View Full Version : Best character race?

2015-07-05, 08:20 AM
Was thinking if redoing my monk. Instead of tweaking my skill list I was wondering about picking the best physical features for a monk, aside from extra arms. I've been using a mountain spirit folk for years, DEX bonus and an innate commune with animals came in very handy.

I'm doing the first of the Tiamat series and wanted something a bit relevant. Didn't want a DB, char is a dump stat. A little ways into it I realized I could do a half dragon. Didn't want to go for the obvious ones so I did research. How about a half fang dragon. No breath attack but due to their bone spikes and sharp scalesi could reuse the 3.5 feat versatile unarmed.

let's me choose between blunt, slash, and pierce for unarmed attacks. Use it for my racial feat, keep my spirit folk for other half. Say +1 DEX +1CON
Let me know