View Full Version : The new lawyer prestige.

2007-04-24, 11:13 PM
The funny thing people want some new prestige class based on lawyers.

2007-04-24, 11:16 PM
Isn't there one already? Called "Blackguard" I think...

Ninja Chocobo
2007-04-24, 11:38 PM

2007-04-25, 05:31 AM
Consecrated Harrier required ranks in Profession (lawyer) back in 3.0, and Church Inquisitor is a solid fit, as is. Otherwise, though, I don't see why Expert wouldn't work.

2007-04-25, 06:39 AM
I've been watching Boston Legal lately; I'm thinking Alan Shore would be a Bard with Perform (oratory) and extensive use of the fascinate and suggestion abilities on the juries...

2007-04-25, 06:42 AM
Seriously, it wouldn't be a prestige class, it would be an NPC class.

2007-04-25, 07:14 AM
Nah, Player Class. As in, a class that the players (rather than their characters) can have. Class Skills: Bluff, Decipher Script, Forgery (character sheet), Knowledge (d20 rules), Perform (oratory), Unbalance. Granted abilities: Find the Loophole, Munchkin Lore, Bestow DM Headache.

2007-04-25, 07:53 AM
This opens up a whole can of worms... should we really start developing *Player* classes? Rules lawyer would be a great one, to be sure... I'm accused of it all the time, so why not have stats for it! :smallbiggrin: There would be the Munchkin, of course. What more have we...?