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2007-04-29, 05:45 AM
Do you have any interesting people in your party? Are there any fools, or demented lunatics? Has anyone ever done anything ridiculously stupid?

I personally am in a party of seven people (Campaign - Temple of Elemental Evil). There is a human ninja, a changeling red dragon shaman, a human cleric of Heironeous, a half elven sorcerer, a human binder, a human monk and a human sorcerer.

The ninja somehow got an elven courtblade, despite the huge price, in his back-story. So far, he hasn't had many chances to use it, as he is never with the party when we are attacked. He is always either scouting or just in the wrong place...

The changeling dragon shaman has disguised himself as a woman (in a male party) and is completely loopy. When he took watch at night with the ninja, he said 'Want to see something cool?' and changed himself to appear like a half dragon, before changing back into a woman. I am the only one the ninja has told about this...

The cleric has not displayed much of a personality yet, but he seems to enjoy swinging his sword. He has proved useful though, healing the party, creating water, and fighting.

The half elf sorcerer claims to specialize in illusion, but so far the most he has done is shoot his cross-bow and missed, and cast magic missile. Once. He is one of the quieter members of the group, but he is very loyal.

The binder has so far proved himself to be a decent tank. However, he has only told me and the half elf he actually is a binder, and he dislikes the human cleric because he claims Heironeous was responsible for putting a spirit in the Void.

The human monk is generally quite useful, despite a lot of the party expecting him to be useless and annoying. Unfortunately, he came to the first session late, and he is the only one who has not reached level two yet.

And lastly, there is me, the human sorcerer. I have a pointy hat and robes, and a staff. So far, I have summoned a fiendish rat and caused two bandits with torches to trip up on a draw-bridge and set it on fire by casting grease. That was my moment of glory so far.

So now, the party is level two (apart from the monk). This is the first campaign where I have started from level one, and I have to say - it is much cooler.

So, does anyone else have any notable characters in their party?

2007-04-29, 06:09 AM
Level 8 party, urban game- nominally our goals are to clean up the bad part of town.

I am playing a mojh iron witch named Zatara, who is slowly slipping into insanity. He was a child in an orphanage that was run by a mad scientist, who wanted to become a mojh, but wanted to be sure he had the technique right, and so grabbed an orphan to experiment on first. Zatara volunteered for this to protect his fellow orphans. A local adventurer called the Panther (vigilante type, kinda like batman except with battle claws) found out this was going on and 'rescued' Zatara, but did not arrive soon enough to stop the transformation. Zatara became his sidekick for awhile before going off on his own. He is not mentally stable, and recently snapped, tearing apart an angry mob with magical geysers of water. The magister he was protecting trapped the ringleader in an eldritch web, and Zatara proceeded to summon a geyser under him when he was called a 'race traitor' by the man, screaming at him 'I did not choose to be this way'. (Geyser, by the way, is 3d8/rnd spell, reflex negates- but you are specifically denied your reflex save if you can't move away.) I would just like to point out that the mob was lead by a champion of justice and a champion of freedom, who wanted to kill the magister because he was an evil ****. He killed the **** out of them.

Anyway, that is my character, who is pretty ***-up in the head.

The people he adventures with:
Couiteur, a faen Runemaeven, who is a former member of the Devero crime family. I say former because that situation with the magister before was set up by the Devero to force us to use magic openly without a liscence and in an illegal manner (Giantish society is very strict about magic-users, especially human magisters, which we have one of).

A sibbecai mageblade named Ilrich, who was a member of the couriers guild. He is our tank, in his full plate, animated shield, two-handed dire khopesh athame. He once tortured a man to death (flayed him alive) for killing his best friend- T'keh. He then proceeded to track the man's organization, find its headquarters, and slaughtered them all.

A human magister, Isabella. She is the only sane member of the party, who hasn't done anything more attocious than failing to stop the rest of the party from doing bad things.

2007-04-29, 09:09 AM
Ali, is your sorceror (illusionist) played by a very tall and skinny fellow? Just sounds like someone I used to know.

2007-04-29, 09:52 AM
Ali, is your sorceror (illusionist) played by a very tall and skinny fellow? Just sounds like someone I used to know.

oh my god he's seen andy in real life!

2007-04-29, 10:05 AM
Actually, the fellow I was thinking of is named Chris. But it is spooky that there are "two" Chris's out there.

Rigel Cyrosea
2007-04-29, 10:26 AM
I had one character in my campaign who seemed to go temporarily insane every few monthes. The worst example of this follows:

The party are exploring a dungeon. Monthes ago (in real time and game time) they fought some gargoyles who were pretending to be statues. So, they come into this room with a fountain in the centre. There is a gargoyle shaped statue in the middle of the fountain, but it is obviously part of the fountain. It has water coming out of it's mouth.
Player: "A gargoyle! I jump onto it's back!"
Me: "What?"
Player: "*rolls d20* I got a 15 on my jump check, and *rolls again* an 18 on my grapple check"
Me: "Umm, this thing has water coming out of it's mouth! It's not alive!"
Player: "You're just trying to trick me. Do I suceed or not?"
Me: "Uh, sure, you jump onto it and try to strangle it. It does nothing."
Player: "I pull a bead of fireball out of my necklace and stuff it into it's mouth"
Me: "What?! You're joking right?"
Player: "No, of course not. The damage is: *rolls* 26!"
Me: "How much HP do you have?"
Player: "20."
Me: "You are dead." "The rest of the party takes 26 damage unless they can make their reflex saves."

That day was nearly a TPK. As you can guess, nobody was very happy with this player.

2007-04-29, 10:55 AM
Lets see....

We're mid-campaign trying to stop a dragon cult from animating a dracolich and destroying the world, and our party isn't the most heroic bunch ever...

Human ranger- He's relatively sane, but was partially responsible for the death of an old lady NPC. He was in jail until the orcs and the dragonspawn attacked.

Elf ranger- Also sane, spends a lot of time running from fights since he can't hit crap with his bow anyway... had the crap beaten out of him by mummies.

Star elf wizard- COMPLETELY off his rocker. Has currently beaten 2 people with a quarterstaff, one of them to death. There was the guy who tortured the druid, and the old lady. More about THAT later

wood elf druid- Also beat the tormentor to death, and died when star elf mummies attacked him in the catacombs beneath the inn. Stood in the middle of 4 of them and took hits from all of them. We have his body, but can't ressurect because of the ORCS attacking.

Aramil (me)- I'm possibly the MOST sane and humane member of the party. Creative use of a disguise skill and alter self got me into the inn in the first place, since it was the Merchant's Guild headquarters of the fort anyway. I've also never killed a sentient NPC that was non-hostile. I was indirectly involved in the old lady's death, but it was an accident. I was spiderclimbing the wall/ceiling and was hanging above the entrance to the guild where the old lady receptionist was talking to the rest of the party outside. They didn't know of my mission at the time, but they knew the druid's intent to kill the man inside the inn (his tormentor). Since the druid was with me at the time, when they said something about people sneaking in, I dropped from the ceiling and tried to knock her out. rolled a natural 1. I land ON TOP of the lady and smack her head against the door. She screams. The inn-goers wake up, and I have the common sense to bolt for the secret door I had noticed under the stairs earlier that day. I make it, and the fighter and both ranger bash the door down. On top of the old lady. They run in, then see the angry mob and run out. The other star elf and the druid hide in the kitchen and sneak back upstairs to kill the tormentor (the other elf got in disgused as me disguised as "Ereen Goldstaff") ANYWAY, the mob tramples the door flat, killing the lady and sending most of our party's alignments to chaotic neutral (I kept my neutral-good on account of it being a complete accident).

I'm also the only party member to actually kill things efficiently. I beat a boss on my own, which is where I got the claw-bracer, beat 4 mummies on my own (the same ones who killed the druid) and am holding my own against waves of orcs.

Human monk- Hasn't been with the party long enough to have anything said for him. He's the replacement for the druid, and has been known to try and rip off a sorcerer's arm off and beat him with it. DM almost allowed it after he rolled 5 natural 1s against him for touch attacks. Then he got a natural 20 and stunned him.

2007-04-29, 01:39 PM
The party I have running around is as follows... I love these guys :)

Human Beguiler - This guy has been playing his mage for literally four years... each time a new campaign starts up, he figures out a way to revamp the mage to make him fit. This most recent incarnation features the Blood Mage (his previous rendition) getting ahold of a Wish scroll and asking for "Powers of Planes unknown to me!" Thus, he gets transported to my campaign, and the trigger happy Searing Ray-bot suddenly finds himself utterly incapable of even casing Magic Missile. He is very interesting to see, having become quite a charmer (both magical and otherwise), due to the fact that he knows he needs to depend on others to do the serious fighting for him. He constantly tries to explode things that annoy him, much to his continued frustration that he can't.

Elven Swashbuckler - This guy, a pirate, I think is based on Captain Jack Sparrow, and spends every session in a state of continual intoxication. He tries to bed nearly every woman the party meets, and is continually in a drunken swagger. He has a quick temper and a quicker blade, and constantly grumbles about how a bit of flood would do the city good.

Human Dragon Shaman - Fairly bland character, except in interaction. He made waves the first session by buying out all the rum in the inn, and now sells it to the Swashbuckler, at a tidy profit. The Dragon Shaman is also utterly in love with the NPC, described below, and has an odd report with the two knights, being a neutral character, but preferring their stableness to the fairly unpredictable Wizard and Swashbuckler.

Human Knight - Somewhat of the lone wolf of the party, this guy was never satisfied with the knightly order, but cannot leave it due to the heritage involved. He fancies himself an artist and regularly does doodles during the campagin's downtime. He also whistles a rather haunting tune from his youth and tends to be very reserved, a stickler for proper procedures and finds the rest of the party reckless and overly ambitious.

Human Fighter - The only female PC in the party, and the Knight's Wife, she is brash and irrational, prone to fits of fury and... well... a red head. She tends to be the leader of the party (although with some not-so-subtle manipulation coming from the beguiler) and tends to live by the motto: "There's no argument can't be solved by a boot to the head!"

Elven Spellthief: NPC. This girl has issues and is exceedingly complient. There is a strong tatooed ward on her back which cannot be easily broken, for fear of damaging her mind. While the girl isn't brainwashed, she is led to accept any plan put forward to her, making her an excellent soldier in battle. If an opinion is asked, she will state her view honestly, but if an order is given, she will follow it unquestioningly. Due to her impressionability, the Dragon Shaman has "adopted" her, to ensure none take advantage of her (we already had an issue where a merchant gave the elf a 50% discount on a new outfit if she changed into it where he could watch)

2007-04-29, 03:58 PM
I'm about to start one, but so far no one has chosen a name for their characters. It's going to start out at level 6, is gestalt and is going to be using my Nation of the Dead campaign setting (see my sig).

The most developed member of the party is a female gnome Artificer//Rogue 6. She's a genius when it comes to creating and tinkering with things and is usually creating SOMEthing, whether it be a useful tool or just some pointless contraption. She has a paranoia of being alone for any amount of time, stemming from her childhood, when her parents as master tinkerers and engineers left her on Shello to help the dwarves on Tanzen fend off undead hordes. She was terrified as the only person that watched over her in their absense was neglectful and never there, so she took parts from her father's lab and bits of other materials from all over and built herself a miniature warforged companion, which would be rebuilt annually until she was created to be a proper medium humanoid size. Now these two venture together nonstop, and it is VERY rare to see them separated at all.

The second is mentioned female warforged, who has yet to decided on what two classes she'll be (but is going to have to be something fighter-ish). She was, of course, created by aformentioned gnome artificerogue, her first shape was that of a gnome child, so she was very small but appropriate for her companion. She was something of a guardian for her creator aside from being a friend and cohort, so she developed martial skill and became a warrior of great skill. As she 'aged' she was mechanically developed to be similar to a medium sized humanoid, though very strong and tough because of her construction.

