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2007-04-25, 05:20 AM
This thread is to post tales of woe. ONLY POST PC's you thought were awesome but didn't make it into a game for one reason or another.


Reason for being refused:

History/feats/anything relevant:

here's mine:

Name: Tkrik Coer
CONCEPT: Kushiban Jedi Investigator/Weapon Master
Reason for being refused: "as interesting and cool as your character is, I don't know if I want a lightsabre-weilding bunny running around in my world"

Birth: Tkrik Coer was born on Kushibah, a lush planet nestled in a hidden part of the galaxy’s Outer Rim. Idyllic and peaceful as it was, Kushibah would occasionally be visited by pirates or bounty hunters hoping to make pets or playthings of the planet’s peace-loving inhabitants; victims taken too young do not often survive the change from lush jungle to hyperspace travel. A jedi master found the world when he fet a strong pull from the force during hypserspace travel. T’krik had sent for aid through the Force, and the Jedi had arrived in time to stop a band of bounty hunters putting T’krik’s family into cages. The young Kushiban had leapt into the battle as a distraction to the Bounty Hunters, avoiding death only thanks to his bond with the Force. The Jedi Knight offered to train the young Kushiban, and his family accepted.

Jedi Career: Tkrik took to his training over the years, growing to be very skilled with a lightsabre and finding a place protecting the Galaxy from crime syndicates and slaver rings. His species was virtually unknown in the galaxy, and he could pass himself off as a simple pet to wealthy noblewomen. This access to wealthy circles provided swaths of information to the Jedi, and over a thousand slaves were rescued during raids on smugglers ships. While his “owners” slept (under the influence of the Force), Tkrik would scan their databases and tell the Jedi Knights where to find the goods.
One owner, the corpulent Lorba the Hutt (who owned nightclubs from Coruscant to Nal Hutta, as well as a spectacular information trading business) became his willing contact with the criminal world when he saved her life; her brother, a vile gangster, had sent assassin droids to kill her. Though a criminal, Tkrik leapt to her aid and destroyed the droids, lightsabres blazing, before facing his former mistress as she cowered in the shambles of her luxurious apartments. He gave her an ultimatum: give up the slave trade and help the Jedi, given immunity during her service, or face trial in the high courts; Lorba chose to help, and took to her new career selling things other than sentients. Though her brother’s powers remained fortified in the Outer Rim, Tkrik and Lorba disrupted many operations leading into the deep core.
Tkrik became a Jedi Weapon Master soon afterwards, just before the start of the Clone Wars. His style of wielding twin lightsabres allowed him to deflect incoming blaster fire, while his light form jumped and burst about the battlefield; difficult to hit, he quickly closed with and overcame many stronger foes. Though not yet as skilled as Master Windu, he soon gained prestige among his fellow knights.
Placed among the nobles of the Senate, Tkrik was given the task of fending off assassins and bounty hunters sent after important delegates. Giving chase to one he’d spotted about to slay the delegate from Naboo, he ended up beneath the Senate building where the Separatists had snuck a massive droid disguised as a utility truck. As the thing formed itself into a walking gun-turret, Tkrik kept it from destroying every senator in the Republic. Even he was hard-pressed to deflect an arsenal of three-dozen multi-firing blasters, but his speed and mobility paid off when, one by one, he picked off its guns. The behemoth droid attacked him directly, a photon-warhead device implanted in it as a failsafe, until he got it onto a speeder and dumped it into a garbage pit. The pit’s fields blasted it into space where it could explode. Tkrik snuck back to the Senate Chambers, curling up to sleep in the warm lap of a Naboo Senator who was oblivious to the true nature of her pet.

2007-04-25, 05:29 AM
Heh heh heh...Kushiban. I was going to play a Kushiban Tech-Head once, but the game never started for one reason or another (yeah, I know they're not supposed to be technically minded, but isn't that supposed to be the point of Payer Characters - the abnormal, the ones that stand out and the cut above the rest?). My initial character for that game was going to be a Scrubber Droid, but the GM wouldn't let me play a droid (he never really told me why...).

I have soooo many characters that I've wanted to play but never have. Mostly because I'm a student (as are all my mates), so we don't get an awful lot of time to roleplay (what with drinking, recovering and working [in that order] taking up all our time).

2007-04-25, 05:54 AM
Yeah, what the heck is up with DMs of Star Wars games? I wonder if it attracts more "little hitler" DMs than any other system. That's why all Jedi are human: as soon as you try something different, they're like "no besalisk jedi because they have four arms; no twi'leks, their wis modifiers arn't optimal; no kushiban, they're too cute; no droids, because I say so" OR "what, you're trying to be luke skywalker? no cyborgs!" There isn't a lot in the game other than Jedi, as the tech rules arn't even as varied as d20 future. If tech specialists were as good as artificers in DnD, suddenly you'd be playing mechwarrior instead of Star Wars. what's wrong with that?!

2007-04-25, 07:21 AM
Name: Atlas
Concept: Me throw rock
Reason for being refused: I went to bed to find in the morning 12 more character sheets had been submitted... He was a pretty one sided character with kill in the first round tactics...

History/feats/anything relevant: gestalt half dragon ogre cleric/barbarian/fighter/hulking hurler with strength 40, the "brutal throw" feat and a 3000 lb marble egg-shaped rock with the symbol of his patron engraved. I almost made it a 3000 lb rock of returning, good for 20d6+20 damage every round to a less than 30 AC opponent...
He could also carry the entire party while flying at a speed of 400 ft/round
He was also very stupid and very ugly

2007-04-25, 10:28 AM
It took me a long time to convince our Star Wars GM to let me play a Jawa Jedi!

Then he never ran it. :smallfrown:

Viscount Einstrauss
2007-04-25, 04:39 PM
Name: Omnus
Concept: Gestalt human wizard//rogue
Reason for being refused, paraphrased: "No. Just no. Having obscene arcane power and mastery over every decent skill? When I said pick two classes with good synergy, I didn't mean break my game."

2007-04-25, 04:44 PM
It took me a long time to convince our Star Wars GM to let me play a Jawa Jedi!

Then he never ran it. :smallfrown:


Jawa: *Waves hand* "Ooo-tee-nee."

Stormtrooper: "These aren't the droids we're looking for."

Phoenix Talion
2007-04-25, 04:53 PM

Jawa: *Waves hand* "Ooo-tee-nee."

Stormtrooper: "These aren't the droids we're looking for."

Haha, that's great.

I've always wanted to play a Star Wars game, but I don't know anything about that particular system other than that it exists, and FFRPGs make me nervous.

I'll play a cocky kid with a knack for blasters over a Jedi any day.

2007-04-25, 04:54 PM
I too have had rejections with Star Wars. I know the history is incorrect but I've erased episodes 1 to 3 from my brain.

NAME: Jeremiah David Winchester
CONCEPT: Imperial naval officer who defected
SW characters are quite inexperienced at the start, so you could be a junior officer just out of the academy, who saw the reality of the Empire and defected.

Elder son of a Republic Navy family. He always wanted to be a captain since childhood. That he would achieve this position would be inevitable, given his family connections, but beyond doubt given his talents. His talents at 3 dimensions was evident at military college, making him top of the class in navigation, piloting, zero-g maneuvers and naval tactics. At the age of 36, he was appointed as captain of the Hylar IV, a destroyer built for deep space raids. Then the Clone Wars started and the Hylar IV was assigned to disrupting rebel supplies.

Information gathering is normally handled by intelligence officers but the rebels continuously shifted supply lines and used plenty of unofficial channels. Military intelligence was too slow. Deep space raiding meant bribing, bullying and deal making across local underworlds, much to the disgust of High Command.

The Rebel Alliance were galvanizing more galaxy-wide, political support than High Command thought possible. High Command stepped up the brutality. Governments, civil servants, wealthy businessmen and cultural leaders were being jailed, assassinated or just plain murdered, even more than normal for an occupation. And then being replaced by political appointees who were chosen for their loyalty, not their competence. And Jeremiah was part of the military doing the dirty work. When High Command ordered Jeremiah to destroy ships heading for a remote, medical conference, he realized the Emperor was not creating order but a black hole and sucking the rest of the galaxy into it.

Jeremiah had enough of pretending for the loyalty officers. One year ago, to avoid repercussions on his family, he paid local hoodlums to fake his murder and changed his face. Jeremiah contacted a few, suspect rebel agents and successfully defected.

The rebels are supposed attract the motivated and the talented. Junior officer? Please!

2007-04-25, 04:55 PM
Awaked Gerbil Blackguard. Or not.


I've never had a character concept outright rejected. Tweaked, yes. Not rejected.

2007-04-25, 05:08 PM
My second concept got just as far. Fortunately, my third was accepted.

NAME: Xing-Lo Pha
CONCEPT: Fallen Jedi returned to the light side through overwhelming guilt
As to Xing - you cannot come back from the dark side normally. I think you are trying to get a non-good character who can commit attrocities - they don't work in the SW universe. It is very black or white. Sorry.

