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2015-06-26, 10:14 AM
-Among the kyton demagogue Sugroz's efforts to create new types of kyton from living mortals, there have been creatures that stand apart from other kyton. Mortal subjects tormented in such a way they find themselves detached, devoid of the emotions they once knew and even the memories they once cherished. Their duality ended not by the total integration of body and soul, but the cleaving of soul and casting it off into shadow, a side effect of which being the creation of incorporeal undead, bearing the odd ability to also spawn these beings when they would create others of their kind. Regardless of whether they were by torment at the hands of kyton or were victim to a kyton-soul creature, the resulting being is an oddity among the kyton, for they are not only created from the living but indeed retain many of the capabilities they once held.

Creating a Neminis Kyton
"Neminis" is an acquired template that can be added to any living creature possessing a duality. Most neminis kyton were once humanoids. A neminis kyton uses the base creature's statistics and abilities except as noted here.

CR: Same as base creature +1

Alignment: Lawful Evil. (Though it should be noted they far more easily shift alignment than most outsiders of a alignment subtypes.)
Type: The neminis kyton's type changes to outsider (augmented, evil, kyton, lawful). Do not recalculate class Hit Dice, BaB, or saves.

Senses: A neminis kyton gains darkvision 60ft.

Defensives/Qualities:: Gains darkvision 60 feet; Immunity to cold; DR 5/silver or good (if HD 11 or less) or 10/silver or good (if HD 12 or more); SR equal to the creature's CR + 11 (Maximum 35); and Regeneration 1 (overcome by silver and good)

Special Attacks: A neminis kyton gains the following.

--Unnerving Gaze (Su): Range 30ft. A neminis kyton's eyes appear soulless, an emptiness such that with a gaze they may shake one to their very core. Those who fail their Will saves (DC 10 + 1/2 HD + the neminis's Cha mod) become shaken for 1 round. This is a mind-affecting fear effect.

Special Qualities: A neminis kyton gains the following.

--Emotionless (Ex): Neminis kyton have problems understanding emotions properly, lacking true emotions themselves, taking a -4 penalty on Sense Motive checks.

Kyton-Soul Undead
-As mentioned previously, resulting from the creation of a neminis kyton is a kyton-soul creature, or more accurately a neminis kyton results from the creation of a kyton-soul creature. When a creature is slain by a kyton-soul creature in such a way they would create spawn, the victim is placed into a death-like state for 1d4 hours, upon which time they become a neminis kyton. The resulting kyton has no memory of their previous life, through they've retained all of their capabilities from before. A kyton-soul creature is identical to their standard counterpart (any incorporeal undead capable of creating spawn) except that their create spawn ability creates a neminis kyton in addition to the undead normally created (which is also considered a kyton-soul creature), and they are considered native to the Shadow Plane. These are typically shadows or wraiths, but can be any incorporeal undead capable of creating spawn.

-To this rule, there is but one exception. Though exceptionally rare, within the depths of the shadow plane there do exist kyton-soul nightshades. Rendered incapable of summoning greater shadows, but no less dangerous, creatures slain by these beings though the use of negative energy may rise up as kyton-soul shadows. Should this be the case, the slain creature will later become a neminis kyton.

Not complete but I wanted to post what I had thus far. If anyone has any suggestions, then I'd appreciate it.
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