The third is a male Mujuon wizard//archivist in league with the Order of the Magi andhas the title of Red Magi. He was at the first point in his life considered to be a bad omen among his people because of his dark hair, wings and blood-red eyes, a sure sign of a curse in Mujuon society. When a group of superstitious mujuon people had had enough of his peaceful existance they broke into his house at night and dragged him out and to the well, throwing him in. He almost drowned, as his wings weren't nearly strong enough to let him fly out, especially while wet. This is what gave him his phobia, that of water. After the crowd left, his father, who was an accomplished wizard saved his son and decided to do what was best for him; He told the townspeople he had died while he actually sent him to an academy of magic to train as a wizard. Years later, after he had graduated he came back, but with clever use of a living prestidigitation familiar he hid his eye color. He was claimed by his father to be his long lost son, the one who didn't die in a well as a child.
He soon after that left his home to the Mujuon capital of Lijigor where he found himself taking interest in another form of magic; the divine. He was too used to book learning, he was never fit out to be a real priest so he turned to the only divine magic he could learn from books and became an Archivist aswell as a wizard.
While in Lijigor he was stopped by an old mujuon named Tholhae. He told him he wasn't long for this world and was part of an order of mages known as the Order of the Magi and needed a smart young boy to take his place in the organization. He accepted, as he was promised more knowledge, which he loved. He joined after Tholhae died, and was sent on a mission almost immediately, where he sought to find a magic scroll of greater power than he knew. Finding it gave him such great exileration, he found a knew goal in life: Learn all secrets magic can teach him. He adventures to this day in order to accomplish this goal.

The final member is a male Aasimar Cleric//Favored Soul. He worships Aeomon (aye-oh-mon) the god of gentle passing and the only known good-aligned god of death. He has deep and profound respect for the dead and the deathless, but the undead are abominations and bastardizations of death and must be destroyed.
When he was a child he decided to wander out into nearby caves, where he quickly became lost. He fell, tripped and generally was terrified out of his young mind and as if it weren't enough, he was attacked by a small gang of earth elementals who beat him to within an inch of his life. This has caused him to have a strange phobia of unworked stone.
But before he was killed he was saved by an Astral Deva who had attained deathless status despite being an outsider who was devoted to Aeomon. This turned the young aasimar to the god of gentle passing. He trained both his religious knowledge as well as his natural divine talent, until he was ready to be a head priest and knight in the name of his god. Now he adventures across the lands doing away with the undead and helping those in their final hours pass comfortably (including living enemies).

2007-04-29, 04:08 PM
Mine are evil lunatics.

example, they once killed every single on of the mission givers and then allied with the demon army:smallfurious: :smallfurious: :smallfurious: !!!

2007-04-29, 04:31 PM
Hmm, lessee... Characters are ECL 11, we haven't started yet so stories and plot aren't fully fleshed out as of yet, but the party and the premise is as following: We're set in world akin to the Sigil, the City of Doors. Most planes touch this realm one place or the other, but where Sigil is neutral ground protected by the Lady of Pain this place is an all-out battleground between all sorts of weird creatures.
The party are what remains of the army and entourage of a Lawful Good celestial lord of some kind, who got killed not long before game-start, and consists of:
The Lawful Good Illumian Enchantment specialised mage. He's got some sort of Dominator prestige class which I can't remember the name of and is generally cunning, scheming and brainwashing in the name of all that is Good and just. Likes to work behind the scenes, pretending to be a simple advisor or bard while making Lords follow his careful suggestions.

The Human Hexblade/dragon Disciple: Some sort of minor noble who got attached to the Celestial lord for some uncertain reason or another. He's got a smart mouth on him and a quick mind, making him something of a diplomat. Other than that, not much is known...

The Bugbear Ranger: An aging bugbear who isn't very fond of usual bugbears ways, what with him being Neutral Good and all. He prefers to let others do the deep thinking, but has a good deal of common sense and a profound sense of honor and right. He served as a scout and huntsman for the Celestial lord while he was still alive and has worked alongside the last character, mine:

The True Neutral Lizardfolk Half-Black dragon Fighter: Koorusk The Horned, former champion of a large blackscale tribe of lizardfolk who were defeated by the Celestial Lord many years ago. Having the choice between death and servitude, Koorusk became a bondsman of the Celestial and slowly turned from the ways of his tribe as he came to respect and even befriend the Celestial Lord despite their differences.
He served as a bodyguard of sorts and is probably the most likely to lay waste to the entire realm in search of revenge and trying to atone for his failure.

Personally, I'm looking forward to playing with this rather motley crew

2007-04-30, 11:18 PM
OK, lets see where to start

our party consists of:

Elven Cleric/warpriest/dwarven defender, before anyone asks, she was raised by dwarves and claims to be a dwarf

human archmage trying to become a guildmaster

human thief/legendary dreadnought/order of the storm

this happened around 8th level, before we got all the nice prestige classes. we were playing in a ravenloft setting when we came upon a bridge across a 500 foot chasm, just as we were getting ready to head across the rope bridge, we noticed a black speck floating around the bottom of the chasm. After one really great spot check we determined that it was a black dragon of around wyrm size. so we hightailed it back to normal land to find a place to either hide or fight, the dragon lands and is about to release his breath weapon when the thief in the party(played by me) tried to intimidate the dragon, and missed the success by one point, which caused him to hesitate long enough for the cleric to lay her smack down.

2007-05-01, 05:42 AM
How does a human intimidate a dragon, I wonder?

2007-05-01, 08:36 AM
How does a human intimidate a dragon, I wonder?
Veeeery carefully.

2007-05-01, 08:43 AM
Darksun (Demo Campagin) (ECL 6 Lvl)

Half Giant PsyWar: Cant hit the broad side of a barn but when he does (normally on a crit) he deals a ton of damage, background - is backed by a trade house and he's out looking for new routes

Elan Wilder (We think he's a Human): Tends to get into the thick of it, and let rip - currently contracted to the Goto man of the carvan that we are with

Maenad Soulknife: Stealth type, medicore fighter (player is rarely there so she gets NPCed a lot)

Human Psion (i cant remember what Discp): Kill leader, and able melee combatant with dual Sai's

Half Elf Soulknife (Me): Scout, better at ranged attacks due to high dex - i joined late so i have the generic "part of the guards background", im not trusted by anyone due to my heritage so i dont have to take part in Watch or anything else that needs trust.

Dwarf Fire Cleric (NPC) Was saved by some of the Characters and now is working with em till he saves each of them once

The Unffetted Mind (NPC): the dead Divine Mind that we disturbed the spirit of and now inhabits various PCs at times (how PC NPCs are handled)

2nd Ed Faerun (Avg Lvl 5)

Half Elf Cleric of Helm: Currently a Swarm of 300 odd rats, failed his save Vs Spells and now leads a active life of breeding, dying, eating, fighting, dying, talking to the rest of us Via Speak with animal spells

Elf Fighter/Wizard: Currently a hippogryp, normally our ranged combat expert with he cursed bracers that allow for force arrows to be fired and the bow not to need a string

Minotuar Gladiator: Currently a 1 ton Stone statue - looking supprised

Human Cleric of Torm (me): Current Frontliner for the party and (now) prime Healer, im a very poor example of What Tormite should be - helped start a bar brawl and caused general mayhem, just recently escaped a happy life of living with a Water spirt as her companion (via Charm)

Dwarf Fighter: Claim to fame doing 90% of the damge to the Medusa that took the Bull out, like to toss his axes about and uses a sword in melee

Dwarf Cleric/Locksmith: New chracter to replace the Gnome Healer that died last session due to ratty luck failing (Random Potions, 1st was a healing pot, 2nd was a oil of Burning - 6d6 to a unconcious gnome....)

Wizard: Gnome Illusionist, yet to join the party

Viscount Einstrauss
2007-05-01, 08:56 AM
I've started DMing a campaign where I explained at the beginning that a good portion of the early characterization would be due to random chance or scripted by myself to make sense. I know that sounds like that most horrid of beasts, "railroading", but this was explained several weeks in advance and agreed upon mostly because I'm well known for my storytelling skills, ability to make quite unique characters, and the fact that even when I railroad, I only do it with the overarching plot. So, because of both the necessities for the story and the random chances involved, the party looks like this-

Firstly, everyone started at 8 years old. They've aged through the past two sessions so that now they're 16 via time skips. Being the same age was important to the plot, you see. Also, they were all born and live in a mountain top town called Cloudwatch. And- this part really got them- their first level had to be an NPC class while their next two had to be a generic class. Further, I warned them that appropriate knowledge/skill ranks would be necessary to obtain the classes that they really want after this, and told them what they'd be. And their gold up until level 4 would be almost entirely dependant on their best craft/perform/profession skill.


1. First we have the true neutral adept/spellcaster human orphan boy. Before he drew his orphan card, I allowed him to take profession: lawyer. Try to picture this. An orphan spellcaster lawyer that doesn't own the clothes on his back, but regularly uses his lawyer profession as a means of diplomacy (which I allow because that's funny). He spent the first time skip by starting a court case to get adopted and won. I helped him name this guy, based on his use of blaster spells and lawyer stunts. He's Marcus Phoenix Wright. He's afraid of the dark, by the way. Fortunately that doesn't come up much.

2. Next we have Thespis (I think that's what he named him. Maybe not), a chaotic good expert/generic expert human super rich boy. He drew the lover card, so he's obsessed with an NPC girl who started as kind of terrified of him, then used him as a sugar daddy, then finally started to actually respect and care for him. When I described how he woke up (his bed was covered in gold embroidered silk sheets, he had "man servants" to attend to everything, they played his favorite songs and threw rose petals on the ground as he walked), he asked if I was trying to make his character gay. I said certainly not, this was all his father's doing. So he starts laughing, everyone starts laughing, and he asks if he has two fathers. Suddenly the whole table's rolling, and they demand he throws a dice- 1-10 he has two fathers, 11-20 he has a normal family. Guess what he got? He's also obsessed with birds to the point of sometimes ignoring his own teammates.

3. Continuing down the line we have Nayorth the true neutral expert/generic expert human lower class kid. His most defining features are how much he hates things he considers unnatural (he's dedicating his life to the extinction of the highly unnatural owlbears) and his hatred of his twin brother, who he torments quite often, usually sparking a whole chain of events that lead to his younger brother getting into an incredible amount of trouble. He's afraid of being alone, something that has uniquely inhibited him more than any other player as it comes up more often then everyone else's fears/obsessions.

4. Up next is a guy who's name escapes me at the moment, a lawful good warrior/generic warrior half-orc, son of the captain of the guard. He has a very low intelligence score and a rather amusing way of coping with it- he doesn't. When a PC or NPC says something that sounds even remotely confusing, this player rolls an intelligence check, decides if he feels insulted, then flies into a rage against whoever said it. The lawyer player once started twisting the law to some NPC in order to get the party off the hook when this half-orc decided the lawyer man's words must be about how he's smelly and dumb, so he one-hit KO'ed him. He's afraid of fire and strangers. The latter has good room to worry about this guy, what with his extreme anger problems.

5. Number five caused quite the revelation, Tope the lawful evil religious adept/spellcaster dwarf, a middle class outcast. He's extremely manipulative and really doesn't care who gets in his way, though he helps out (most) of the rest of the party because he sort of likes them. He nearly murdered player number 6 on the first day through a coup de grace, and would have completely gotten away with it. In fact, he never had to answer to the attempt or even appologize. Hell, it wasn't until the second session that we realized he was lawful evil- quite shocking, since we all figured no one would be crazy enough to play an evil character in a good-leaning campaign. Fortunately, he's roleplaying it well. He's afraid of being touched.

6. Six is the token player that the rest of the player love to hate, a chaotic good warrior/generic warrior and the twin of Nayorth, named something like Arothzer or something equally impossible to remember. He's nearly been killed once, has spent a lot of time in the town's dungeons, and is currently being dragged around on a chain like a dog by his twin brother "for his own good". He hasn't actually had any money this entire campaign long, though this is mostly his fault. He's afraid of water, and thus has a bathing problem as well.

7. A veteran of my last campaign, Screptile is a true neutral part dragon (some LA 1 race from the Draconomicon, I think) warrior/generic warrior and the half-brother of the half-orc PC. This is the guy that convinced so many other players to be true neutral, mistakeningly believing that a true neutral character can "do anything he wants". I'll be sure to correct him when I turn him chaotic at a later time. Despite having rather low intelligence and charisma, he's tried leading the team on several ocassions- only to be rebuffed by the players who actually have decent scores in both stats, but still going off to do his own thing. Quite amusing from a roleplaying position. Like his half-brother, he shares a fear of fire and strangers. Unlike his half-brother, he doesn't physically assualt people at random.

