus action after you hit with a melee attack. You can use two different diseases Brain rot and Red fever. Only one disease can affect a target at once.

Brain rot:
Reduces the target chance to hit with attacks and spells by half your CON mod, the target can attempt A CON save once per turn DC (8 + proficiency + Con mod) on a failed save they take 1d4 necrotic damage, on a successful save they are cured.

Red fever;
Reduces the targets AC and saves by half your Con mod, the target can attempt a CON save once per turn DC (8 + proficiency + Con mod) on a failed save they take 1d4 necrotic damage, on a successful save they are cured.

Plague immunity:
At 7th level you gain immunity to Poison and diseases.

At 10th level you gain the ability as an action to spread a disease from a target within 20 feet to all other targets adjacent to it. They must attempt a DC (8 + proficiency + Con mod) CON save to resist or also become infected.

Energizing drain:
At 15th lvl you can as a bonus action absorb energy from all of your diseases from everyone within 15 feet to revitalize yourself restoring 1d6 HP per affected target. (no they are not rid of the diseases due to this effect).

At 18th level your diseases are empowered increasing their effects too be equal too your CON mod + 1 and failed save damage becomes 1D10.

5th and 11th LVL Extra attack

Blood Rite:

At 6th lvl the Death knight gain one additional Hit dice and can use a Hit dice outside of a short rest, once per long rest. At 13th level he gain one more extra hit dice, he can now use 2 hit dice outside of short rests and the effect of all Hit dice healing effects are increased by 3.


At 9th level once per short rest you can as an action attempt to cause targets within 20 feet of you become terrified of you, they must attempt a Wis save with DC (8 + Death knight lvl + Con mod). On a fail they become frightened and take 2D10 necrotic If successful they are not affected and become immune to any further attempts for 24 hours.
At 17th level it becomes an aura instead that lasts for 1 minute concentration, anyone starting their turn within range must attempt the save. Anyone successful still gain immunity from the effect.


You become immune to stun and sleep effects.
Additionally once per Short rest when you fail a save you can re-roll it with a + 3 on the roll.

Dread Lord:

The weapons you use becomes corrupted and deal permanent corruption damage to whatever they affect, no normal healing can affect someone damaged by your weapons. They also gain some bonus damage, it is 1d4 damage to a 1-handed weapon and 2d4 on a two-handed weapons. The corruption is removed from the weapon if you do not actively use it for 24 hours, anyone that attempts to use a corrupted weapon takes 1d4 damage from it for every attack made. The only way to remove this damage is via a wish spell or any healing spell cast as at least an 8th level spell on holy ground. (Think of it as vile damage from earlier editions to some extent).
As a bonus your weapons and armours changes their look to match the corruption in your body (Only for looks).

2015-06-06, 11:20 AM
For the saves, I suggest switching it to the norm of DC 8 + proficiency Bonus+ stat mod of one stat

your paths don't make sense

make nightmare just the frightened status for ease and understanding

Unstoppable and dread lord probably need reworking

Renegade Munchy
2015-06-06, 12:05 PM
For the saves, I suggest switching it to the norm of DC 8 + proficiency Bonus+ stat mod of one stat

your paths don't make sense

make nightmare just the frightened status for ease and understanding

Unstoppable and dread lord probably need reworking

1. Yes I agree, not really sure what I was thinking there.

2. Sorry, could you please specify why they dont make sense?

3. There is a frightend status? How did I not find that one, I even looked to see if there was something like that, that makes things much easier.

4. Again please specify, sadly im not able to read minds of the people possibly on the other side of the planet.

2015-06-06, 02:24 PM
Just in general, the formatting doesn't make sense. I don't currently know what the names are and why it only has the beginning effect listed. Perhaps it is denoted later in the post, but its confusing to find and see.

page 290 of the phb, appendix A

and for the last bit, I dunno, it just seems off.