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2007-04-28, 07:44 PM
When a Dread Necro hits 20th level they gain:

Lich Transformation: When a dread necromancer attains
20th level, she undergoes a hideous transformation and
becomes a lich. Her type changes to undead, and she gains all
the traits of the undead (see page 317 of the Monster Manual).
She no longer has a Constitution score, all her existing Hit
Dice become d12s, and she must reroll her hit points. A dread
necromancer need not pay experience points or gold to create
her phylactery.
A dread necromancer who is not humanoid does not gain
this class feature.Now does this mean that the character gains the Lich template? Or just that they are for all intents and purposes a Lich with the special abilites and qualities from the Dread Necro class instead of the Lich special abilities and qualities?

I can't find an errata or a FAQ entry for this. Quick answers please, I've got a game in a little over an hour.

Thanks in advance,

2007-04-28, 08:00 PM
Do whichever you'd do for a Dragon Disciple, since it sounds alot like Dragon Apotheosis to me.

2007-04-28, 08:30 PM
I'd assume they gain the lich template. Dread Necromancer abilities that were "lesser" lich abilities would scale up to the lich norm. Those that weren't, they keep as normal.

2007-04-28, 08:31 PM
They gain all the advantages of the Lich template, but don't get any LA.


2007-04-28, 08:34 PM
What were the first 19 Dread Necromancer questons? :smallbiggrin:


Nope, that's all, I have nothing useful to add to this discussion.