8. Another veteran of my last campaign, Flower is a neutral good adept/spellcaster catfolk, daughter of the town's high cleric. She hasn't had much time for characterization due to being busy during our sessions, but she has an obsession with demons and a fear of going insane- the two are sort of related.

Hunter Noventa
2007-05-01, 08:57 AM
We're playing in a sort of bizarre Transylvania-esque campaign that isn't Ravenloft. Half the party has founded a Weapon/Item of Legacy and we're building towards a final confrontation.

Bamboo Spirit Folk Druid- The player of this character is still learning how to play a druid, but has gotten a lot better at it. Highlghts include summoning a squid to take attack a manticore while it was attacking us on a boat, and transporting an entire army into the basement of a vamprie's castle with Transport via plants.

Dragonblood Artificer- Our very own item factory. And breath weapon factory. And Blast Rod factory. And auto-potion factory. She and her homunculi have been great.

Human Swordsage(me)- God I love the Tome of Battle. Thanks to things like Dance of the Spider and leaping Dragon Stance, I've done some really crazy stuff. But nothing can match last session, when I got a critical hit on the vampire leading an army against a human city...with a Sun Blade...while Searing Blade was enabled. We had been beating on the guy for a couple rounds, but I ended up taking his head off in one brilliant fiery stroke.

Human Cleric of Heironeous- Divine Metacheese at it's best. There's nothing like an orbital bombardment (Quickend Flame Strike + Flame Strike) to liven up your day.

Human Psion- A fun fun guy, between concussive blast and celestial conduit, he's an undead smucking machine.

2007-05-01, 09:14 AM
Had a human rogue ex-slave with a 6 strength and 6 wisdom. He failed to do more than 1 point of damage with anything and he missed all his sneak attacks until he hit lvl 3. Started with the Stealthy feat and Improved Init. Played him like a coward trap finder and lock breaker that hid all the time. It was frustrating when everyone kept on about skills that I couldn't do. I didn't put any points in jumping, climbing, or balance and they seemed to come up all the time. Stupid cave crawls. Man but the killer fight against mighty mouse the halfling wererat was fun.

2007-05-01, 09:14 AM
This is from the last campaign I was in (3-4 months ago):

We had a half-elf rogue (probably the normalist),
A half-dragon sorcerer/fighter,
An elven bard/evangelist (who's player wasn't much good at speaking),
An elven fighter with a giant green tiger (it had something to do with a sticky encounter with a group of kobolds),
A human fighter/dragon rider(?)...with a dragon,
A human monk,
An elven druid with some sort of vampiric wolf (from savage species?),
And an elven cleric who had spent his childhood in an insane asylum (He was weird).

So we were about 7th or 8th level equivalent (with various level adjustments scattered among us) and we were traveling through the capital of that continent and the neutral good elven cleric wanted to buy some hemp rope...but he didn't want to pay for it. So he decided to knock out the old lady that owned the shop.
He got away with the rope, but his alignment shifted (almost to true neutral).

Another time the druid was fighting bunch of low CR demons (like CR 4 or something). Basically he wild shaped into an eagle and Call Lightning Stormed them, while his wolf ripped them to shreds/dominated them. The poor DM had forgotten to give them ranged attacks.

Lastly, shortly after the fight with the demons, the cleric decided to enter the abandoned city of the undead alone (while the rest tangled with some things. He ran into an undead dragon, which promptly killed him and spat out his remains.
Eventually the rest of the party finished it off (it wasn't very powerful) and the cleric was resurrected (or would have been if the player hadn't had to quit do to hectic class schedules.)

Darth Mario
2007-05-01, 09:53 AM
This is the campaign I'm running right now. Note that the players are ages 11-16, and aren't very into roleplaying, so there's not much in the way of personality. They're all 5th level.

A Dwarven Rogue (Mori Ironbrow) who uses throwing axes (one of the few good players). He just died last session.
A Dwarven Figher (Brottor Ironbrow), brother of Mori, generic Dwarven Waraxe fighter, tends to rush out on his own and attempt to take on the whole encounter himself.
A Human Ranger (Xelas) who took two-weapon fighting style but refuses to go into melee.
A Dromite Shaper. Nothing much special about his charecter, but he's a good player.
A Human Paladin of Freedom who is impersonating a member of the big Paladin of Justice organization, who are out to capture/kill the PCs for suspected murder (which they didn't commit, but they DID kill a Paladin).
A Xeph Soulknife (Eeep Xanthar) not that srong a player, but the whole group loves him and he always somehow manages to be effective.
A Maenad Wilder (replacement charecter) who has, in the 3 sessions he has been played, has almost died 4 times.
A Human Rogue who just joined the party, but is a srong player.

I've run like 5 or 6 different campaigns with these players over the past few years (they're not that dedicated to their charecters, and we keep trying new variant rules for different campaigns) and this group has gotten their charecters into (and somehow out of) more trouble than I could have ever imagined. Though none of them are powergamers, and only a few really know how to play their charecters, they somehow either pick exactly the right way to go about the encounter by chance, or go about it the entirely wrong way and laugh as my dice start hating me.

2007-05-01, 02:49 PM
How does a human intimidate a dragon, I wonder?

Easy. The human rips off his head to show the dragon what he's going to do to him. I'd be pretty impressed if someone ripped off their own head in front of me with their hands.

2007-05-01, 03:27 PM
Our party's a rather motley crew, and it's had a bit of turnover. Campaign started at level 5, with:

Elrendil "Snake" Le'lefnen, Scout3/Rogue2(me): Chaotic Neutral skill-monkey, bordering on Evil. See, he used to be a town guard until he was shot from the ramparts and taken prisoner by a bunch of orcs. Their shaman decided to have fun with him, and began doing alteration and mutation types of magic on his body. Started off small, to see what his body would take; gave him the tongue of a snake, stretched out his hands into hideous claws (not actual claws, just for flavor), sharpened his teeth, etc. The shaman was planning on trying the legs of a goat next, but a roving band of lizardfolk invaded the camp and freed Elrendil. He eventually made his way back to town and regained his job, but was framed for a theft and cast out of the city guard. He then turned to crime, using a nickname of Snake from his forked tongue and hissing accent. Soon, a rival guild attacked, and Snake escaped by boat to the campaign setting's continent and settled into a small village.

Now he journeys through the world, driven by revenge and hatred for the entire orc race. Everything else is just a distraction for him. He's just a wee bit intense....

Paul, Paladin5: Lawful Good paladin healer/tank following his own custom god based strongly off of the Christian God. Wielded an ice-damage double-axe that was activated by various cheesy puns. "ICE to meet you", "You'll regret the day you FROST my path", "I'm sorry to give you such a COLD reception", etc. They were always groaners, but made for good fun around the table. Snake was always at Paul's throat, but eventually they grew to respect each other. Snake actually killed Paul with a one-use dagger of Combust, but Aiyanna then blasted Snake with Phantasmal Killer. From Snake's perspective, the moment Paul died, his spirit rose up in hideous vengeance and dragged him down into the bowels of Hell. After Snake and Paul were both resurrected, Snake was positively terrified of Paul, but eventually grew to respect him. Through Paul's influence, Snake began to re-think his mindless hatred of the orc race. That was a DAMN fun night of roleplaying.

Aiyanna Starchaser, Wizard5: Neutral Good spellcaster, but not particularly good at it. Didn't take Mage Armor at character creation, and seems to cast nothing except Phantasmal Killer and Tasha's Hideous Laughter. She hasn't developed much of a personality yet, but she's intelligent and practical.

Later on, the party broke up. Paul went off to go raise an orphanage, and Snake found a small elven child, a refugee from an orc raid, and decided to forsake his adventuring life and raise the kid.

Enter the replacement PCs! At current time, the party's level 11.

Jack Bartleby, Bard5/Swashbuckler6: Chaotic Good skill-monkey. An outrageously colorful dashing swordsman, Jack thinks all the world's a stage, and he's the star of the show. Dressing in flamboyant outfits and constantly spouting one-liners and striking poses, he's the first to leap into a situation for the sheer drama of it. The only thing bigger than his hat is his ego.
Some lines...
Guard: "Stop! You cannot enter this castle, you wold not appreciate its true beauty!"
Jack: "I'm Jack Bartleby, I AM true beauty!"
Guard: :o

Boshi, Lizardfolk Sorcerer1/Fighter6/BrassDragonDisciple3/DragonDevotee1(me): True Neutral tank. Boshi, in a sentence, is a Russian-accented, vodka-swilling, winged, dragon-obsessed hammer-swinger of irrepressable cheer. He's been hooked on all things draconic ever since his draconic bloodline manifested itself, and having recently acquired Dragon Wings from Races of the Dragon (DM house-ruled in at later level), he's been swooping around like a big scaly bird. Though he's a bit on the slow side (INT 9), his heart's in the right place (WIS 17). He's a bit like a little kid: easily distracted, simple-minded, but devoted as anything. Once, in the middle of charging off to help his friends, he was distracted by a butterfly and sat watching it for 1d6 rounds. Boshi's a big fan of smashing things, the bigger the better. He wields a Sundering Greathammer (nicknamed the Boomstick) and a Ball & Chain, a house-made weapon that's essentially a giant wrecking ball (4d8 damage and Knockback, but only attacks once every other round).
Some lines...
"Here, hold hammer for Boshi--IN YOUR FACE!"
"In dungeon, you light the torch. In Boshi's homeland, torch light you!"
"Stop--Is Boshi time!"
"Ooh, bar! Boshi want vodka!" (eventually the party bought him an Everfull Mug to keep his vodka tabs from draining the coffers)

2007-05-01, 04:48 PM
It's a two person party (not including DM) for me right now, and neither of us are totally quirky, (though my companion has done some foolish things)

In my last campaign, we had a guy playing a gnome barbarian with a bulging eye (he made sure to remind the DM that the NPCs noticed his eye first before anything else). He tended to... kill things. Lots of things.

I played a half-orc samurai. We conflicted a lot, what with my lawful nature, his chaotic nature, and me being a half-orc while he was a gnome.

2007-05-01, 04:55 PM

Human paladin for a chaotic goddess of the waves, loves her enchanted short sword, loves to swim and looks like a dreadlocked serfer chick from a south pacific island.
Greatest moment killing a red dragon that had 100 hitpoints left by herself.

Dwarf fighter/psion grumpy craftsman that hates water (great difference in preference with the other characters) and wants to build psionic golums. Nice character but keeps forgetting to use his powers there were some fights that could've went abit smoother if he had remembered.
Greatest moment crafting red dragon plate.

Human cleric/varient play by me. Prince to a kingdom and cleric of the deep god of the waves the brother of goddess of the waves.
This guy has the mentality of a shark he'll use anything and everything to win, greed is the driving force. He hungers for greater things not good things for great things.
Greatest moments Tricking a higher member of his churchs guards to beat the higher member of his church every hour on the hour.
Have had a Osidian naga staff made and he shall enchant it in two levels time.
Have 200 followers that will be trained in the art of war.
Made dealings with devils and had VERY friendly contact with devils so prc are opened to me.
Yeap been busy.

2007-05-01, 05:32 PM
ECL 13

Human Rogue 9/Dervish 4: Chaotic Good. He's a nice guy, but alittle strange. His real name is Daniel Tharkan, but he's only told us that his name is "Shadow". Crazy useful in a fight. He's at odds with my character over the way my character treats combat, but whenever we have to interrogate someone or get someone to be buddy-buddy, he stops caring about that.

Gray Elf Warblade 10/Eternal Blade 3: Chaotic Neutral. My character. He acts as if combat and battles like they're games. I once had him go through a duel yelling "My name is Inigo Montaya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!" As a side-note, my character had killed his own father at 10th level. However, he never kills someone if he can do it, and to date has killed only ONE enemy(see greatest moment). Any enemy he's defeated was stopped with subdual damage.

Wild Elf Monk 1/Druid 5/Master of Many Forms 7: True Neutral. Really weird character. He's almost always in his "bait" form, which consists of a young girl wearing a robe. He's the one we send in first. When the enemy approaches, he Wild Shapes into a grappler and then we all come in and start stabbing them with sharp implements.