Xing-Lo Pha was a normal girl in an ordinary town and with no particular talents. Until her Force sensitivity was discovered at the unusually late age of 10. As standard policy for such talents, Xing-Lo Pha was trained as a Jedi Knight. She was reluctant to leave home at first but was soon delighted with her 'special talents', despite being a run-of-the-mill Jedi.

During the Clone Wars, as part of the destruction of the Jedi Knights, Xing-Lo was approached by other Jedis seduced by the Dark Side. Xing-Lo was taught how to use her powers to torture and rule by fear. But Xing-Lo was never interested in politics, never worked for the Empire, and ran off to start her own little fiefdom on the remote planet of Vefut II. The Empire never persued her, their objective already accomplished one way or the other.

As the years passed and the rebellion started, an altruistic, off-world businessman wanted rid of her mini-dictatorship and contracted a bounty hunter to capture her. Capturing a Jedi is easier said then done and the bounty hunter was killed. The bounty hunter apparently had an adopted daughter. "She'll wish she stayed in an orphanage." Xing-Lo said as she located the girl's hotel room. As Xing-Lo confronted the girl, Xing-Lo was shocked to see an 8 year old version of herself. "Help them!" the girl seemed to say, despite being paralyzed by fear.

Unable to attack the image of younger herself, Xing-Lo ran back to her palace. In a mirror, she saw her saddened, 8 year old self but no one was there when she turned around. The child has appeared in every mirror ever since. For the rest of the day, Xing-Lo went through the motions but she couldn't forget the guilt and remorse of her past crimes. Neither sleep nor work helped. Once something went wrong and she throttled a clerk. She enjoyed it at the time but regretted it as the adrenaline wore off. 3 weeks later, she left the colony to its own fate.

As she wandered the galaxy, searching for peace of mind, she learnt of the rebellion. Recreating the republic she failed to defend the first time was the only atonement for her crimes. Helping those in need was the only way she could look at the sad, 8 year old eyes in the mirror.

Can't come back from the dark side? The good are completely clean in all things? What kind of drama is this?

2007-04-25, 05:15 PM
I don't think I've ever had a character rejected. I have had many who *should* have been rejected, but I've had a lot of weak-willed DMs. :smallsmile:

EDIT: No, I'm wrong. I remember one reject, and in hind-sight I agreed with the rejection which is why I forgot about it.

Name: Wildclaw
Concept: For the Werewolf: The Apocalypse game: A metis who's 'deformity' was that it couldn't shift forms. He was permanently stuck in Crinos form.
Reason for Rejection: The character was unable to function in either human or garou society. The entire game would have to revolve around him to make it work.

2007-04-25, 05:46 PM
I also think most of my chars who had been refused have a Jedi background. I guess some DMs just think the Force can break their games. But I got revenge when I formed a Sith campaign where everybody was allowed to advance as Sith Lords (don't ask... the backstabbing was awesome).

Name: Gray Render
CONCEPT: Human Jedi Guardian (for crying out loud!!!)
REASON FOR REFUSAL: "I want to run a SW campaign, but I don't think Jedi's should be allowed, since they can get too powerful after a couple of levels" (then why the hell do I want to play a SW campaign in the First Place!!)
Background: Grey was a human raised in a similar fashion as Luke. He was the children of Jedi knights (campaign before Episodes 1-3) who had been raised by his uncle after they got murdered by one of the Emperor's Inquisitors. He starts learning from a semifunctional holocron who teaches him the basics...

Anyway, after a while I convinced him to let me play a Jedi. For some obscure reason later, the DM decided to "retire" my char and invited me to do a new one (something related to lack of imagination when it came to guys with guns fighting a Jedi)

NAME: Adama Fitzcarguen
CONCEPT: Human - defecting Imperial Navy Officer who discovers his talent with the force (Soldier-Scout/Force Adept)
REASON FOR REFUSAL: "Now that I have forbidden the use of lightsabers in my campaign, you still want to use a force wielding player? I guess you pretend to make this guy a pilot who uses the force to his advantage. You get your pilot, but no Force"

Just Alex
2007-04-25, 05:57 PM
Funnily enough, I can't really think of a character concept that was banned by the GM. No to say I didn't have many a dumb character. My personal favorite is still Irving Ronald Butterly (get it?), the Mage rock star.

2007-04-25, 06:34 PM
Heh. The better thread would be characters that the DM in retrospect. SHOULD have refused :P.

