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2015-06-23, 10:40 AM
I'm using Pathfinder lore to make the backstory work, but I need some advice on what monstrous races might fill this role better than what I've already got planned.

Backstory for my character is this;

She was born to a small village that was raided by Orcs, lead by an Ogre Mage, He had her enslaved to be his personal slave and apprentice because of her raw magical potential. She grows up being taught how to utilize her strengths and fortify her body. He basically wants her to be a powerful mother to his heir, betting that her and his powers will reflect in their children.
A situation happens in which she is raped and knocked up by an orc, who is punished brutally. The Mage lets her come to term, cuts the unborn baby out, while the orc watches, and pickles both the fetus and the Orc's head in a jar. He leaves the jar there as a message to anyone who would ruin his property without his consent.
She survives the ordeal with a regeneration spell, and down the line a Knight comes to save her from the Ogre, The knight slays the ogre, escapes with the girl and in the middle of the night she caves the knight's skull in with the very weapon that was used to slay her master.
From there on, she wanders and finds her way to a wizard that teaches her versatility, he hopes to correct her crude upbringing, but can't always contain her brutish behavior. She learns much from the Wizard, but murders him in the end, feeling that he was nolonger useful, She took what she wanted from his tower and burned the rest down with a well-placed scroll of lightning bolt to a necklace of fireballs.
With a small book, vague on the history of Thassilonian ruins and other powerful mage cultures, she sought to find the closest source and claim it as her own.

I plan to use my allies until they are no longer useful, from that point on, whatever happens, happens. Though I only plan on killing any allies myself, as long as no one else is the wiser.

2015-06-23, 01:49 PM
1. You are a sick, sick, individual. Please do not become a pet owner or parent.

2. Obviously we are going balls to the wall CE with more than a touch of bat-****-crazy.

a. How do you explain not one, but two incredibly naive and easily murdered individuals strong enough to triumph toe to toe with an ogre mage and/or advancing significantly as a mage to establish a tower and goodies. That's just silly. Neither caught on to you? You could substitute poison or betrayal for the murders... Intentionally sabotaging a summoning circle maybe or a deal with a thieves guild... Put a little effort in to it..

b. If this isn't a single player campaign then scrap the idea now. It might sound funny to backstab other PCs but it really isn't. On top of the lack of people you will find that want to game with you in the future there are in game issues like the party paladin, cleric or druid not wanting to do anything but reform you (or worse,) lack of trust of your party, celestials are going to kick your but, and you will be burning bridges that your party members will be counting on.

c. If this is a single player campaign then have fun burning ants with a magnifying glass on epic scale (but fix the lame "heroes" from your backstory.)

2015-06-24, 01:38 PM
The character herself is Neutral Evil, border Lawful Evil. She's mainly going to be manipulative, and she doesn't plan on doing anything that would jeopardize her standing with the group. That said, the group itself is half evil, half neutral, except for the one hedge witch/inquisitor who isn't good at her job.

Her mindset is "Anything for Power", and she's got to be in control. With her upbringing after enslavement, she's developed a manipulative personality, the only one who could call her bluff was her lord, the Ogre Mage.

The reason for the Naive Knight is that he was a valiant knight there to save a maiden. He was only there based on rumors and stories. She used him, expecting he'd die at the hands of the ogre mage, though he was terribly wounded after the fight and they barely managed to escape. She was furious that he destroyed her master, hiding the truth with beguiling lies, and crushed his skull in as he slept; Coup De Grace.

The wizard had an inkling of how evil she is, but as a worshiper of Nethys, he though he might get brownie points for helping train the girl in how magic is the absolute power. Magic is always the answer, to Nethysian worshipers. He expected she might betray him and kill him eventually. So she did the unexpected and let him kill himself. She left little hints around the tower that made him think of how she might foul up something and get him killed in the process, so he prepared a contingency, the odd thing was, when the situation arrived, she didn't foul it up, he did, with his own contingency against her pseudo-trap. The spell was going according to plan and when she simply adjusted her spell pouch, he activated his contingency plan and he ended up destroying himself. All she had to do was watch as he adjusted for her purposeful mishap, and the fear on his face as he realized he was his own undoing.

2015-06-24, 01:40 PM
Now that's a back story!

I still think she sounds crazy though.

2015-06-24, 01:47 PM
Shouldn't this be in a different section? As this doesn't really deal with homebrew?

2015-06-24, 01:52 PM
Isn't a backstory part of homebrew? I really didn't know of any other spot to request aid on this. Though my question remains; Should I stick with Ogre Mage and Orcs, or is there a race that would better fit raising a human to bare half-breeds as heirs to great power?

Also, she's not crazy, she's greedy and willing to forgo power for self-preservation. What's the point of power if you're dead and can't use it?

2015-06-24, 01:56 PM
As for the orc and ogre mage thing, that sounds fine.

As for the thread being posted here, I don't believe so. I think that belongs more in the 3.5e/d20 section. Homebrew is more for discussion of mechanics and the building of entirely new rules and objects for the game world like classes, races, and monsters. I think you can report your own post and ask for it to be moved.