Human Beguiler 13: Neutral Evil. The only non-PrC'd character. She has alot of fun with illusion spells. Dangerously crafty player. Her player missed the first session, and she got added to the party in a strange way. She was the first 'boss' fight we had, but we captured her instead of killed her(non-lethal rocks!). None one but the wild elf trusts her, but his player is way too trusting anyway. My character and "Shadow" have a pact to kill her if she ever turns against us, or if she ever disobeys our commands. I already bought some black lotus extract in case I ever have to do her in.

Greatest Moment:
We were defending a small village against an orc invasion. The Beguiler was dealing with their cleric, and the druid was dealing with an 'evil'(read: disagreeable) druid. "Shadow" was off slaughtering their low-level minions, but he got jumped by a ranger late in. Archery-type with 'rainbow' burst arrows.

Well, that left me alone to deal with the BBEG. A Barbarian/Eye of Grummush Permanently Enlarged Orc. Well, I drew my large greatsword(monkey grip is awesome!), made peace with my maker, and prepared to recieve the ultimate glory. However, I quickly realize something. The DM had forgotten that a two-bladed sword is exotic. And the Orc didn't happen to have the weapon proficiency for it. On top of that, he was power attacking for 5 for all of his attacks, and two-weapon fighting. So with a -11 to hit(on his first swing!), I just turned on Pearl of Black Doubt and started yelling at him "My name is Inigo Montaya! You killed my father! Prepare to die!"

2007-05-01, 10:36 PM
I really like my party right now, it's pretty balanced.

Brother Steele, the Human Cleric (Level 5): The player rolled pretty well, so he was able to assign Steele with a nice strength, making him pretty good in combat. The character is supposedly a Lawful Neutral cleric of St.Cuthbert, but damn if he doesn't have chaotic tendencies...

Sorra, the Whisper Gnome Rogue (Level 5): Our skill monkey, I guess there isn't much to say about this character. She's apparently some sort of Neutral figure of some chaotic neutral diety, but none of the PC's have picked up on it yet. Has stolen a bit of treasure from the party, which kind of sucked but oh well. Her player is fairly smart, so I'm glad she's playing our rogue.

Vincent, the Half Elven Swashbuckler (Level 4) The newest character to the group, replaced a Ninja who fell to his death (probably for the best, that Ninja was useless). The typical 'ladies man,' or rather, thinks he's a ladies man. Managed to hit on both of the female characters in the group within two minutes of meeting us. The player has a thing for crafted arrows of all sorts, which leads to hilarious scenarios (to me) where he wastes a 600 gold arrow on a vampire (this was with the ninja). Also, the player cannot roll to hit worth a damn.

Alexis, the Human Paladin of Heironious (level 5). The story of how this character was created was pretty funny. Her player is a friend of mine who just finished law school, so when she went to make a character she wanted to be a Paladin. Then I showed her the Justicar from Complete Warrior and well, that was that. Pretty tough on the entrance requirements, but the DM is cutting her some slack given that three of the skills she needs are cross-class. The player is pretty new at this, but she's brilliant so I don't think it will be much of a problem.

Callipalore, the Grey Elf Wizard (level 5): My character, so I guess I can explain him the best. I guess you're typical 'I'm smarter than you, and I'll let you know it' character, I rolled pretty decently, but instead of putting one of my 16's in Constitution, I put it in Charisma just for the heck of it. Thus, I've got a 7 str / 16 dex / 8 con / 18 int / 16 cha character. My first wizard, so I'm having a lot of fun. Last session I had a lot of fun with the Grease spell, and I just hit level 5, so soon I'll have fun with Haste. I picked up Spell Focus: Conjuration and Augment Summoning, which I know isn't optimal but I enjoy summoning minions. Celestial Fire Beetles have been amazing for me, and since I just got Summon Monster III I'm looking forward to Celestial Bison.

All in all a very well balanced group I'd say. My best moment is either killing the aforementioned vampire (a vampire bugbear in fact) with friendship (via a Control Undead scoll and an empty field on a bright sunny day in the afternoon). We ended the last session fighting a Were-Baboon Barbarian, who managed to fail his Reflex Save on my grease spell 4 times in a row. Comedic!

- Eddie

2007-05-02, 12:35 AM
These are the terrible tales of the last campaign I played in that I didn't DM in before my current one...

Cast of Characters:

Themistocles (Myself): By the end Wizard 10/Mystic Thuerge 10 he started out as a bright young lad, who eventually became an assistant Alchemy professor to a somewhat incompetent gnome at the academy he has lived at since he was a boy until the gnome went looney and in our misadventures we found out he was a dragon in disguise. His mentor and friend, the slightly off his rocker (think Dumbledore but who went fishing using chain lightning) passed him up for a promotion to the position of head professor. Eventually after a world altering war with the dragon, the loss of several staff members including his crazy mentor in the wars and many years of becoming more and more embittered with the foolishness of the people around him (see below) reached Lawful Evil...starting from Chaotic Good. Also, he became headmaster and High King of the Realm in the wake of the war, Palpatine style. Also, everyone not him or Sama'el is an idiot or is at least of lower intelligence. But you can say that at level 20 with a 25 int.

Coraca-somethingnoone could pronounce: A Minotaur: Tauron, as Themistocles called him, was Barbarian Frenzied Berserker Minotaur who was very good at killing things, had his own tribe slaughtered by a tribe of halfings (more below) and then went on a quest to find the survivors with Themistocles and his motley crew because Themistocles was the only magic user around who actually paid enough attention to help him. He had a bad habit of getting high, was once shot out of a cannon in a Resilient Sphere at a Dragon by Themistocles because they ran out of fly spells and would get high, a la' "Shamanic Experience" at every possible opportunity. Themistocles tolerated him, and once dominated him to kill another party member less than covertly.

That Druid Guy: He lasted 3 game sessions. Session one: Caused us to fail miserably. Session Two: Talked back to the Archmage lord and was put under Themistocles protection. Session 3: Finally slipping into the evil category he disposed of him by taking control of the Party Minotaur via Dominate under orders from an Archmage lord.

Sama'el Blackleaf: A halfling from the enemy tribe who attacked that of the Minotaur the Minotaur shaman cursed him with Minotaur horns, was thrown out of his tribe, despite being their leader by death succession and did not get along with the Minotaur very well. Until he saved the Minotaur using a helm of teleportation after Themistocles shot him out of a cannon at a red dragon. Was the worse character mechanically but had a knack for stealing small animals and was the one person Themistocles genuinely liked. Other than his mechanical Tiger familiar. Also, Sama'el sacrificed him life to save the world from total destruction by the dragon armies but was allowed by the gods to return to earth in ghost form.

Zack: half-undead archmage servant who 'died' on several occasions. Good joke cracker, never helped in combat much, always ready with a joke and came up with the "make giant warforged plan". See below.

Lt. Steelhammer: A Warforged Spellsword and the last member to join the group he was instrumental in the final battle against the evil dracolich, was into mechanics and during the hostile take over of our small countries senate was enlarged multiple times along with the minotaur to help make Themistocles point that he was the most powerful mage in all of the land that yet lived, and was responsible for saving the world. Also, had a cannon and wings built into him a la' a Gundam when he was at last semi-permanently enlarged to huge size.

2007-05-02, 12:37 AM
...Are we really up to 7 PCs now? Wow, I guess we are. Well, here's what we've got in my current campaign. It's gestalt, but since I don't know exactly what everybody else's classes are, I'll just generally list their significant classes and PrCs, rather than describing them precisely as class//class. The campaign setting is vaguely Faerun, and the plot involves us getting stuck in the middle of the Blood War.

Tannen, NG minotaur ranger (with some fighter levels and a bit of swordsage): My character. He's one of the main combat characters (though how I, of all people, managed to end up playing a tank, I'll never know), as well as the voice of reason for the party. He's also the one who notices things, and the one who tries (often in vain) to keep everyone getting along.

Jane, Psychotic-Neutral half-elf rogue/dervish/shadowdancer: Jane is fun. She likes to collect femurs. And other various bits of the things we kill. She has Rings of Sadism and Masochism, and is currently "dating" a drow NPC.

Kuro, CN (?) human sorcerer/?: Ah, Kuro. Our resident sorcerer and pathological liar. Notable quotes include, "Hey, monkey fight--better go watch!" and "You're not the only one who can pee on me!" We keep him around because he blasts things.

Teluaxan, LN monk/cleric/drunken master/etc: Affectionately nicknamed "Television," Telu is our resident healer and third hit-things person. He and Tannen often look at one another and shrug helplessly, when the rest of the party does... well, the things they do.

(?), CN human wizard/warmage(?): The latest in this player's long line of hopelessly powergamed spellcasters. Isn't as good at being a pathological liar as Kuro, and has more of an interest in all things fiendish than is probably entirely healthy. He, the shadowcaster, and the scout are part of the same military organization.

(?), CG human shadowcaster/bard: Finally, I'm not the only Good-aligned character in the game anymore! He's been in the game for all of one session so far, but aside from a possibly slightly unhealthy affection for the Plane of Shadow, he seems well-meaning enough. Needs to learn how Jane works, though.

(?), LN (?) human scout/horizon walker/Order of the Bow Initiate: This character is the only one of the human trio who's really "military," in the tactical and discipline sense. Perhaps a bit too much, as he's having some friction with Jane at the moment. He likes to shoot things, and he does it fairly well.

It's an interestingly mismatched bunch. Tomorrow will be the first session with all seven PCs (Kuro hasn't been with us this semester, though he was in earlier portions of the game, and the three human military-types are all fairly new additions), so it should be interesting to see how things play out.

Tor the Fallen
2007-05-02, 01:23 AM
Lvl 10-12 evil game, 3.0

Other than the DM, I'm the only experienced player.
You ever notice how similar personalities gravitate to similar classes?
You ever notice how the guy at your table with like 6 wisdom ends up playing the 20 wisdom monk? How the monk player confuses his survivability with an actual ability to *do* anything useful?

Yeah, that's him. Drow monk, ECL 12 (11 monk, 1 drow). He's constantly wanting to do things that are a) foolish b) confusing, rules-wise, c) and ultimately futile.

2007-05-03, 07:20 AM
Kade LE Halfling Sorcerer 3. He has lots of bluff and charm. "Convinces" anyone we meet to give him all there stuff
Caitlin CG Human Rogue 1/Cleric 2. Steals all the stuff from Kord and gives it back
Drago TN Human Rogue 1/Swashbuckler 2. Constantly tries to steal the stuff that Caitlin has stolen. Hasn't managed to yet.
Eugene CN Elf Monk 3 (GM has said no allignment restrictions, except for Paladins). Steals the stuff from Caitlin and sells it.
Leo LN Elf Wizard 3. Constantly sighing at the rest of the parties doings
Tarzak LG Dwarf Fighter 3. Full plate, tower shield. Low dex, intelligence and wisdom. Doesn't see much of our going ons. And doesn't want to either.

And then when we get into battle:
Kade sits around watching and cheering for the other side. Unless he is threatened, then he may toss a few magic missiles
Caitlin runs around healing us and the NPC's who keep provoking AoO...
Drago hides not risking his neck, or stands well back and used his bow
Eugene charges everything. Even vampires with their DR 10/Magic and Silver. Despite him not having any weapons which are magic or silver, and having 8 strength... 1d6-1... Slowly learning not to poke stuff though. And is terrified of animated stuff after almost getting killed many times by it. Suits of armour, coins, musical instruments, mine support poles; they've all gone for him.
Leo tosses in damage spells, and berates Eugene for his stupid mistakes
And Tarzak tries to protect everyone by going for the scariest looking monster attacking us.

