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2015-06-10, 09:49 PM
As many have said before, the Ranger (and the Druid) got the short end of the stick this time around. It isn't unplayable or anything, it's just that many feel it lacks something. Going over the class a few times, I began to imagine a more...Witcher-esque(?) Ranger class. But the main chassis tends to put off myself and others from playing it. So I'm here to change all that and present a new Ranger class that tries to mix things up and fix a few holes in the original. I'll spoiler my thoughts on each change.

As always, Please Critique!

Note: Bolded terms are major additions/alterations in Chassis.

The Ranger
Level Proficicency Bonus Features
1 +2 Favored Enemy, Natural Explorer
2 +2 Fighting Style
3 +2 Ranger Archetype, Primeval Awareness
4 +2 ASI, Potions and Poison
5 +3 Extra Attack
6 +3 Favored Enemy II, Natural Explorer II
7 +3 Ranger Archetype feature
8 +3 ASI, Land's Stride
9 +4 Hunter's Mark
10 +4 Natural Explorer III, Hide in Plain Sight
11 +4 Ranger Archetype feature
12 +4 ASI
13 +5 Potions and Poisons Improved, One With Beasts
14 +5 Favored Enemy III, Vanish
15 +5 Ranger Archetype feature
16 +5 ASI
17 +6 Apotheosis
18 +6 Feral Senses
19 +6 ASI
20 +6 Foe Slayer

Tools: Herbalism Kit

Fighting Style: Add Great Weapon Fighting

What sense does it make for a Ranger to not know how to use an Herbalist kit? I mean really! In any event, I figured it was needed as a prerequisite for the poisons and potions section up ahead.

As for Great Weapon Fighting...I liked the Switch-Hitter Ranger. :smallbiggrin: Little else to add.

Chassis Changes
Primeval Awareness. No spell slots necessary. May use 1/Rest.
No Spells. Base class has no spellcasting

A consequence of removing spell slots is that class features that require them get messed up.

Potions and Poisons
Your knowledge of nature and how to survive in it allows you to whip up some impressive things in short order with an Herbalism Kit and nothing more than the local flora. Starting at 4th level, you may, during a short rest, create a number of Potions and/or Poisons from the following lists equal to your Wisdom modifier (minimum 1). While within one of your Favored Terrains gained from Natural Explorer, you can craft and possess an additional potion or poison. Your total number of potions and/or poisons may not exceed your Wisdom modifier (minimum 1), plus one extra while in Favored Terrain. The concoction will retain its potency for 24 hours or until you take a long rest, at which point it becomes inert. The potions and poisons also become inert 1 minute after moving 10ft away from you, as it is your own personal aura which empowers the concoctions.

Note: All potions are drunk as an Action.

Ranger Potions
Name Effect Duration Special
Potion of Healing Heal 2d8+Proficiency HP Instant none
Potion of Darkvision Gain 120ft Darkvision 8 Hours Sunlight Sensitivity
Potion of the Elements Weapon Damage becomes Acid, Lightning, Fire, or Cold 1 Minute none
Potion of Athletics Advantage on Strength Checks 1 Minute -2 Strength 10 minutes afterward
Potion of Stamina Add 2d10+Proficiency Temporary HP Instant none
Potion of Protection Gain protection to Acid, Thunder, Lightning, Fire, or Cold damage 1 Minute none
Potion of Barkskin As the spell Barkskin 1 hour none
Potion of Stoneskin Resistance to Nonmagical Slash, Bludgeon, Pierce damage 1 hour Ranger level 13
Potion of Water Breathing Breath Underwater 24 Hours none
Potion of Feign Death As the Feign Death Spell 8 hours Potion comes with antidote for immediate reawakening
Potion of Haste As Haste spell 1 minute Ranger level 13
Potion of Flight As Fly spell 10 minutes Ranger level 13
Potion of True Sight As True Sight spell 1 minute Ranger level 13

Note: Poisons are applied to a weapon as part of a Move Action and remain for 1 minute

Ranger Poisons
Name Effect Duration of Effect Special
Witherer -1d4 Strength 8 hours Carry Weight Halved
Flash -1d4 Dexterity 8 hours Speed Halved
Heartstopper -1d4 Constitution 8 hours none
Mordenkainen's Draught -1d4 Intelligence 8 hours Personal History Amnesia
Blinder Snuff -1d4 Wisdom 8 hours Blind
Hagpowder -1d4 Charisma 8 hours Tongue swells, cannot speak

This part is definitely in need of testing and revision. What's here is temporary unless it somehow turns out to work. I was hoping to make a sort of Witcher-inspired Ranger, and I feel like brewing potions was the largest part of that effort. My goal here was to allow the Ranger to whip up a couple of potions to simulate a few spell effects and deliver some nasty poison to their foes.

