View Full Version : I want my lollypop!

2007-04-25, 11:22 PM
Am I the only one that cannot believe that the geniuses at WOC have decided to cancel Dragon my favorite magazine? I feel like a little kid that has had his lollypop stolen away by a faceless giant. Just like a child my reaction is to scream, cry and throw a fit. When my mommy hears me crying she rushes over to find out what is the matter.

“Why, why, why has the bully taken away my favorite candy?” I sob between tears.

“There, there,” she says in her best consoling voice. “Some people are just mean.”

“But I want my lollypop.” I sniffle.

“Your lollypop is gone now.” Mommy says. “The giant has taken it away, but don’t you worry I’ll buy you some nice gum. Gum is much better anyway. You can chew gum forever and it comes in yummy minty flavors.”

But I don’t want gum. I want my lollypop. I don’t care how much better you can try and scientifically prove that gum is better than a lollypop. I don’t want any freaking gum. The world is a big enough place for both all kinds of candy. I was very happy with my lollypop, thank you very much. And because it is my choice and not someone else’s on what I would like to eat, I’m staying with lollypops no matter how much gum you try and make me choke down.

I want my Dragon Magazine!

If you ask me this whole thing sucks……………:smalleek:

2007-04-25, 11:38 PM
So what your saying I should start Dragon Mag. v. 2.0
Sound like a plan now I just need investors

2007-04-26, 01:23 AM
See, as good as those mag's were, the articles inside never *ever* seemed to quite correspond to what was implied on the front cover. I guess not having a subscription and not bothering to buy them with any regularity has insulated me somewhat from what would otherwise appear to be a great tragedy...

2007-04-26, 10:47 AM
Yeah, I know what you mean. I hate it when people try to take my lolis away from me.

Anyway, aren't they just canceling the publishing deal? I thought the magazine would still be around.

Lord Tataraus
2007-04-26, 10:58 AM
Anyway, aren't they just canceling the publishing deal? I thought the magazine would still be around.

Yes, Dragon is being moved online, under direct WotC control. It sucks, but I'm over it. I hope the last few will be amazing and then I get Pathfinder which looks cool.