Not much is known of the back stories yet. Well the individual players and GM know , but no one knows much of the other characters yet.
Kade: Nothing yet
Caitlin: Nothing yet
Drago: Very shady past and not willing to use his true name anywhere. Often disappears
Eugene: Young elf (49 in fact. I got GM approval with my backstory) who grew up with orcs. Like to hit stuff. Also does lots of stupid stuff once, then learns better of it
Leo: 400+ year old wizard.
Tarzak: Aspires to be a Dwarven Defender, and protect his homeland (Our next quest)

Stupidest stuff... Well Eugene has walked around in dungeons without the rogues having checked the rooms out first, always making saves and not noticing the trap. He also charges stuff he can't hurt, and touches shiny stuff (Yay for Int. 8)
Kade constantally spreads a story of this elf female breaking into our camp and stealing stuff, and making her out to be true evil, describing her in detail. Despite the fact the she very embarrassed at having convinced to come by the rest of her group. Can't wait till we run into her again. Will be great fun.
Drago decided to spend the night along on a hill top watching for camp fires of a group of orcs we had heard about. Next thing we know the GM takes him away for about 10 minutes. Crawls into the cave we were in covered in wolf bites and scratches.

2007-05-03, 07:24 AM
Evil temple.
Evil underground city.
Temple under siege by zombies.
Kender jumps up on altar, raises his hands to the roof and cries:

2007-05-03, 07:42 AM
I had one character in my campaign who seemed to go temporarily insane every few monthes. The worst example of this follows:

The party are exploring a dungeon. Monthes ago (in real time and game time) they fought some gargoyles who were pretending to be statues. So, they come into this room with a fountain in the centre. There is a gargoyle shaped statue in the middle of the fountain, but it is obviously part of the fountain. It has water coming out of it's mouth.
Player: "A gargoyle! I jump onto it's back!"
Me: "What?"
Player: "*rolls d20* I got a 15 on my jump check, and *rolls again* an 18 on my grapple check"
Me: "Umm, this thing has water coming out of it's mouth! It's not alive!"
Player: "You're just trying to trick me. Do I suceed or not?"
Me: "Uh, sure, you jump onto it and try to strangle it. It does nothing."
Player: "I pull a bead of fireball out of my necklace and stuff it into it's mouth"
Me: "What?! You're joking right?"
Player: "No, of course not. The damage is: *rolls* 26!"
Me: "How much HP do you have?"
Player: "20."
Me: "You are dead." "The rest of the party takes 26 damage unless they can make their reflex saves."

That day was nearly a TPK. As you can guess, nobody was very happy with this player.

Clearly, what this guy needs is an encounter with a gazebo (http://www.netfunny.com/rhf/jokes/98/Jul/gazebo.html).

2007-05-03, 08:10 AM
One memorable moment from my first campaign was when my elf druid/wizard's wolverine animal companion got two natural 20's and ended up 1hk'ing an ogre.

In a later game that I have been DMing, one of my players asked a random NPC sailor who the PC's were talking to if there were fish in the ocean. I'm pretty sure she meant "sea monsters", but you can never be sure.

2007-05-06, 06:32 PM
I think I'm the only person on here who is currently in a non-DnD campaign, but I do have an interesting party. And by interesting, I mean horrible. But when I say horrible, I mean it with love.

We were going to play a standard DnD dungeon crawler, but the GM backed out at the last minute, and I volunteered to pick up the slack with a D20 Past campaign set in a world I've been playing with for a Writing Project at school. The game is set in an alternate reality of 1650s France, called Versailles, and the party consists of students at an elite training academy, where they learn to be either priests or Musketeers. [The plot features a vast quantity of Dumas characters and scenarios, twisted and bastardized to my own purposes] The game features a nice mix of seriousness, suspense, humor, and sexuality.

The party consists of six PC who are routinely aided, abetted, and opposed by a host of NPC students, teachers, politicians, and clergy. All characters are male, unless otherwise specified, though their player may not be.

Aramis D'Herblay, NPC, lawful evil Smart hero: A methodical and calculating NPC who often comes to the PCs with missions or tasks to fulfill. They still aren't sure which side he's on, because he works for all three of them, and each side is convinced he is their loyal spy in the other two's ranks. He is feisty and clever, and given to holding grudges. Once stabbed a PC in the middle of the mass he was helping preside over to get revenge for being knocked out by them during a convoluted fight sequence. Also the object of the "affections" of the most psychotic character in the game.

Quote: [one of the PCs, comforting an NPC] "Don't worry about it... Aramis is like a small, fluffy cactus... That is... I'm sure he won't cut you if you don't get within arm's reach of him."

Justine D'Artagnan, NPC, chaotic neutral Fast hero: D'Artagnan is, simply put, an idiot. With his grand score of "6" in Intelligence, he has to roll to follow the simplest of conversations. Was once sent a letter with a sketch of a crucifix, accompanied by the order that it be found. When asked what he was looking for, he replied, "Pictures of crosses!" Notorious for destroying attempts at moving silently or discussing things quietly. Still oddly endearing to the PCs. It's a wonder that no one has figured out he's really a girl yet.

Me: "If you sink intelligence, you end up like D'Artagnan. He started with only four skill points."
Player: "What did you put them in?"
Me: (sigh) "Fail."

Martel, PC, lawful neutral Strong hero: The most boring character in the game. His player is listless and often uninvolved with whatever plot she's gotten him involved in. Martel was a poor peasant who endeared himself to the Church after saving a priest and some holy relics from a fire, and is marked by his almost fanatical devotion to Catholicism. He has recently become something of a bad guy, since he now lives with and does the bidding of the evil Cardinal. Is stalked by Athos, an alcoholic NPC who once hit him in the face with a chair and was impressed by how easily he withstood the blow. A member of Team DnD, so named for their favorite tactic of investigating or exploring.

Quote: "I KICK DOWN THE DOOR!" or, "Well, I guess I'll put my pants on."

Charles, PC, lawful good Fast hero: Charles is timid and shy most of the time. Was seduced by another PC into a homosexual relationship, which he now agonizes over due to his religious viewpoints. However, is fiercely jealous and has a tendency to blow up and attack random people, namely his lover. One half of a team known as the Retard Twins, due to their uncanny ability to fail miserably at simple tasks, such as spot, listen, balance, and intelligence checks.

Quote: "They (Charles and Marius) couldn't find an envelope in a desk full of letters."

Marius, PC, chaotic good Smart hero: The other half of the Retard Twins is a sullen, paranoid boy who is either dramatically excitable or asleep. Has a habit of stabbing his fingers at others, shouting things like, "YOU'RE TRYING TO TRICK ME!" or "THEY'RE GOING TO KILL US ALL!" or weeps and moans about how the scenario is turning out, [(resigned) "We're going to get suspended..." or "We are going to get SO arrested!"] Is finicky and nitpicky about things. Prefers to be in control and fights with characters like Aramis and Charles, when he's in his aggressive modes. His player has the terrible habit of having her character flirt with the one played by her wife.

Marius: "Blah." (Repeating what he had learned from his Investigate check)
Aramis: "That's very interesting, Marius."
Marius: "It's a skill."

Kelsea, PC, true neutral Dedicated hero: The only PC who is not "French," hailing instead from a bizarre Norwegian nation that is home to all sorts of sexual deviancy and moral squicks like organized cannibalism. Doggedly in love with D'Artagnan, who remains painfully oblivious. Kelsea's mouth gets him into trouble all the time, and is always on the look out for information that he can sell to Aramis or someone else for his own benefit.

Quote: "Just for the record... I don't want to do anything that makes me dead."

Allyn, PC, neutral good Charismatic hero: The prima donna of the bunch, made slightly better by the fact that Allyn is actually a girl in disguise. Having run away from an arranged marriage, Allyn, a failed actress and former milliner, is posing as a nobleman. Her trademark is getting into bizarre fight sequences, such as the time she beat Aramis up in the Library, which earned her a stabbing at Mass, or the time when, while disguised as a female NPC, attacked Aramis again in the confessional of Notre Dame, which led to a knock-down-drag-out in the middle of the cathedral. Was recently nearly killed trying to prevent a kidnapping and has adopted a mysterious child the party recovered. One half of Team Crime, her catchphrase is, "Bill that to the Vatican!"

[After discovering 'Rochefort' is actually Charles in disguise]
Duende: (shocked) "Witchcraft!"
Allyn: (deadpan) "Make-up."

Lamont, PC, neutral evil Fast hero: Lamont is the most bizarre PC that I have ever encountered. Once the son of a nobleman, Lamont ran away to live with gypsies, and became a professional knot-tier for a bondage show. Is heavily in to S&M and is constantly on the lookout for victims on which to practice his hobbies. Once memorably lured Aramis into his room where he tied him up with a rosary and did things to him that have given him a phobia of ribbons. Recently attacked an NPC that is two levels above him, whipped him literally within an inch of his life, and then threw him out of a second-story window. In addition to being the other half of Team Crime, it is generally acknowledged that Lamont is surrounded by a 10-foot radius of "Fail" meaning that any character within the circle that is attempting to oppose him will botch their grapples, saves, or skill checks. There have been an estimated 15 botches while opposing Lamont in the past three gaming sessions, which is crazy.

Quote: [His player, assuring another player that he could take the higher level NPC] "If he (Lamont) needs something bigger, he'll go get it."

Other memorable quotes from this party include:

Player: "Nobody died."
Me: "Except for those two guys you killed."

"We've come to get the guy you kidnapped and take him back to the place you took him from."

Player: "I didn't do anything wrong!"
Me: "You aided and abetted in the gutting of another cadet in order to put a priest in a bag!"

"How do you cook? Craft food?"
"You build food, with hammer and nails."

2007-05-06, 08:58 PM
Jeeze, our party is definitly high on the crazy scale.


^^ Overview of our latest adventure

I think it went down(up:elan:)hill when I decided I was done listening to the 15 something guards blab on. I grabbed the warmage and wizard and... enlarged.

(I'm medium normally, found a place a session back that gave me a power to go large and gain wings every now and again, variant of enlarge person, so I grew to 16 feet tall, sent the guards in crazy panic, and flew off into the sunset to see the main commander guy. :smallbiggrin:)

But as to our party: (Currently ECL 9)

Auran d'Lyrandar (wizard/dragonmark heir/newly neutral good from lawful) - The face/leader of our party (both for ingame purposes because he is an arrogant character and metagame that he knows ebberon way better than me with all the intrigue and whatnot) He has the mark of storm and is a Lord, hence the arrogance. A wizard who gave up casting levels (gasp!) and still is very effective(double gasp!!!)... At least from my viewpoint anyways. Also brother of DM.

Tobias (Bard/me/newly chaotic neutral from true neutral) - Not the face of the party! (what? a bard who isnt the main talker? wth!) But a loner type who likes to have a good time/see new places/kick butt. Half-dragon too (in ebberon, no less!), little over 8' and around 480 lbs. Oh, the hilarity that ensued because of that alone. (Dragonbomb, use your imagination) He is a bard for more of the lore aspect and wonderlust aspect than the diplomatic master. Its in ones best interest not to piss him off, you will not like the reaction you will get, namely the greatsword/claw through your spleen and/or your head being bit off after being knocked over by the tail sweep. Great singer as well!

Warmage (warmage/wizard/ultimatemagus/chaotic.. plus? neutral from chaotic neutral, we all agreed to it but have no idea how it works lol) - Yea, he currently lackes a name other than Warmage/hey you. But, he is a blaster who loves to... well blast stuff! Thats the depth of his character at this point, blasting. But he is very good at it hehe. I get along with him best in game, because of carefree attitudes we share.

Belkon (druid/think hes either true neutral or neutral good) - Insane. Only word for him. He always finds the most odd thing to do in any situation, including, but not limited to, eating pie and wildshaping into a small animal in the middle of combat. He has a place in the group though, as he has done useful things sometimes rarely. Also a source of wonder in game, as he also has a mark of storm, something Auran is very confused about and is curious how he has one.

Ahh fun times.

2007-05-06, 10:43 PM
WHFRP Game that started last night

Fisherman from the Wastelands - Wolfgang (had to leave early so he didnt actually do anything)

Kislev Mercanary - Slobidan Dimitrious: our "tank", has the best armour so far, armed with a great axe, tendancy to loot whatever is killed asap

Altdorft Initiate of Sigmar - Sigsmund: the "Healer" hahaha, cant heal to save a life, very strong but not very tough or combat capable

Valet (dont know her name or where she is from) but she is our "face", info getter type, Fellowship is around the 60s after all bonuses

Tabblenlander Bounty Hunter - Alric: Ranged combat specialist, was introduced as the messenger from the other side of tiown where the beastmen were figting the main battle

Karak Kadrin Miner - Kurgan Imrakson (me): Tough, combat ready miner with a Great Pick, i thought i'd throw the balance and play a non human - downside is being slower than everyone else (which i can fix with the Runebearer class eventually). highest toughness and highest weaponskill, but given my speed im a secondary combatant, so far its seen me finish off 3 beastmen that been started by others

2007-05-06, 11:31 PM
How does a human intimidate a dragon, I wonder?

