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2015-06-13, 10:08 AM
I've just begun constructing a brief underwater adventure for my campaign, and I'm realizing that I might need a better way of representing different altitudes. In the past, when only a few combatants were flying, I could just put a sticky note with altitude under the figurine. However, with everyone swimming everywhere, I don't want 10 or more different altitudes to manage.

I was wondering if anyone had any better ideas on how to model 3D combats. The only other thing I've seen is poker chips, but those are a bit big for my grid.

2015-06-13, 10:14 AM
If the water is not very deep, like less than 25-30', you might be able to do it with a coin. Heads is up, tails is down.

If this is deep ocean, then you could use stacks of coins -- 1 coin=+10' or something.

2015-06-13, 10:22 AM
I guess there's coins. I don't know why that didn't cross my mind.

It also occurs to me that I might be able to fashion a few mini tripods out of some old telescoping antennae...
I'll probably draw the line at mounting something to the ceiling to suspend the pieces from.

Mark Hall
2015-06-14, 08:33 AM
Coins is a pretty simple method that avoids a lot of problems. I had a method for aerial combat (http://www.mymegaverse.org/nexx/tsr/fly.html) that involved different categories of altitude, but I don't know how well it would work for aquatic combat.