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2007-04-26, 07:26 AM
Hey guys! I'm not sure wether epic stuff is popular around here, but I want to try and cobble together a few epic spells for my deities to use, since in the game world I'm going to be running,the only thing seperating a level 20 character from 21 (aside from defeat) Is Divine Rank 0 and up. (At that point, Epic Spellcasters ranks of Spellcraft/Religion/Nature are automatically appended with "Epic", and each Divine Rank gives a +10 Deific bonus to such total, along with raising the level cap by 2 levels per rank.)

But that's beside the point.

Basically, I'm asking for two things- Any Epic Spellcrafting seeds you've made (I can only think up two- They were kinda thorough.), and any interesting Epic Spells you've crafted.

I'm looking mostly for spells and effects apporpriate to the DnD gods (Or for Plant, Motion, and Shadow-related epic effects), but don't let me discourage you from posting- all posters welcome. :smallbiggrin:

Seed: Disrupt, DC 17 10d8, functions as Energy Seed except only affects Constructs, Undead, Summoned cretures, and Outsiders. (Calculated from "Sever the Tie" in the 3.0 PsiHB)

Seed: Wish, DC 80- As per the Wish spell but without the base XP cost. Clearly broken, but this is the gods using it in my campaign, not the PC's, so meh.

Seed: Motion, DC: 18: Functions as fly, (60 feet, Good Manuverability) same duration- +2 DC to increase base movement by 10 ft a round, +4 to increase manuverability a step.
[Edit- Forgot the Secondary function]
As an alternate use, the Spellcaster may prepare the seed in a Baleful form. As an unranged touch attack, the wizard can cast the spell- if succesful, the victim will fly backwards 30 feet, with the spellcaster being able to increase the movement by 5 feet for each +1 he increases the DC. (The enemy takes 1d6 points of damage per 10ft "left" in the spell, rounded to the nearest 10 ft.)
(The spellcaster may only move targets his sizeclass or less, or any target weighing up to 1000 lbs. For every 50 lbs above this weight he wants to move, increase the spell DC by 1.)

And also a simple Epic Spell- This one was made for Neyrull (since I'm planning to have the PC's encounter him, might as well prepare a neat trick for him.)

Necromancy [Death], Transmutation
(A spell for Nerull- DRank 17, 30 spellcaster levels, 40 character levels)
Spellcraft DC: 43
Components- V, S
Casting time- 1 standard action
Range: 300 FT
Target- Four creatures
Saving Throw- Fortitude Half
Spell Resistance: Yes

To Develop:
Slay, 25, Kills up 80 hd total and 3d6 + 20 damage,
Destroy: 29, 20d6 damage
Animate Undead: 23, -12 for skeletons.
+30 for three more targets
+20 for 1-action casting time

119 Spellcraft DC. Easy for Neyrull, god of death, right?
(I also created nastier versions with a 278/351 DC's, but feel I've already taken up enough space.)

Neyrull swings his scythe, sending crescent shaped blades of energy at his targets, Especially if they cross him while seeking Divine Ranks), cutting their ties to the mortal relm. Those subjected to this spell must first save or die, survivors taking 3d6+20 damage, then must make a seperate save to avoid the additional full 20d6 destruction damage. If any of these effects kills a target, that target's flesh is stripped away in the cleansing red light, and a skeleton (complete with the target's equipment) is left standing, controlled by Neyrull. The HD of the skeleton is determined by how many were killed by the spell, with 20 HD split evenly between the victims who perish. (Also, the HD of the resulting skeleton cannot be greater than that of the victim's "Living" HD.)

Now post away. :smallbiggrin:

2007-04-26, 09:25 AM
While I quite like the Motion seed, the Transport seed can always be adapted to suit that need. I think the Disrupt seed is unnecessary. The Wish seed is completely superfluous in the face of the Alter Reality divine salient ability.