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2007-04-27, 04:24 PM
Discipline is an important component of any working militiary. In the Mushroom Kingdom it's no different- While many do not
like the Koopa nation, few can argue that it's members are the most well organized and well trained fighting force known to
anyone- at least compared to the relatively peaceful denizens of that particular place.
The various "Brother" orginizations inside the Koopa Kingdom are, in fact, a long standing tradition- One of those
":smallsigh: And my father before me and his father before him and his father before him..." sort of things.
Like most long-standing traditions, they are a key component of keeping order in the land, and are used accordingly.
Though some opponents to the system often deride it, saying "Anything can be called a "____ Brothers", you just have to pick
a word and append brothers to it...", and for the most part they are right, but they usually drop their arguments anyway
after a display of skill by a member of said groups.

(Weapon) Brothers

Hammer Brother
{table=head]Level|Base Attack<br>Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special|Spells

+0|Evasion, Ranged Brawl, Improvised Smackdown

+0|Weapon Focus, Weapon Reproduction

+1|Free Throw, Weapon Storm,[/table]

Hit Die:D10

To qualify to become a Weapon Brother, a character must fulfill all of the following criteria.
Base Attack Bonus: +5
Race: Any Reptilian Humanoid
Skills: Sleight of Hand 4
Feats: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Quick Draw
Special: Must complete Admission and Registration with an official "____ Brothers" orginization, or must be initiated by an
actual Brother of the appropriate type.

Skills- Same skill affinities as a fighter, except Ride is crossclass and Sleight of Hand is class.

Long time Nemesis to plumbers everywhere, and fierce rivals to the equally feared "Boomerang Brothers". the Hammer brothers
are rough, tough, and ready to rumble at a moment's notice.
However, do not be fooled- the ancient Koopa Art of "Throwing Stuff" may be applied to any one handed weapon, and indeed for
every object one can think of, there is a Brother for it.

Special Rule: Variant Weapons- The Weapon Brother class, is in fact the basis for both the feared Hammer and boomerang
brothers classes, however, that's not the only thing it can do.
This throwing-based class may be applied to any single type of thrown weapon, with each ability learned therein only applied
to that particular weapon type. This class may ONLY be taken with one handed weapons, but by the same token may be applied to ANY one-handed weapon. (For example, for Hammer Brothers it's 1 handed hammers- for Boomerang Brothers it's Boomerangs. If applied to Shurikens, hey, you're suddenly a Shuriken Brother. Short Sword Brother? Sure!)
There's even a specialized form for improvised weaponry, which is especially popular amongst Drunken Masters.
Using this rule, this class may be taken multiple times- Choosing a different weapon each time. HOWEVER, no self-respecting "Brother" Acadamy or wandering Brother will teach a new weapon skill to someone who has not yet mastered, or has abandoned, their old weapon. (AKA, you have to complete your current three-level course before starting over with a different one.)
A Weapons-brother may freely mix and match beteen available weapons, and any universal weapon feats (Like Multishot or Combat Expertise) function normally on all weapons involved in combination attacks, if such feats would apply normally.

Weapon Proficiencies: A Hammer Brother (or any variant thereof) automatically becomes proficient with his vocational weapon.

Evasion (EX): A Weapon Brother automatically qualifies for the Evasion feat. If he already has Evasion, he gains Improved Evasion. If he already has Improved Evasion, he gets a free Bonus Feat.

Weapon Focus EX: A Weapon Brother gains the feat [Weapon Focus: Anything I'm a "Brother" for]. In addition, he automatically qualifies for the Improved Weapon Focus, and all his Character Levels + racial HD count as Fighter levels in regards to acquiring Weapon Specialization, and may apply this bonus to all weapons he can throw via this class.

Weapon Brawler: EX- A Weapon Brother never draws attacks of opportunity when throwing his weapon of choice.

Improvised Smackdown EX: Any sort of weapon-brother may use his special brand of throwing weapon as a non-improvised Melee Weapon, regardless of it's actual appropriateness to be used as a melee, with the weapon dealing damage equal to that of it's base throwing damage. (Allowing a Shuriken brother to fight in Melee using nothing but a handful of throwing stars clutched between his fingers, for example.)

Weapon Reproduction: (SU)- The Weapon Brothers weapons of choice are, when wielded by the Brother, enchanted with a special type of returning regardless of the enchantment status of the weapon in question. Instead of striking and returning, the Weapons are instead duplicated as needed, with the original returning as per the Returning spell, with the duplicates vanishing as soon as they touch a solid object- lasting only long enough to deal damage.

Free Throw EX: A Weapon brother may, when using a full attack with his chosen weapon, freely split his iterative attacks between as many targets as he has attacks for, even between melee and ranged attacks and back. However, doing so causes the Weapon Brother to be subject to an attack of opportunity (this rule overrides Ranged Brawler).

