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2015-06-17, 08:32 PM
More of a Hack for apocalypse world. I've been Destiny for awhile now and enough of the design for the game and the mythology, that we know of, has made me want to make an rpg based around it and after recently discovering apocalypse world I was excited to find out if a powered by the apocalypse engine could be done for a Destiny Rpg. Right now I'm trying to come up with idea's for the playbook's and wether or not I should use the three base classes in Destiny for their playbook's or their subclasses. So I would appreciate any suggestions as to what could be done I imagine it would involve more of a fusion of apocalypse world and dungeon world when it comes to moves or rules.

The Initialism
2015-10-05, 09:16 PM
So I'm also super interested in this idea, in fact I found this post because I was looking to see if someone had already made a hack. I would go with the 9 subclasses as the playbook bases and include as one of the improvements to "change to a different subclass". I'm not up to snuff with all the grimoire but it seems like the stuff we can change on the fly during the game, like subclasses and subclass perks are meant to be more rigid in universe. The six stats from the game: Recovery, Armor, Agility, Strength, Discipline, and Intellect; could easily transfer over to be the stats in a World game.

Some things I would do to show that a hack was more toward the Destiny side of things are:

Treat all of your weapons and all of your armor as two separate Moves, ie "kills against this kind of enemy give you a +1 forward" or "When ever you get a 12+ on a Seize By Force roll, take +1 armor" . Exotics would over shadow standard gear Moves and grant unique powerful Moves, analogous to what they do in the game, in their place; for example The Helm of Saint 14 "adds the Blinding tag to your Ward of Dawn."

Have regenerating tracks for grenades, special melee, and supers. like after every kill you might get a single point to add to any counter and you need 3 in your grenade or melee track to use them but you need 5 in your super track to unleash your Golden Gun. Moves and gear could increase the number of points you get per kill, give you points were you normal wouldn't get any, like an assist, decrease the number of points you need in a track to use it, or allow you to hold multiple grenades at once.

Change the basic moves to be more Destiny-ish, but that's kind of a given.