Hunter’s Mark
You may cast the spell Hunter's Mark once per Short Rest.

Because everyone told me it was the Ranger's best friend, I had to incorporate it into the base class.

One with the Beasts.
Over time you have become one with nature, taking on the features and abilities of the wild animals you live beside. While not wearing Heavy or Medium Armor, you gain +2 to your AC. You also gain the ability to track creatures by smell, and have advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks for smells.

Finally, you are able to manifest your bestial nature. As an Action, you may Manifest as one of the following creatures, taking on some slight physical traits similar to them, and a related ability. This transformation lasts 1 minute, and you must take a short rest before you may use this ability again.

Ranger Beast Forms
Name Effect Physical Traits
Bear Advantage on Grapple Checks Enlarged arms, fur
Wolf Advantage on Attacks while flanking Overdeveloped fangs, fur
Eagle Gain Flight Speed equal to twice normal speed Golden eyes, feathers
Fish Gain Swim Speed equal to twice normal speed, Water Breathing Opaque eyes, scales

This I added because I have come to find that the Druid class in 5E has no place. Nature Cleric and Ancient Paladin do the Nature thing better, and Wild Shape is really a poor-man's Polymorph. It just doesn't have a use anymore, and so I am bringing some of it back into the Ranger class.

Your biology has been fundamentally altered. You can now manifest your beast form indefinitely.

High level play should be a lot of fun. And part of that is crazy effects and awesome upgrades to base stuff.

Archetype: Beastmaster Changes

Ranger’s Companion
In addition, after you issue commands to your Animal Companion, it will continue to follow the last order it was given. If told to Attack, it will continue to attack the nearest threatening opponent until ordered to do something else.

Exceptional Training
In addition, double your Proficiency Bonus to your Animal Companion's Saves.

Bestial Fury
The first attack your Companion makes in a round always has Advantage.

Share Spells
Any beneficial magical effect cast on you or your companion is shared by the other. In addition, beginning at 15th level, when an attacker that you can see hits your beast companion with an attack, you can call out a warning. If your beast companion can hear you, it can use its reaction to halve the attack’s damage against it.

It's no secret no one likes or recommends the Beast Master. I've tried here to make it a better option, allowing the animal to continue the last order you gave, as opposed to having to waste your turn controlling it, as well as giving a couple small benefits. The reaction to half damage is obviously taken from the UA, because it was a good idea.

New Archetype: The Circle Ranger

At third level the Ranger has begun to delve into the ancient mysteries of the Druids, applying their magical abilities to his own brand of wilderness survival. See Chapter 10 for general spellcasting rules and 11 for the Ranger/Druid spell list.

Cantrips. You learn three cantrips of your choice from the Druid Spell list.
Spell Slots. As Arcane Trickster
Spells Known. As Arcane Trickster. You draw from the Ranger spell list.
Spellcasting Ability: Wisdom is your Spellcasting Ability.

Natural Recovery
Once per long rest, during a short rest you choose expended spell slots to recover. The spell slots combined level equal to or less than half your Ranger level rounded up, and you cannot regain level 6 spell slots or higher (say from multiclassing).

Natural Bond
At level 7 you learn how to imbue a friendly nature spirit into a weapon that bonds it to you. After a ritual similar to the Eldritch Knight’s Weapon Bond, the same benefits apply (cannot be disarmed, bonus action to return weapon to hand, etc).

Nature’s Ward
Cannot be charmed or frightened by elementals or fey, and you are immune to poison and disease.

Power of Nature
Once per long rest as an action you may summon an elemental as the spell Conjure Elemental.

I feel like this one needs the most work. I wanted to have a magic-Ranger option built in, but I feel like I don't know exactly what I wanted it to do.