Weapon Storm: (EX) Whenever unarmored, A Weapon Brother, whenever making a full action thrown weapon attack with any of their "Brothers" weapons, instead of taking the usual -5 penalty for iterative attacks, changes it merely to -3, and may make as many iterative attacks as he has BAB for. In addition, he gains a +1 Intrinsic bonus to his BAB for each additional time he's gained this ability. (For example, a Hammer Brother, gaining this ability at level 9, has a BAB of 9/4. After this ability, his BAB becomes 9/6/3/0 whenever he makes a full throwing attack with one handed hammers.)
Melee attacks added into the mix using "Free Throw" during a throwing attack still remove -5 BAB as normal, however.
In addition to the extra attacks, the Hammer brother gains an additional Damage Reduction 3/Energy on top of whatever other DR he does or does not have every time he gains this ability.

Element Brother

Fire Brother
{table=head]Level|Base Attack<br>Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special|Spells

+2|Evasion, Create Element, Throw Element

+3|Elemental Brawler, Weapon Focus, Flaming Fists

+3|Piercing Elements, Stoke the Furnace[/table]

Hit Die- D8

To qualify to become an Element Brother, a character must fulfill all of the following criteria.
Base Attack Bonus: +5
Race: Any Reptilian Humanoid
Skill: Spellcraft 4
Feats: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Magical Aptitude
Special: Must complete Admission and Registration with an official "____ Brothers" orginization, or must be initiated by an actual Brother of the appropriate type.
Special: Upon taking a level int his class, an elemental brother must choose a basic Energy type to specialize in.

Skills: Same as a Fighter , except Ride is Cross-class, and Spellcraft is Class

Many claim that Koopas have some Dragon heritage mixed into their turtle blood, and while it's quite obvious for the Royal Caste of Koopas, few can claim similiar heritage for the common Troopa- except fire brothers. Mastering their exceptional Heritage, a Fire Brother learns how to create flames from within their own bodies, and sling it with deadly accuracy.
Some rumors persist that there are more to these koopas than simply fire, even going so far to say some have mastered their bodies and can create other elements at will.

Special Rule: An Element Brother may, upon completing all three levels of their current Elemental Brothers PrC, take it again, choosing a different elemental descriptor. (Ice, Acid, Sonic, or Lightning, and at your DM's discretion, Positive, Negative, or Force.)

Evasion: An Elemental brother gains the Evasion feat, or Improved Evasion if he already has regular Evasion. If he has both, he gains a free bonus feat.

Create Element EX: An Elemental Brother may create his specialy element from his mouth and handle it in complete safety- an Elemental Brother may ignore all damage that might be cause by elements he creates himself. He uses this ability to fuel his attacks, and does so as a free action. This generated Element, upon contact with a target other than himself, immediately deals 1d6+Con Modifier damage and then vanishes. He may create up to his number of Base Attacks in elements a round.
These created elements count as "Elemental Spheres" in terms of specialization feats.
Unfortunately, while creating the elements is an Extraordinary ability, all created elements must overcome spell and energy resistance- Though the Element Brother uses all of his racial HD and Character levels as Caster Levels for purpouses of such.
If the Brother can create multiple types of elements, he may pick and combine and then throw any combination of elements he knows at will with no penalties.

Throw Elements EX: An Element Brother may throw his Elements as a thrown weapon with a 30 foot range increment, balanced for his size as a ranged touch attack and dealing damage equal to his "create Elements" ability. He does not apply His strength bonus to damage for this attack.
Elemental Spheres created in this manner have the odd property of being able to bounce- unless stated otherwise against a foe on an even elevation with the Element Brother, (Or when there's obvious obstacles like low walls, pits, and puddles or other enemies) they are assumed to bounce along the ground, making contact every 5 feet.

Elemental Fist EX: Am Element Brother may, if within Melee Range, also attack with his element as a standard touch attack if within melee range, and he may also use it as an attack of opportunity.

Elemental Brawler EX: As per the Ranged Brawler ability. except for elemental Spheres.

Weapon Focus EX: An Element Brother gaining this ability automatically gains Weapon Focus: Elemental Spheres. If he already has that feat, he gains Improved Weapon Focus. If he already has that, Weapon Specialization. If he already has that, Improved Weapon Specialization. If he already has that, he gains a free bonus feat.

Piercing Elements EX: An Element Brother gains +2 to all his rolls to overcome spell resistance. This bonus stacks with any others, as well as itself for anyone coming through the class multiple times.