Drider, this is stupid stuff:
You'll scare a dragon soon enough;
There won't be much to do, 'tis clear;
your breath alone inspires fear.
Undoubtedly, the onion stew
Bestowed this power unto you.
What's more, good Lord, the wind you break
Will terrify the mightly drake.

2007-05-06, 11:55 PM
The most interesting character that anyone in my party is running is an ex-gladiator my friend is playing. He's called Shadrach (shuh-drak), and he's pretty much all for the glory. He has his own theme song, and tries to impress everyone he sees with it:

Shadrach is back
winning the fight
winning the fight
winning the fight

And there's more to it, but I don't remember. It continues along in that vein, though.

2007-05-07, 12:08 AM
Well the campaign that a just got done playing in had a lot of players and is going to start up next fall (though i won't be joining them)

The campaign was dealing with the dragon orbs, though the DM had clue what he was doing....but anyway

1. My character was a vengeful human druid who was an orphan. He was to destroy all who offended nature

2. My friend ran a human samurai (tje one CW, and yes i tried to stop him but is new and really wanted to play a samurai). His back story was he was once a member of the army untill he refused a nobles daughter's hand in marriage. He then was exiled from the island and spent most of time in the campaign drinking and wishing he had great cleave. Later after the samurai died from acid breath he ran a half-celestial paladin wielding a spike chain, though not sure what his back story was.

3. One of the other players ran a paladin of freedom who worshiped kord and believed in the whole the only way to die is die with a sword in your hand. He and the rogue lead the party which did lead to some problems....

4. One of the others players ran a CG paladin of Pelor. This character was up front tactics, for instance in the first quest we on he walked right in to the large room filled with drow who where performing a ritual and scream "Release those prisoners in the name of Pelor!" (of course ruining our whole ambush plan....). After this character died to the same acid breath he built a CN cleric worshiping the god of rouges (never knew this characters back story).

5. The next player ran a N wizard, though i don't remember much about the character he died to exploding and very pretty soul gems because he got foolish and just had to for the fourth one and after it exploded all the other three went off and he died instantly....

6. Next was the Elf ranger who remained quiet most the time and sat in the corner plotting with the rogue. Don't much about his character other than he was a archer ranger.

7. The only other elf and only female player and PC in the party was the N Rouge who actually would steal from other members of the party, though we never did see her steal, dam slight of hand skill.... Her back story was that she was from a family of 15 brothers and that hated men because of that or something. She was a interesting character since she always tried to keep things from the party but would tell us about it out of game often while she was doing it. She the campaign funny in a way and made up for the bad DM.

8. The next player played a LG cleric of pelor, which made the party interesting since the other cleric was CG cleric of pelor. After this character died from the same acid breath he made a CN swashbuckler/rouge who going for the invisible blade PC.

9. The last player played a LN vanilla fighter. He was quiet to so don't know much about his back-story.

Ya anyway one last thing is that on the last secession the entire party died expect for the rouge and the ranger. We where killed for attacking a very large group of elves who we thought where orks because of an illusion that was placed on them or us i forget. Well anyway after killing about 300 lvl 1 Orcs/Elves we all we captured and brought back for trial and after the CG Paladin of Freedom pulled out his sword after saying "there is only one i wish die..." every high level npc elf in the town came in after us. Let me just say this we lasted 3 rounds....

The elves in the party weren't with us at the time and where able to get out of it somehow, they still won't tell me how though.

2007-05-07, 12:44 AM
We are currently going through the Giant series and are part way through G2. We killed the remorhaz (not quite the same as in First Edition I must say.) So in this classic game we have a very non-classic party:

1) I am playing a Blackscale lizardman Holy Warrior (from Book of Righteous) to Lendis (from Draconomicon). In place of Gift of God class ability and the Warrior's Mount, I am able to cast arcane spells as a sorcerer of a certain level (i.e. Holy Warrior 3 = Sorcer 3, HW 6 = Sor 5, HW 9 = Sor 7, etc.). He's working to get the Hammer of Thunderbolts. :smallbiggrin:

2) A Wemic Fighter/cavalry. She carries the mage and charges into battle with her lance and then mops up with her large, keen greatsword she is specialized in.

3) A Human Sorcerer. We just call him "Nuke 'em". Specialized in Evocation with the PHBII alternate class ability to use metamagic feats like a wizard ("Who needs a familiar"-Nuke 'em.)

4) A Dwarven Favored Soul of Moradin. Sounds normal, but he will be tweaked a bit to get a burrow speed as opposed to "frilly little wings". Gets to use a warhammer as well.

5) A Human Wizard/ Eldritch Knight. He is our generalist mage who has spells coming out his eyeballs (sometimes literally) thanks to three, count 'em 3, Rings of Wizardry (1st, 2nd, & 3rd) and a Hand of Glory.

6) An Aasimir Samurai/ Kensai two weapon fighter. Has TWF, OTWF and has a matched pair of katanas, one Shocking brust and the other a Defender blade.

7) An Elven Rogue. He got a wish and got the speed of a monk his level minus 10 ft. He's up to 50 ft now which helps him keep up with his favorite tag-team partner...

8) A Human Cleric/ Monk/ Sacred Fist with Vow of Poverty. Does nearly as much damage as the main fighters, especially when flanking. And last, but not least...

9) A Grimlock Barbarian/ Ranger/ Fighter/ Rogue and I forget the prestige class, but it gives him darkvision. It's from a Realms book. He doesn't do much, but he's a nasty "kill-steal". Did a ton of damage once when he was flanking while raging against a giant which he has as favored enemy and critted with his dire pick in two hands on a Power Attack (whew).

We have fun :smalltongue:

2007-05-07, 01:01 AM
In a PbP game here:

Khithil, a level 1 human (Aundairian) Hexblade whose only notable achievements to date have been knocking the (also PC) party barbarian unconscious. Twice. Within about a minute. Both with AoOs.

Our party cohesion is not the best.

2007-05-07, 01:23 AM
One of our campaigns run by a friend just ended. Our characters were as follows...

Katranan she-doesn't-know-her-last-name. LG Human Favored Soul of Illmater.

Born and raised in captivity by drow, she served as a midwife to the other various slaves, goblins, orcs, bugbears, and her best friend was an Ogre named Kesk. She'd been the parties' concience, as nearly all of them were evil, preventing them from committing evil acts, and encouraging them to undertake noble causes. Incredibly wise, but also very ignorant to the mannerisms and habits of her same race.

With help my from the NE Wizard, she convinced the party to have several Marks of Justice on them, to keep them in line. She did well to keep the party in-line, making certain we did good, but she always had trouble with the Rogue/Assassin and the Rogue/Swashbuckler/Thief-Acrobat lying to her for their gain. I -think- she was beginning to like the Evil Wizard in a romantic sense (long story), but it never came up at the table. Note: She was illiterate, which made for some fun.

"Squints". Started off CN, but went CE. Human Rogue/Assassin (House-ruled to be taken while Neutral Aligned).

One of the pirates we found in our first adventure attacking us, he was taken captive, and slit his own captain's throat, and sold out his crew-mates for a chance at freedom. The captain of our vessel left him in our care, and he proved to be a valuable ally with his sneakyness, however he enjoyed mugging passersby at night for quick money, and had a lot of friction with the Favored Soul.

He turned CE after a few of our experiences, but in no small part to the Wizard's ( Me ) Imp familiar. The Imp cast Commune for the "Squints" regularly, allowing him to inquire of the knowledge held by evil outsiders. He came to learn that when he died, his soul would go to the planes to become apart of the planes themselves, so he became ambitious, he wanted to be powerful, so that his soul alone would take on the form of a powerful fiend someday. He tried to corrupt the Favored Soul, as he thought leading her to evil would help him in the eyes of the evil ones, but it failed.

Ezekiel Nefzen (Me) NE Wizard/Loremaster/Archmage.

Obsessed with finding knowledge and power, as most wizard are apt to do. He aspired to slay deities, nameley Gruumsh, for what orcs had to done to him in his childhood. He stayed with the group mostly because he viewed it like a 'vacation'. Although arrogant when it came to his power, it was usually well meant when he single-handedly ended battles much of the time ('Cause Wizards rock like that. :smallcool: ).

His knowledge was also quite vast, the party relied upon him for just about anything they needed to know. Because he was not prone to random acts of violence, nor did he delight in causing pain, as well as a meager respect for general authority, he was the only one the Favored soul ever really got along with. Although he was horrified at her naivete, he was eager to teach her of manners, etiquette and reading/writing. This was a long and arduous process, but he fell in love with her during that time, but would deny it to anyone, even himself.

Ebrax LE Imp Familiar

Ezekiel's familiar deserves note, for his usefulness, and the fact that he was just as much part of the group as the PCs. He attempted to corrupt some of the others, and had the Favored Soul going quite a bit when he would turn into an eight year old child. That charade eventually failed, and the CG Rogue/Swashbuckler/Thief-Acrobat hated him to the very core... So he ended up corrupting the Rogue/Assassin. He was never able to get his soul in return for something, but Casting Commune and having the Rogue inquire of Mephistophelese himself was quite the turning point. The Imp loved playing tricks on everyone, save for his master.

Jamie Redshaw CG Human Rogue/Swashbuckler/Thief-Acrobat.

Jamie was an odd one. Quite charismatic most of the time, but had -very- little tact. He was obsessed for quite some time in winning the hearts of a few girls he would meet in our travels. His first target, being a Tiefling named Holly, who hated everyone, and he failed miserably. During our travels, we met a Human Bard named Baton Rhue, and a Halfing Bard named Fizzle, and together, they performed at the largest city possible, and with their Aid Another to the best man's Perform check, they easily got into the upper 40s for a check, and eventually recieved the recognition of the deity of wine, women, and song. He bestowed gifts to them; wine that tasted better then anything they'd ever had, and a love potion. Note: This was a love potion with divine enhancements. However, in the letter he'd left them, he mentioned that each item had "Unforseen Circumstances".

The wine, we found, eventually dulled your sense of taste to anything but that wine. He killed off his sense of taste a bit, and so did Baton Rhue. Eventually, we were tossed back in time, and, thanks to a Suggestion cast by Ebrax, he was compulsed into using the Love Potion on a beautiful daughter of the Lord of the City, who's house we were currently guests in. He spent the night with her after that. :smallredface: We later found out that the potion gave the imbiber a 100% fertility rate, and the child came out 'odd', the mother was also bleeding to death after the birth, and not even the Miracle Spell would save her. We found that the deity who gave him the potion, was intervening to kill her. He tooka good look at his daughter, and we departed back to our present time. We were back in the old city where we'd met Holly, and while he was up all night, she approached him, bought him a drink, and she had his eyes, one blue, the other green. He nearly died.

Woo! Long-winded! I could go on about NPCs and stuff, but... I don't think I will.

2007-05-07, 02:21 AM
This is the party from the longest running campain we had:
Warlack the CE dwarf cleric. He specilized in necromancy spells. Was executed after refusing to heal the party multiple times.:smallfurious:
(cant remember name) the CN dwarf cleric. Replaced warlack and was used as a range weapon by my charecter. He had spiked armor:smallwink: .
(cant remember name) the LN halfling monk. Couldnt kill anything, but the official trap detection system of the group. Just throw him into a room and wait for the explosions to stop.:smallbiggrin:
(cant remember name) the LE wood-elf ranger/assasin. Specilized in ranged combat and catching things on fire. Managed to burn down at least three villages.:smallannoyed:
Shunk the CG/CB half-ork barbarian. My favorite charecter I've played so far. Was the voice of reason in the party. Used a ork double axe and a spiked chain in a glove of holding. Had a problem when he raged causing him to lose all control and kill anything that moved, so the rest of the party was prone to running when he got mad.:smallamused:

2007-05-07, 03:59 AM
Had a problem when he raged causing him to lose all control and kill anything that moved, so the rest of the party was prone to running when he got mad.:smallamused:

Really? Wow, that's the same reason Khithil kept beating up our barbarian.

