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2007-04-28, 06:30 PM
With the announcement of fourth ed. comes excitement. I finally believe I will finally be rid of alignment. The alignment system has been outdated for many moons. I dream of a world that does not classify via the alignment system. I believe I shall begin to religiously mail my ideas to wizards, for I know they will take the word of an internet crazed college student to heart.

2007-04-28, 06:31 PM
Um, 4th ed. hasn't been announced. Many years to go.

2007-04-28, 06:34 PM
I was so excited for the 4th edition... I feel cheated

2007-04-28, 06:49 PM
It was totally announced (http://www.wizards.com/dnd/article.asp?x=dnd/dx20010401a)
I bought a calendar and a sharpie marker just for it

2007-04-28, 06:49 PM
Announcement of Fourth Edition? Where? When? Give us the link!

Don't tell me that it's a fraud! :)

2007-04-28, 06:57 PM
I already did, but what the hey, why not again? (http://www.wizards.com/dnd/article.asp?x=dnd/dx20010401a)

2007-04-28, 06:58 PM
Wizards of the Coast announced today that it would begin the "Countdown to Fourth Edition," which is due out April 1, 2011.

...I'm gonna assume that no one actually fell for that, and that this thread is a joke, for the sake of my poor, poor brain.

2007-04-28, 07:00 PM
A Wizards spokesperson, citing continuing strong sales of third edition D&D, said the company decided that "ten times the countdown," should result in "ten times higher" sales of Fourth Edition. Though initially reticent on the issue, former D&D Brand Manager Bryan Rancey admitted (after we poured salt on his wounds) that the Fourth Edition countdown was beginning. "Yeah. Sure. Whatever," said Rancey. "Let me go." Sources say that the new edition will use the revolutionary d30 system, but this is, as yet, unconfirmed. Yeah, all of that is pretty obviously a joke...

2007-04-28, 07:07 PM
Fourth Edition should not come out for at least another two decades from now, or so I hope. And yeah, tis a fraud indeed.

2007-04-28, 07:09 PM
I had not seen that particular article on the Wizards site, I've managed to miss April Fools' Day this year and last year.

d30 system, funny stuff... it's sad when people take it seriously.

2007-04-28, 07:11 PM
Oh, I don't know. "After we poured salt on his wounds?" Sounds like the best way to get information out of reticient developers to me. They clam up otherwise. Sounds legit. :smallwink:

Roland St. Jude
2007-04-28, 07:20 PM
Sheriff: It's a six-year-old April Fool's joke. Wizards put this up as a joke on April 1, 2001. So rather than have a bunch more people getting worked up over it, I'll just lock this.