Stoke the Furnace (EX): An Element Brother gains mastery of his internal elemental balance, permanently increasing the damage of all of his elemental spheres by one die step for each time he gains this ability, (1d8 the first time, 1d10 the next, and so on) and gaining Energy Resistance 3 for all elements. He also gains a single use per day of a Supernatural Breath Weapon of his current favored Element. The damage for this attacks starts at 2d4+ConMod Whenever an Elemental Brother gains this ability multiple times, he gains an additional Energy Resistance 3, and increased by both an additional damage die and die step each additional time he achieves this ability. The Fire Brother may choose either a cone or line when he uses his Breath weapon, size determined normally, but each additional time he gains this ability he may choose to breath as per a creature 1 size class larger for each time he has this ability.
(A Small 20th level Trooper, having gone through this class five times, may breath either a line or cone in the size range anywhere from small to Colossal, and deals 6d12+Con Modifier damage of either Fire, Electric, Sonic, Cold, or Acid damage, at his discretion, once per day for each element.)
The standard draconic "Must wait 1d4 rounds between breath attacks" rule also applies to breath attacks made using this ability, in addition to limited uses per day.

Special, Optional Rule- Group Tactics EX: Any member of a Brother class is trained during their initiation in how to fight as a group- Thus the "Brother" moniker. Any member of a Brother class of medium or smaller size may stand and fight in the same square or hex as another "Brother" of medium or smaller size, up to four in a single space. For every other member of a "Brother" class standing in the same space as a Weapon Brother or in an adjacent space, each one in the group gains a +x Tactics boost to his attack and damage rolls, where X is the number of brothers in the group. (If there's just one, he recieves no bonus- if there are two, they both recieve a +2 bonus, +3 for three and so on.) This bonus may never exceed 4 for Grid-based games, or 6 for hex based games.

Zeta Kai
2007-04-27, 11:15 PM
I must say, I love the concept for these guys. SMB is awesome, & the abilities aren't bad. One complaint though: only 3 levels each? I'm a fan of smaller PrC's (I used 2 of them for the Oaves), these guys could've been longer in my opinion.

2007-04-28, 12:24 AM
Thanks eta Kai! Yeah, I don't usually like prc 3 classes, BUT I was a tad inspired here and instated that repeating class rule- If you want to make the class more powerful, you simply take it again with a different specialization. (IE Hammer Brother, then again with another 1 handed weapon... Or Fire Brother then Ice Brother and so on.) I made it so just a plain old Hammer brother would probably be level 8, not too much of a challenge for a plucky plumber...

I dunno- not getting as many comments on this as I'd hoped. :( Note to self- put in a poll next time...

2007-04-28, 02:36 PM
I might be mistaken, but I don't think the "brawl" abilities actually do anything. It lets a Hammer Bro. use his throwing hammer as a melee weapon, but "Improvised Smackdown" already does that.

2007-04-28, 09:01 PM
I'd reply more if I knew more to say. These look like they'd be serious fun to play! Well made. :smallsmile:

2007-04-28, 10:00 PM
I might be mistaken, but I don't think the "brawl" abilities actually do anything. It lets a Hammer Bro. use his throwing hammer as a melee weapon, but "Improvised Smackdown" already does that.

The Improvised Smackdown lets the Hammer Brother use throwing weapons that aren't normally useable in Melee (At least without an improvized weapon penalty) in melee normally.

The "Brawl" ability lets the Hammer brother freely target one other creature and split his full attacks betweeb what he's meleeing with, and the designated ranged foe.

Actually wait, you're right, I need to rethink that- the "Brawl" ability now just lets you throw from combat without drawing attacks of opportunity- being able to split attacks like that without at least spending a feat would be bad.

2007-04-28, 10:06 PM
I might be mistaken, but I don't think the "brawl" abilities actually do anything. It lets a Hammer Bro. use his throwing hammer as a melee weapon, but "Improvised Smackdown" already does that.And, unless they're using a dedicated throwing weapon (like Boomerang Bros.), they already can use their hammers in melee.

That said, Weapon Bro. is a cool PrC, and you deserve a cookie for it.

I wanna see an Eldritch Brother; warlocks need loving badly.

2007-04-28, 10:19 PM
Thanks for your comments anyone, glad I've finally made something that's getting good reviews~ I think I'll work on Magikoopas and Chain-Chomp handlers next. <3

Edit: Edit: After looking up the basic premise of a Warlock, I actually think that it'd do the job just fine of being a Magikoopa, though I'll probably make a warlock-based PrC for it anyway.

2007-05-02, 02:46 AM
Bumping this once- just once.

While I'm at it, I'm not entirely sure on the Weapon Brothers "Weapon Storm" ability- not sure wether to have it be this new -3 BAB thing, or keep it a monk "flurry of Blows"-esque ability, or something else. Any suggestions on that? Also, any suggestions on how to improve the Element Brothers PrC?