2007-05-07, 01:23 PM
Hmmm, who's in the party...

There's me, a demolitions expert. I can make and use C4 to great effect. As part of blocking a road to trap a convoy, I got to use 25 pounds of C4. Ended up dealing 156d6 damage to the cliffside, plus 52d6 to anything else within 50'.

We've got the team leader, he's 'Sir'. Haven't seen him in action, but he loves handing out pushups to people.

We've got a sniper, she's 'Tex, and she's got the most kills out of the missions I've been involved in. Mainly from the 10 people in the APC she took out with a recoilless rifle.

We've got a gunslinger with dual Berettas, he cost me half my pay for my first mission. (note to self, bet on the green guy getting more kills next time)

We've got a mutated human (stats of a half-orc) that cuts things up but good with an axe. He's called Thok.

We've got another demolitions expert. His abilities are slightly below mine in regards to the making and using of things that go boom. He also got 25 pounds of C4 to bring down a cliff with.

We've got 'Frank'. He's got MJOLNIR battle armor. Plus a shotgun with a burst-fire mode. He also has the most gruesome kill of the missions I've been involved in. (He jumped onto the roof of an SUV and unloaded a shotgun burst down at the driver. Turned him into hamburger.)

Finally, we've got a field medic. He hasn't been on any missions yet, so nothing interesting to tell.

And that is the current composition of the mercenary group 6pack.

2007-05-08, 07:07 AM
We're currently in a d20 Modern campaign with some psionics in it. There's three people playing, including myself, the party consisting of:

Nicholas Zere:
The party face and leader of the group. Nick is a lawyer with a somewhat excessively heroic sense of justice and an obsession with cats. Although amazingly good at gathering information from a variety of sources, and theoretically skilled at dialog, Nick has a frightening tendency to pull completely boneheaded maneuvers in combat, or compose battle plans that are generally somewhat removed from reality.
In short, he really shines outside of combat, but when it comes to fighting he just doesn't know what the heck he's doing. This is compounded by his apparent desire to be heroic and awesome, despite his total lack of combat skills or related feats, low stats, and horrendous fragility. Amazingly he has yet to die, although he is quite frequently yelled at.
Still, he has a far better idea of what the party should be doing than anyone else does, and so remains the (constantly belittled) leader of the group.

Ketrina owns a pawn shop, is a gun appreciator, and is arguably the sanest person in the group. She has a tendency to remain laid back in most situations, frequently makes use of a dry sense of humor, and acts as a sense of stability in what is otherwise an undergoing through insanity (at least by our character's points of view). Also she can shoot things and is the only person on the team who has ranks in Treat Injury.

Kara Sigurd (Me):
Kara is the tank. A police officer, Kara's contribution to the party consists mostly out of beating the crap out of things. She's rather manic, and often switches between flippancy and yelling at people at the top of her lungs. Also, very direct. She carries around a shotgun of the highest caliber money can buy, and is fearsome enough that she's actually frightened several NPCs. Plus, she's extremely durable -- High AC, High HP, and High Massive Damage Threshold. She's like a miniature army unto herself.
Of course, she's absolutely horrible at dialog, planning, or deep cognitive thought -- she's not stupid, but so extremely direct that her plan of action can be usually summarized as: "Let's beat the ever-living snot out of it" .. which thankfully she is good at doing.
She was put on temporary forced vacation from her job after trying to charge a badguy while on duty and accidentally slamming into a door (DAMN YOU NATURAL 1s!!). She joined the party afterwards mostly to help prevent them from getting horribly killed -- it's her duty, after all, even if she's not technically on the job right now. As a result, she ends up screaming at Nick. A lot.

2007-05-08, 07:49 AM
See my signature.
The cleric once jabbed a stick in a hole and it disentegrated, then said: "Awesome! I stick my finger in!" Well, I didn't let him but we didn't stop laughing for a whole minute <snicker>.

2007-05-08, 12:07 PM
Really? Wow, that's the same reason Khithil kept beating up our barbarian.

My party usually just ran to another room and waited for the screames to stop. They did have to knock him out once though. (thank god for subdual monk atttacks:smallsmile: )

2007-05-08, 12:56 PM
Unfortunately we only have two players in our group besides the GM. It does make for some different roleplaying, and we still have fun, so it's all well and good.

An orc paladin of Kord, although he is house-ruled to be Chaotic Good. I don't know his backstory that well, but he was somehow saved by his paladin master during a siege against the orcs. From there he was taught the ways of Kord, and learned to fight for the sakes of others, even though he would be met by prejudice because of his race.

Later, the monastery he grew up in was overtaken by corrupt aristocrats rather than faithful believers. We're just about to attempt to overthrow their rule.

Torak is a bit primitive in his ways of justice, but not unfairly so. He does like to beat people a bit more than Irios (my character) would rather have it.

Irios Ignatiem:

A human wizard, and my character. Chaotic neutral, if it matters.
Basically a wandering anarchist wizard, he believes that every sort of government will inherently end up suppressing those it rules over, strangling their individual freedom. His parents are currently held captive by the very same nobleman who let the wrong people be in charge of Torak's monastery.

While Irios is a generalist wizard, he likes to use illusions. In particular, one of his favorite tricks is to fool his opponents into believing that he is summoning a fiery demon of great power, which is enough to send most people running.
Most of all, he relies on the mighty power of save-or-suck spells and his totally awesome hat.

2007-05-08, 05:48 PM
In the main campaign I'm in, let's see, we've got...

Arron (probably spelled wrong), the N?G Half-Elf Urban Ranger- A relative newcomer who doesn't say much. The player (and character) is generally calm and reasonable, which is a great boon when the rest of the players' notoriously short tempers (mine included) start flaring. He also tends to soak more damage than he can safely handle in combat, and has been brought near death numerous times.

Isil, the TN Half-Elf Wizard (Me)- A Wizard with an affinity for air and lightning based magic and who, despite his ordinarily less-than-chivalrous attitude, has an odd soft spot for children. He does much of the talking and planning, partly because half the party never speaks up and partly because he can't stand not having a say in matters.

Jonnadiah, the TN Elf Druid- Fairly level headed (unless the player is in a bad mood) nature boy. His backstory is directly intertwined with that of the party's primary overall foe, but he has not used this as an excuse to try and run the party. He actually tends to say very little unless we're discussing something important and which affects him.

Rohjan, the LG Human Paladin- Our vanguard. Will almost invariably charge headlong into battle with his lance, even if it gets him surrounded, and has thus far always lived to tell about it. Occasionally acts as party face when one is needed, though sometimes he ends up putting his foot in his mouth because he failed to pay attention. Has the distinction of being our only human.

Snowfire, the CG Elf Rogue- Convinced the GM to modify the Assassin PrC slightly and allow for non-evil characters. He hasn't used his Death Attack eyt that I can recall, however. Acts as our primary scout, with Arron, and is the only member of the party who is at home underground. Tends not to engage in conversation much, and when he does it's usually to provide a dissenting opinion.

Theraer, the CN Raptoran Bard- Despite his massive Charisma, he almost never opens his mouth, and so almost never gets to put his fairly high social skill ranks to use. He's also completely off his rocker, and will pull all kinds of crazy things in combat. Has arrows which set people on fire that he uses frequently, and carries more alchemist's fire in his handy haversack than is probably healthy. He's frequently toyed with the idea of dropping the contents of a back of caltrops on someone's head in a fight for the hell of it, but has yet to do so.

2007-05-08, 05:57 PM
I was in a campaign with a pompous human (wanted to be elf) cleric, an elf druid 'lonewolf' an elf sorcerer (noob) and a human hexblade, and myself a helfing rogue with (honestly) the best attack bonus of the group.

one time we were walking down a road and saw a giant spider getting chased by a giant praying mantis..

my rogue thought 'better ride that mantis and save the spider'

the rest of my party though 'better let nature run its course and leave well enough alone' (to that my rogue thinks 'sissies')

so I start to fight.. and the thing tries to grapple.. this is level four so my grapple check is -1 cus I'm small.. and this thing has at least 2 sixe catagories on me.. so I hurt it a little and spend a lot of time grappled.. then the druid decides to 'enrage animal' while I fight it.. and the hexblade comes in to help (thank god)

the hexblade and I proceed to kill the enraged mantis.. after the noob cleric tried to 'sanctuary' the thing.. he failed..

and then the DM gave everyone XP.. even the sorcerer who stood there and laughed at me

2007-05-08, 09:56 PM

2007-05-09, 04:05 AM
Currently playing in an evil campaign. Some interesting characters in our group (the Broken Swords).

Krom - Chaotic Evil
A rogue/assassin, came to this country after killing his entire gang. Unfortunately, he missed a couple of them, and so he is constantly on the lookout for them. Is actually helpful to the group, as we're the only ones he trusts. Likes using Dimension Door a lot. Finest Moment: Running into the room in which we were fighting two stone golems and four animated statues, and then Dimension Door-ing straight out after our target.

Mangoes - Lawful Neutral
Typical ale-and-whores dwarf adventurer. Finest Moment: jumping out of a window and crushing two peasants to death upon landing.

Zarek - ???
Ooze master, and a complete weirdo. Has gotten us out of jail a few times, with his ability to change shape and squeeze through small spaces. Finest Moment: Hitting a priest in the face with his ooze pet from a hundred paces.

Val - Neutral Evil
Gnome sorcerer, specialising in enchantment spells. Hates organised religion, and left his home country with paladins hot on his heels. Unfortunately, the city he's in now is a theocracy. Well on the way to being Public Enemy No. 1. Finest Moment: Mass Suggestion-ed a group of peasants into mugging a paladin.

2008-09-23, 04:01 AM
running a homebrew superhero campaign (ala Mutants and Masterminds). I've come to quite like my party (I'm mainly the DM, but I wanted in on the thread too)

Dangerous: overly manly former street punk. has retractable shotguns built into his forearms, martial arts expertise and a healing factor. Does everything he can to be intentionally over the top badass

Omen: robotic arm and eyes, talent for guns, and teleporting powers. formerly a servant to the king of the gods, but when he refused orders, he was brutally beaten to an inch of his life and thrown aside. covered in scar tissue and cybernetics

Linx: huge man with skin like steel and produces chains from his body. lovably goofy, but probably the smartest hero here. at least the most moral, for sure. has a habit of making up new team names every time it comes up ("Stupendos Momentos Vaminos!")

Captain Godzilla: pyromaniac with a wife and kid. Godzilla themed powers include breathing fire, enhanced strength, and growing to the size of a house. whackily insane, but the player's a good RPer and knows the line between Chaotic Stupid alignment

I love playing with these guys because they always just let things happen and I let them do what they like. You can't hope to keep them focused on a single storyline, but it's fun.

for example, Omen was played by Dangerous' player's younger brother, so they're constantly at odds and competing. they would keep score of kills, badass acts, etc, usually Omen taking it too far and putting them all at risk. Dangerous actually publically declared Omen their team's arch enemy when he was confronted by a reporter

eventually, the two had a showdown when the other characters got fed of with their arguing and insisted they fight it out. took up most of a turn, but it was a pretty intense fight (Dangerous sneaking around in buildings while Omen kept trying to snipe him through windows, only to be ambushed over and over and get ruined in melee). Omen eventually does a kamikaze attack on him with explosives, hurling them both out a window and crashing to the pavement unconscious.

I deemed it a tie, but the group refused to stand for the idea. They technically ruled Dangerous the winner since he had one more hitpoint than Omen did, and could regenerate what he'd lost in the explosion. Omen wound up spending a small fortune on a new cyborg arm.

Wild, but fun...

2008-09-23, 05:23 AM
I quite like my party at the moment. Lots of fun, since Arcane magic in 'our house' has been nerfed.

Dragonfire Adept, is the party's leader/face. He has ridiculous bonuses to his 'Face' skills thanks to Beguiling Influence and a bunch of other things. He spends almost the entire campaign in the air doing Strafes with his breath attacks.

I'm currently an Orc Favoured Soul. In 'our house', Orcs are houseruled to be 'not crap'. Obviously, he's a 'Chosen' of his people, destined for great things. Everyone loves Orcs. I'm utility damage and buffing. Usually stands right behind...

