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2007-04-24, 03:59 PM
Okay, I haven't actually gotten MoF, PGF, or any other Faerun-related book. But, in a constant quest to make Bards work better (as I see many other posts about, thankfully), I was looking through the Crystalkeep Bard spell list. I happened to notice that some of the best, most broken, and perhaps most godly spells come from Faerun. At low levels, at least; some of the higher ones either have saves or simply aren't as effective. However, these are some highlights I found:

Balagorn's Iron Horn: 1st level spell. You holler at the top of your voice in a 30ft cone, causing everyone within the blast to make a Str check against an attacker with Str 20 or be tripped. No SR and no save other than that. (Note: the 30ft bit I'm not sure on; I think it's close range, or 25ft+5ft/2 levels. If the 25+5 bit is close range, then I must have a warped memory.)

Harmony: 1st level spell, 1StdAct to cast. If you start up an Inspire Courage within a minute of casting the spell, you get a +2 for the morale bonus on attacks/weapon damage, and a +4 for saves against charm/fear effects. Now, the brief Crystalkeep description of this spell didn't say if there's a specific point at which this spell stops working, so I'm going to assume that this spell keeps working until you stop using Inspire Courage. Please note, this is a first level spell.

Amplify: 1st level spell, long-range, 15' radius. The sound in the area is amplified, so the DC for Listening to the area decreases by 20. I would call this Glibness for Listen. After thinking about it, I'm wondering if you could cast Amplify on yourself, so that allies during a long-range battle could still hear Bardic music. Or, alternatively, any damaging, sound-based spell.

Wounding Whisper: 2nd level, 1StdAct to cast, 1rnd/level duration. For you combat bards! This gives you a passive sonic counterattack; if anyone hits you with a "non-reach melee weapon," they take 1d6+1/level damage. No save!

And, for giggle points:

Celebration: 4th level spell, Willneg. You sing a drinking song!, and everyone within 15' starts feeling the willies. Even if they move out of the radius of the spell, the following things happen; 1st round nothing, 2nd round -2 penalties to Dex, Int, & Wis, 3rd round Nauseated, 4th round Helpless. Sure, battle probably won't last that long, but if you have a possible attacker that, for the moment, is being unfriendly and not hostile... he certainly wouldn't feel intimidated by a bit of music, would he? Spidey senses say 'epic uses.'


Now, I've only looked at Bard stuff so far, and out of that I still haven't playtested any of these, just seen them and become greatly shocked. If anyone would like to contribute anything else they've seen from Faerun that seems to break the game, please do. Other toys found are Dirge and Cacaphonic Shield (and Stick, which is actually from Underdark, but works like very limited Soldering Glue -- and is a cantrip).

2007-04-24, 04:01 PM
Well, it IS Faerun. Epic level archmages grow on trees there.

2007-04-24, 04:01 PM
FR is great, jsut have to say

2007-04-24, 04:04 PM
Well, it IS Faerun. Epic level archmages grow on trees there.

See, this is what I get for not actually having the book. But my DM caved in and now functions on an open-book policy, so I suppose the nature of reality won't mind if I pick and choose from various worlds.. ;)

2007-04-24, 04:42 PM
Eberron has the great bardic feat though: Song of the Heart.

2007-04-24, 05:04 PM
Eberron has the great bardic feat though: Song of the Heart.

I lurked through most of the Bard posts, read over the details for SotH, and it IS awesome, yes - but if Harmony stacks, and your character has a set of masterwork [somethings], you get a +4 on Inspire Courage at 2nd, and a +5 on 3rd when SotH kicks in.