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2015-06-25, 06:55 PM
Hey all! This is my first attempt at homebrewing, but I got an idea in my head while reading these forums at about 4 in the morning. I was thinking of how a lot of these homebrew are based on things from other universes or games, and I thought about Twisted Fate from League of Legends, and how someone like him would translate into 5e. So this subclass is based on the idea of a gambler style sorceror. This being my first try, I really don't know how balanced it is, so I'd love honest feedback!

Sorcerous Origin: Twist of Fate

You gambled with the gods for power. And won.

Stacked Deck

Beginning when you choose this origin at 1st level, you gain the ability to alter chance in your favor. When you finish a short rest, roll a d20 and record the number rolled. You can replace any attack roll, saving throw, or ability check made by you or a creature you can see with the recorded number. You must choose to do so before the roll, and you may only use the recorded number once. You must finish a short or long rest before you can use this ability again.
I drew inspiration for this from the wizard's Portent ability. I'm not sure how balanced it would be as 1/short rest compared to the wizard's 2/long rest.

Wild Card

Starting at 1st level, whenever you cast a spell with an attack roll, you may choose to add 1d6 to either the attack or damage roll. You can choose to do so after the attack roll is made, but before the result is determined. You can use this feature only once, and must finish a short or long rest before being able to use it again.


Starting at 6th level, whenever you are attacked, you may use your reaction to impose disadvantage on the attack roll, and if struck by the attack, you teleport up to 50' away to a spot you can see. You must finish a short or long rest before being able to use this feature again.
I had a similar idea for this, but then read the warlock's Misty Escape and modeled this more after that. I do worry about access to both through multiclassing.

Lucky Spell

At 14th level, you learn the metamagic Lucky Spell. When you cast a spell that has an attack roll or allows an enemy a saving throw, you may expend 4 sorcery points to either gain advantage on your attack roll or impose disadvantage on your enemy's saving throw.
This was originally an ability had the same cost and did the same thing, but wasn't metamagic. When I realized how strong this could be in conjunction with metamagic, I wanted it to be mutually exclusive with metamagic and then just decided to make it metamagic itself.


Starting at 18th level, you gain the ability to alter fate in your party's favor, helping them achieve greater and more heroic acts. As a reaction, you may expend 5 sorcery points to give an ally you can see advantage on any roll, including death saving throws. Alternatively, you may expend 8 sorcery points to prevent an ally's instant death from massive damage. This does not stabilize the ally, and they must make death saving throws as normal.
I'm not sure about using the reaction for the first ability, but it needs some kind of cost for free advantage, right?

Thanks for any and all feedback!

2015-06-25, 09:16 PM
Both your level 1 abilities seem pretty strong. Adding 1d6 to an attack roll every short rest is, on a 2-3 rest schedule, going to essentially give you the bard's Inspiration. 1 per short rest replacement roll is strictly better than the Diviner, since you allow it to apply to any roll, not just initiative. Both at once seems like too much. I'd pick one and toss the other.

I wouldn't worry about the misty step clone, though, 6 levels off your casting or invocations is a pretty steep penalty just to double your teleporting.

Destiny, conversely, seems too weak. Advantage is nice, but not worth 5 sorcery points, especially not at 18th level. And for a full 8 points (particularly in such a limited, specific area of application) I would expect to not only stabilize my enemy but let them pop back on their feet with 1 hp, or something.

2015-06-25, 10:34 PM
1. Understood! I went with two 1st-level abilities because both of the origins in the phb have two, although one is pretty much fluff for each. So I might try to think of a fluffier ability that's less powerful. If I drop one, I think that thematically Stacked Deck is more in line with the idea I had. Also, the Diviner's Portent ability specifically does say "You can replace any attack roll, saving throw, or ability check," if that was the ability you meant only applied to initiative. Although that gives me an idea for an initiative-enhancing ability.

2. All right, good point, appreciate that :)

3. Thanks for the feedback! That was the ability I had the hardest time with, especially because I haven't played any high level 5e yet so I'm not sure what power level things would need. What I'm thinking I might do is rework Wild Card to be the level 18 ability.

Thanks a lot for your feedback :D