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2015-06-06, 11:02 PM
Hi guys!

Many moons ago, I was working on a campaign system, and I posted my thoughts about it here on this very forum. As I made more progress on the campaign setting, I realized that D&D's normal classes just didn't work very well. So I began working on a number of class overhauls designed to create a different feel of base classes.

Well, real life got in the way, as it tends to do. But lately I've been drawn to my old project again. This time, I've decided to lay down some guidelines before homebrewing any classes. I've put those guidelines up on a website, and I would love some feedback as I prepare to craft my first class!

You can expect the Swashbuckler to be up in a day or two. Until then, I hope you enjoy reading through my thoughts and giving any feedback you desire!

Here's the link:


2015-06-07, 05:59 AM
While I applaud your enthusiasm, your setting doesn't seem to have a focus. Is this set in any particular time period or place? I'd want to know the setting before I care about any new/revised classes. The Crossroads project is also a "Colonial" setting (it is here on this forum) and the other published setting is Northern Crown. How will yours stand out?

2015-06-07, 11:12 AM
While my classes are going to be tailor-made for the needs of the campaign setting, I do think that they should be more than capable of standing under their own merit, either as a set or on their own. With the level of power and versatility that I'm going for, you should be able to drop a F&F class into your D&D game, or run a game with F&F classes in any setting. That's why I'm asking for feedback now, before the actual setting is fully ready yet.

That being said, I do understand and very much appreciate your interest, so I'll give you the quick spiel. (As an aside, I remember Crossroads! We both started our projects independently at pretty much the same time).

If you're interested in the campaign setting, you can check out the old thread about it:


That thread is actually not completely up to date. After I made a few posts without much enthusiasm, I decided to work on the project with my own gaming group. I started going into detail about a couple of nations, coming up with locations, characters, and history. So you can look forward to that being published as well, although unless I get significant interest in the campaign setting I'd like to finish the classes first.