View Full Version : Pathfinder Metaforge as a base class

2015-06-22, 10:32 AM
After reading few posts like "Aegis and Soulknife should be a single class" and "Chris, gib initiating Aegis" (and being guilty of writing few of the latter myself) I decided to mash it together. Not chasing after something new, just checking power level, target is T3. Comments and suggestions are welcome, especially on list of available disciplines and better name.

2015-06-22, 11:25 AM
So, basically a Hybrid class.
Seems... Fine, actually?

MAYBE I would cut the power points or customization points a bit, because right now it's a direct buff - almost literally a gestalt.

Then again, there's implied MADness (with some Blade Skills and Initiating Modifier referencing Wis and whatnot), so I guess it kinda works.

Mostly, I'd compare it to an Armored Shielded War Soul... I guess this one comes on top.