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Mr. Mask
2015-06-10, 07:15 AM
Inspired by the modern military centaurs thread, and Death Battles. The rules are simple. Someone posts about a given group or category of fantasy/scifi creatures and their ability to perform a task (war, soccer, seduction, whatever). Someone else can then challenge this post with a second group performing the same task, listing their strengths and how they compare to the first group.

To illustrate:

The Dragons soccer team.

After the Burninator Uprising, a new age of peace and prosperity overcame the dragon empires, culminating in the popularity of blood sports. Trying to appeal to this new blood lust while culling its luster, soccer was introduced to the dragons, hoping to appeal to a more sportsmanlike side. Armed with no technical arms, but instead four "feet", two wings, and a long serpentine-necked head and tail, dragons were ridiculously overpowered soccer players, the opposing side generally fleeing from the overcrowded Godzilla-filled field. They also tend to flame people who annoy them, especially the referee, and... well, it's not really soccer at this point, but they have quite a few trophies... all of them. Including from places they didn't place in, or enter. Dragons love their shinies. So, generally, while this proved to make dragons terrible sports, the dragon empire hasn't lost a soccer game. They did start a few wars, though. On the bright side, soccer outpaced the blood sports in popularity, and blood.


The Carnigee Elves Soccer Team.

"....We're ******."