2007-04-25, 07:53 PM
Name: Jamacianme Horny.
Was a fisherman, a great fisherman, so great he dreamed of one day becoming the greatest fisherman to ever live! So he went out adventuring, especialy in the sea, to catch critters others only told stories about! Like the kraken.. (This would've made a good pirate character) He had a thick Jamacian accent, and would "train" his team-mates be tough by the following..

*They're Jogging and singing like the military*
"We are going to catch some fish!"

*Smacks someone with a trout who's buried in sand except for his head*
"You will never be a fisherman!"
"YES I WILL!" *Smacks again*
"You will never be a fisherman!"

Reason for rejection:
It was just too odd and too many houserules. His weapon of choice was the fishing rod, which had excellent ranged, but used strength because it was made primarly for tripping and grappeling. (Not very damaging) and occassionaly adding "bait" which could be a poison, smoke bomb, or explosive.

2007-04-25, 08:26 PM
"Can't come back from the Dark Side?" What the hell kind of Star Wars was that GM watching? There's a wealth of redeemed characters running around the galaxy.

Phoenix Talion
2007-04-25, 08:45 PM
A half drow-

And that's as far as I got before she was vetoed.

2007-04-25, 10:29 PM
I've tried to get gamemasters to allow me to play every single monster class in the Planar hand book and the Libris Mortis. Guess how many they let me use.

2007-04-27, 08:57 AM
"Can't come back from the Dark Side?" What the hell kind of Star Wars was that GM watching? There's a wealth of redeemed characters running around the galaxy.
Probably the bit where Yoda says:

"Once you start down the path of the dark side, forever will it dominate you destiny. Consume you it will, as it did Obi-Wan's apprentice."

2007-04-27, 09:55 AM
I wanted to make a knife throwing character. A glaive user would be nice too.

Then again, since I always DM all my PC concepts are rejects.

2007-04-27, 10:50 AM
Probably the bit where Yoda says:...

Should have watched 'til the end then, when the redeemed character throws the BBEG down a frickin' great shaft, saving the day.

2007-04-27, 10:50 AM
Obi-Wan's apprentice who redeems himself in the final movie. "Forever it will dominate your destiny" doesn't mean redemption is impossible, it meansyou can never wash away the guilt. Bastila Shan, Ulic Quel-Droma, Force knows how many others.

2007-04-27, 10:53 AM
Should have watched 'til the end then, when the redeemed character throws the BBEG down a frickin' great shaft, saving the day.
This should probably go into a spoiler tag![/irony]

2007-04-27, 11:19 AM
Obi-Wan's apprentice who redeems himself in the final movie. "Forever it will dominate your destiny" doesn't mean redemption is impossible, it meansyou can never wash away the guilt. Bastila Shan, Ulic Quel-Droma, Force knows how many others.
Uh, are you ignoring the bit where he says it will consume you?

Yeah, it's interesting to note that Vader redeems himself through his own death. I wonder what would have happened if Vader had survived and turned up to the party on Endor with Luke?

2007-04-27, 11:59 AM
A cleric of Eilistree who has never set footin the underdark
reason for rejection: I don't want to have a dritz clone

2007-04-27, 12:18 PM
Name: Roxxie D'Argo
Concept: Human Monk / Druidess
Reason for being refused: The DM was starting the party at 2nd level, but wouldn't let me go from a LG monk to a NG Druid - such an alignment change was too drastic. (the party HAD to be good, so no LN)

Background: Roxxie was born and raised on a farm, learned to love fauna from her mother and flora from her father. But at her coming of age party, she decided she wanted to devote her life to Illmater, and became a monk of his order. Shortly after joining, the monestary learned of a ravaging band of orcs threatening the area where Roxxie's parents farm was located. Pleading with the monks only received a 'it is the will of the gods for this to happen.' Angry and confused, she took off for home. On the way, she encountered the spirit of Leira, and devoted her life to helping the animal and plant kingdoms rather than humanity directly. She saved the farm and became a druid...

I must say, as a GM for SWRPG, I commonly have players wanting to play a Jedi. In the past, I would serverly limit them, as the Rise of the Empire era specifically has only two Jedi in operation at any one time. I've tried running games in other eras, but it's not quite as much fun for me. When the Saga Edition comes out, I'm going to lift the moritorium on Jedi - the 'history' might change a bit, but the flavor and background text will be the same - which is what I think people play the game for anyways.

I am, however, not a little hitler- thank you very much ;)