Goliath Warblade; the party's tank. And is a brick s***house of hit points and damage. With the Fling Ally feat for the...

Whisper Gnome Scout/Rogue. Due to a 'misunderstanding' with a Love God's followers ("This place was looted when I got here..."), she was cursed to be 'in lust' with the ugliest person she knows. Yep. The Goliath. Many fun uses of the Fling Ally feat ("GET OFF ME!" *chuck*)

It's a special maneuver not in the ToB, called 'Flying Gnome Death Attack'

And lastly, we have our Cleric/Healer (who is an actual Healer), who has Healing and Law domains. The guy who plays this girl was the proverbial 'last person to the table', and got stuck with whatever needed doing. One of the rules in 'our house', is "You say, your character says it." And, since this guy is used to being the 'front-man', and hacking and slashing. He (and therefore his character) is often prone to angry outbursts. And due to the nature of the 'normal' Healer (the class), it can often lead to some funny situations.
In a Bar Fight...The Healer was useless (as always), and, because the Town Watch wasn't showing up (would you? If you had to stop a Goliath? And a guy who breathed Lightning?)

The Healer got onto the table (in the game, not in RL) and yelled (this in RL) "How 'bout everyone just calm the f*** down!?"
Player: I cast Calm Emotions.
DM: (Without rolling anything) Everyone in the inn stares at the girl on the table...And they all just drop their weapons.
Us: Whoa...

2008-09-23, 07:22 AM
My current party consists solely of THREAD NECROMANCERS!

(Fun thread, granted. But still necromancy.)

2008-09-23, 04:07 PM
Ars Magica Game set in Pomerania presently winter of 1217

The Magi:
A Verditious vim specialist with a magical focus in figurines
A School of Apromor Milite Flambeau who was apprenticed by Phillipus ***** of Durenmar
A Mentem and imagonem focused Tytalus obsessed with making the conflict between the Teutonic knights and the pagan hedge wizards the most educational conflict in human history
A Merinita of with a magical focus in oak trees attempting to keep the land safe from faerie influences polluting the magic auras
A Bonisagus non-combatant master of Auram who hopes to keep the rest of the covenant in check

The companions:
A religious knight trying to ease his concience over blackmailing a corrupt bishop
An archer who is being pursued by a noble family conviced that he holds secrets to discovering the holy grail.
An Earth elemental who is seeking refuge from the eastern hedge wizards
A man raised in Faerie courts who has no fear and the delusion that the pope is his father.

With this many characters I just took everyone's story flaws and wove a story out of them. I just have to prod the covenant and they all go crazy in convoluted cross purposes doing all of my hard game master work for me.

Mina Kobold
2008-09-24, 08:31 AM
in a 1st ed. campaign we had a CE wizard with a bad tactic aka. fireball he blew up everything. a tavern, another tavern, a tower, a goat, a ship (no wait that was me) and so on.

now he is a CE elf woman that was really old and found a potion of youth. he uses a mage hand and maximixed chill touch. he's a necromancer/cleric of Nerul (going for the mystic theurge PrC) is pretty wierd and trows unholy water at everything and uses a Pelor version of "home sweet home" as ass dryer.
the rest of the party are
1. Zoko a gnome sorcerer with a weakness for shiny stuff with causes giant statues to attack us. but he's fun :biggrin:
2.Polion Kvist a human paladin who is a very good fighter and trap detector ( he always goes first):tongue:
3.Tarion a elf ranger with a total bonus with his bow of 8 (same as our level):cool:
4.a hafling rouge new so I don't now much abaout him:sigh:
5.Taklinn (me) a dwarf cleric of moradin the onne who uses most magic and the partys healer and the guy who keeps the evil guy (the rest of us are LG/NG) from destroing everything.

2008-09-24, 09:51 AM
DMing a party of 6.

CE (but loyalish to his friends) Skarn Soldier, weilding a massive two-bladed sword.
N (with all tendancies) Human Swordsage, insanely overpowered, from another continent. So far has knocked the soldier and the ranger unconcious in a single punch each.
CN Teifling Warlock (she was the barmaid, until she quit).
CN Killoren Ranger (Archer)
CG Human Psion. Who's 8 years old. And likes to pretend to be a pirate.
NG Human Cleric of Syreth, and is good friends with the soldier.
CN Gnomish Illusionist, NPC. The party dragged him along, as he was the only one who could stop the swordsage.

2008-09-24, 11:24 AM
LN Dwarf Fighter/Battlesmith. Hard as nails. Masses of common sense. Possesses the unquestioning loyalty of the rest of the party. Currently carrying round an evil god's artifact - part of a set - just to prove he can take it. This has resulted in plenty of people coming after us, trying to collect the full set. So far we've collected about four of the things, I think, and despite the fact they are awesomely powerful, he keeps them in a Heward's Handy Haversack at all times, refusing to use them since they are evil.

CN Elf Rogue/Sorceror/Dragon Disciple. Fairly crazy, has daft ideas all the time. Was until recently undead, has now been resurrected. Has some warlock-esque powers through a homebrew template as long as he spreads the message of the Golden Lady, the goddess responsible for raising him.

CN Gnome Sorceror. Ridiculously good illusionist, thanks to a caravan of Janni we ran into. They took one night of his time, and all his skill at the other schools of magic, and in return made him uber at illusion. Has since relearnt a small amount of evocation.

LG Human Bard/Paladin. Party face, and pretty much goodness incarnate. Has founded an orphanage in the town we're based out of. Has a pegasus as his special mount/cohort. Said pegasus is a fairly decent cleric.

NG Half-Elf Druid. Really dislikes undead as against nature. Unfortunately, undead in this setting aren't always evil, and have in the past been allies. Animal companion is a dire wolverine named Logan.

Not-sure-of-alignment Halfling Wizard. Mainly uses conjuration/evocation. Keeps to herself somewhat. Legally dead in her home country, and cannot challenge this ruling due to the fact that she is "dead" and so doesn't have any rights. Is understandably annoyed by this fact.

And me. CN Elf Ranger/Horizon Walker. Undead. Foolhardy, something of a risk taker. Party scout. Use a cloak of blending to pretend I'm still alive. Have been below -10 HP some four times, at least.

2008-09-24, 07:25 PM
CoC Delta Green game. I am the Keeper, this is a long running campaign comprised of many subarcs and characters tend to come and go - I let my PCs 'trade out' when long timers have to take time off for mental health reasons or get crippled. Or when they die, of course. I'll hit the highlights here.

Hit enter early, I'm ninja editing it.

Cooper - The Ghoul Slayer. Like most of the original group he started when his college campus had an incident involving the Milk of the Dark Mother and a pot farm, along with the thesis paper from hell, literally. He got the Ghoul Slayer nickname for his actions in 'teaching' local ghouls to keep to the dead and not hunt fresh meat by going on a rampage in their warrens, abusing the temporary immunity to fresh san loss heavily and a string of extremely good combat rolls involving homemade napalm and a pump action shotgun. They call him the Destroyer and at least once have asked him to help them when a local sorcerer abused summon/bind ghoul after giving him an 'offering' of a wanted criminal. Yes. He scares them that badly. Once road-hauled a Sand Dweller by lassoing it from it a truck. Unlike most combat monkeys Cooper knows when to listen to the other party members. Tends to have high san because anything he sees that looks Eldritch gets burnt, and he usually hangs back to play rearguard.

JD Hawkes. Former doctor hopeful who did not quite make it to graduation from medschool after a morgue bound corpse tried to bite him and he decapitated it with a bonesaw. He tends to think things through analytically and is played by my nemesis. He has totally one-shotted a number of puzzles and confrontations though careful planning and lateral thinking. His highlights include incidents like cutting the brakelines of a major cult figures car, framing others for various crimes he actually committed against them. He tends to shy away from actual combat and usually is the leader. Currently semi-retired due to a run in with a Dark Young.

Samantha Lee. A Native American character made on a whim by one of more oddball players. She hates the outdoors, has no survival skills, punched another character in the throat when he asked for the nineteenth time if her shamans had any stories about the current threat, and currently works as their legal representative when the crap hits the fan after quitting the group because 'She was not going to die during Scooby Doo crap.'

Winston Miles. Suicidal sorcerer. He actually refers to himself as a wizard and insists on learning spells. His sanity is pretty low at this point and he is fully aware of that, which is why he carries no weapons and performs his experiments/research in a basement that is rigged to explode from the outside, with the door barred on the outside. He is known for being just as brutal about casting spells on enemies as well, your average CoC sorcerer. One of them, aware of this, had magical protection. Apparently inspired by another story from a famous hitman, Winston killed the man at a theater show with a fire axe and ran out screaming with the crowd. He is currently a person of interest in that investigation and in hiding.

Heather Cole. The Cute Deaf Girl, literally. She is permanently deaf, communicates through sign language, rolled max on her appearance, and generally is adorable and the voice of reason. She is also disturbingly good with rifles and acing san rolls. In the Arizona Incident she and Hawkes killed most of the Sand Dwellers via exploding meth lab (OF EVIL!) and her sniping from on top of a tractor trailer.

Billy Morrison. Played by the same girl who had played Tabby, Billy is one of the more amusing characters. She has the highest strength in the group and the smallest size, due to odd rolling, so she is essentially a barely five foot weightlifter with an appearance of 14. She is a former sheriffs deputy in Arizona, and often plays the bodyguard of Heather. Her moment of glory currently is still the time she beat a Hound to death after Winston used Tether Hound on the poor thing before she rolled really disturbing amounts of damage with her nightstick. Often brings a trained rottweiler attack dog named Sammy with her on campaigns. Yes. It is named after the other character. No. That character is not amused by that.

Kyle Wing. Chinese-American FBI agent who bit off more than he could chew with the Tcho-Tcho case and ended up siding with the Triads to wipe out a nest of them in San Francisco. He is also fantastically ugly and regularly uses it to scare the hell out of people. His hobbies include weight lifting, bonsai, and cooking. He killed a Tcho-Tcho sorcerer by throwing burning grease on him and then beating him with the pan. Currently active and somewhat the leader of the group. He tends to use the environment creatively and I have to be wary around him.

2008-09-24, 07:52 PM
The PCs in my evil game...

1) Jamben Milner: LE Human Dread Necromancer. He's a clever, manipulative fellow. He seeks immortality through undeath.

2) Jaren: NE Elf Cleric of Nerull. Has an unhealthy fixation with death. He seeks to serve at his deity's right hand.

3) Triel Lahlabar: CN Drow Rogue. Brought up in a powerful family, she was banished and disowned for her submissive behavior. After meeting the party, she decided to join them. Though not evil herself, she's pretty evil-tolerant.

4) Malnar: CN Shifter Barbarian. Has greataxe, will travel. :smalltongue:

2008-09-24, 08:32 PM
May as well partake:
Gestalt campaign.

Lady Didi (short for Didymus) - small-sized human, Favored Soul//Crusader; fights from the back of her riding dog with lance/sword and board. Bubbly blonde personality. Serve the forces of good and fluffy things! Party healer type.

Lord Necron - Human Binder//True Necromancer. Bound under a geas to be nice - he is an ex-lich, who was given a second chance at life - but is chaperoned by Lady Didi, who is responsible for him. Is still really new at serving good, and asks a lot of questions. Self heals, since Didi would hurt him with her positive energy.

Oskar Asrak - Dwarf Feat-Rogue//Warblade*. Burns all his feats pretty much on getting a really big hammer, heavy armour, and smashing things - party trapfinder/scout-type, but is impatient. When asked to open a lock two sessions ago he used his greathammer, because "it's faster". Is investing in alchemy for some combat trapsmith levels later, ranged weapon is a flask thrower. Bwahaha.

Lotus - Elf Unarmed Swordsage//Rogue. Very old elf, has been retired for so long that he's forgotten nearly everything, but it's coming back to him. Moves at 15' per round when not in combat, since he likes to take his time. Talks continually in strange zen-like nonsense, can't disable traps or anything - his rogue skills are all about athletics and such, though he does have UMD.

*was originally the saboteur/wizard, but I didn't like the feel, so after a single session I changed him over to a more martial type.

We lack a real caster, and the only character with a wisdom above 8 is Lotus - so we're pretty funny to see in action.