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The Vorpal Tribble
2007-04-28, 07:57 PM
Grandpa, everything is changing fast
We call it progress, but I just don't know
And Grandpa, let's wander back into the past
And paint me the picture of long ago

Did lovers really fall in love to stay
And stand beside each other, come what may?
Was a promise really something people kept
Not just something they would say?
Did families really bow their heads to pray
Did daddies really never go away?
Oh, Grandpa, tell me 'bout the good old days...


Demi-God (Neutral)


There are those who cannot seem to get over a past that cannot be changed. They wallow in what has been and what might ofs. They live in those bygone years and never live. Praeter was one such man who left all he knew for the greener pasture he was sure was beyond. He became intensely wealthy, but after an attempt on his life he became obsessed with his own mortality. He eventually spent all he had gained to discover a way to prolong his life. He delved into mysticism and the arcane with a single-minded fervor that allowed him to excel in his studies and explorations. Finally he believed he had found the cure for age and so he had. But as all those he knew died and the once prosperous city crumbled to ruin he knew that he had somehow failed as well.

He had squandered his years and before he knew it had grown old beyond all reckoning, destitute in his very soul. Alone, without friends or family, he spent many a dark day in the decrepit rooms of his formerly glorious manor. In the shadows of his mind a light of madness began to flicker. He would return to his past and the days of his happiness. Somehow, someway, he would.

No one is quite certain how, but he managed to pull himself out of the stream of time. What he did not realize was that once he had removed himself from time, so had he removed himself from life. And so he remains, unable to return to his youth, but unwilling to move ahead, to dip back into life. His followers are convinced that if enough believe he will gain the power he needs to send them all to the past and correct their mistakes.

Praeter appears as a skeleton man with wrinkled, parchment-like skin stretched over stooped bones. Sparce white hair grows from a head that is twisted around so that he is always looking back from where he has gone. His eyes are full of sorrow and a burning determination.

Praeter's favorite weapon is the lasso. His symbol is an arch of light set in a black background with a path leading backwards into it.

Portfolio: Past, memory, nostalgia, melancholy, childhood

Domains: Knowledge, Nostalgia, Time (http://realmshelps.dandello.net/cgi-bin/domain.pl?Time), Renewal (http://realmshelps.dandello.net/cgi-bin/domain.pl?Renewal), Repose

Cleric Training: An obscession to return to the past and make it right is enough of a conviction to begin service to Praeter. Many though are also trained in historical knowledge, those of Praeter preaching that mistakes in the past can teach those within the future.

Quests: Clerics of Praeter investigate anything having to do with portals through time or those who are said to be able to read the future and past. For once a way is discovered to retrace one's life's path the power of Praeter shall reward them all with their heart's desire.

As well, clerics of Praeter are devoted to preserving things of the past and are known for their preservation of the aged, be it manuscript and book to temple ruins.

Prayers: Prayers to Praeter are filled with reminescings as they share their experiences, loves and hates, deeds and misdeeds, with their deity.

Temples: The worshipping locales of Praeter are often old buildings saved from destruction or collapse, many being the childhood homes of the clerics themselves. These may be elegant castles or one-room hovels. If possible they often posses silent, solitary places where his whorshippers can remain in solitude for extended periods and be alone with their memories.

Rites: The rites of Praeter are often sorrowful affairs as his people come face to face with their memories through spells and hypnosis so that they never forget what they strive for and lose their focus.

Relics: <in progress>

Herald and Allies: <open to suggestions>

The Vorpal Tribble
2007-04-28, 07:58 PM
Nostalgia Domain
Granted Powers: You may recast a single spell you have already used that day.

1. *Resurgence
2. Gentle Repose
3. Speak With Dead
4. Preservation (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2496882&postcount=2)
5. Raise Dead
6. Legend Lore
7. Resurrection
8. Dwelling Upon the Past (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2499031&postcount=3)
9. Wish

* From Complete Arcane.


Nostalgia Mantle
Granted Ability: You may regain lost power points from the use of a single power manifested that day.

1 Know Direction and Location
2 Object Reading
2 Recall Agony
2 Sensitivity to Psychic Impressions
3 Speak With Dead, Psionic
4 Fabricate, Psionic
4 Quintessence
5 Psionic Revivify
5 Second Chance
6 Fabricate Greater, Psionic
9 Time Regression

The Vorpal Tribble
2007-04-29, 07:21 AM
Dwelling Upon The Past
Level: Nostalgia 8, Sor/Wiz 9
Components: V, S, F/DF
Casting Time: 1 hour
Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Area: Up to one 10-ft. cube per level
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No

You can bring a structure back from its ruins to a previous state. Splintered wood and rotting thatch can be restored to the condition of a newly built hovel, or a heap of stones into a tower. All items that were within this building are similarly reproduced while in its full swing, though anything supernatural or enhanced in some way loses its properties, being completely mundane. You must have at least some article from the previous dwelling to cast this spell, and it will only rebuild upon the original foundation.

If this structure would take up space occupied by another immobile object the spell automatically fails. Creatures and loose objects not part of the original construction are pushed away to the nearest clear space within the growing building. Spells such as Move Earth and Control water can be used to clear the area for rebuilding.

Arcane Focus: A golden skeleton key worth 50 gp


Level: Clr 4, Drd 4, Sor/Wiz 4
Components: V, S, M/DF
Casting Time: 1 standard action.
Range: Touch
Target: One object touched of up to 10 lb./level
Duration: Permanent (D)
Saving Throw: Will negates (harmless)
Spell Resistance: Yes (object)

You protect an object against the rigors of time and exposure. The object never corrodes, degrades, spoils or even ages if doing so would be harmful in some way. Food and drink under this spell may be eaten and drank as normal. This spell may even act as the Gentle Repose spell if cast upon a corpse, though the weight limit still applies.

This spell can protect against such spells as Rust and Wood Rot if it wins an opposed caster level check. Extraordinary abilities that mimic like spells are useless against this spell. Supernatural abilities may still get through, the caster level equal to the HD of the creature.

Material Component: A pinch of salt.

Baron Corm
2007-04-29, 10:45 AM
i'll admit i know next-to-nothing about psionics, but with the nostalgia mantle, couldn't one augment his most powerful ability to hell and then regain all those points? i think that's overpowered; much better than the domain version, at least. perhaps a limit on the amount of power points regained.

edit: i click the "submit post" button way too early all the time... anyway, my simple suggestion is to allow regaining of power points minus the augmentation points you spent.

2007-04-29, 10:51 AM
No.... as it's limited by manifester level. It basically gives an extra (manifester level) PP per day, but with flavour.

The Vorpal Tribble
2007-04-29, 10:52 AM
You cannot augment more power points than you have levels in your class. So if you are a 5th level psioni you can gain back 5 power points, or a single 3rd level power.

Its just the same as the domain. At 5th level you can recast a 3rd level spell.

Baron Corm
2007-04-29, 10:58 AM
life suddenly makes more sense to me now.

The Vorpal Tribble
2007-04-29, 05:26 PM
life suddenly makes more sense to me now.
Yup, psionics has quite a few basic yet passed over rules.

The Vorpal Tribble
2007-06-16, 07:32 PM
Meh, thought I might give this a bump. And what is ironic is the older this thread gets, the more appropriate it is to revive it :smallamused: