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2015-07-06, 10:54 AM
Hey guys. So, in this homebrewed campaign im making, I´ve tried to come up with new feats that I feel could be tasteful and I´ve modified those feats that previously no one usually got, or at least, balanced them all out so that they would be more interesting to choose. Check them out and give me your opinion!

New Feats:


-You gain a +1 to Constitution.

-You gain a +1 to Initiative.

-You gain one Fighting Style of your choice from the Fighter Fighting Style list.

Elemental Master:

-Requires Elemental Adept feat.

-With the chosen element of your Elemental Adept feat your spells can make a target who is immune to your elemental damage only have resistance against it. Also, you can change the element of any elemental spell you cast to match the element you chose with the Elemental Adept feat.

Feat modifications (if a feat doesn´t appear here is because I considered it to be good enough already).

-You have advantage on swimming checks and on checks to resist exhaustion.

-You become proficient in the Athletics skill. If you were already, you gain double your proficiency bonus. This doesn´t stack with effects that do this already, like the Rogue´s expertise.

-You make the attack as part of the action to Dash, it doesn´t require your bonus action. If you have extra attack, you can make all your attacks as part of the charge. If you can continue moving in a straight line (by having no opponents on your way) and have more than one enemy on your path, you can divide your attacks between them (if you have more than one).

Defensive Duelist:
-If the attack misses you by 5 or more, you can make a free attack as part of the same reaction when you used this feat.

Dual Wielder:
-At level 11 you can make two attacks with your offhand weapon as a bonus action. You can never make more than two attacks with your offhand weapon.

Dungeon Delver:
-The advantages to detect secret doors extend to all type of illusions.

-You regain all your Hit Dice upon completing a Long Rest.

-You last twice the amount of time without food, water and any exerting conditions that would make you exhausted.

-You are not restrained when you pin a creature.

-This feat has as a requirement Str 13 or Dex 13.

-If you take this feat with the Dex requirement, you can use the feat with the skill Acrobatics instead of Athletics. You can also grapple with Acrobatics instead of Athletics.

Great Weapon Master:
-This Feat requires Str of 13.

-When you lower a creature by an attack to 0 Hit Ponts, you can make the extra attack with your Reaction instead of your Bonus Action.

-You can fight with a Versatile or Heavy weapon in close quarters without penalty.

-At levels 4, 8, 12 and 16 you heal an additional 1d6+1 hit points of damage when you use a healer´s kit as an action to heal, although you can choose to heal less. You need to spend an additional use of the healing kit for every extra die of healing you use.

Heavy Armor Master:
-The reduction to damage of this feat increases by 1 every four levels after first (4 at level 5, 5 at level 9, 6 at level 13, 7 at level 17).

-The reduction to damage counts as half (rounded up) for magical weapons.

Inspiring Leader:
-You affect all allied creatures in 30 feet.

-As long as an ally has temporary hit poitns gained with this ability and while you are no more than 30 feet away from them, they have advantage on saving throws against fear, both normal and magical.

Keen Mind:
-You can choose a single other attribute once per long rest. You can replace your saving throws on this attribute with your Intelligence saving throw once per short rest. You can change the attribute this feat affects when you have a long rest.

Lightly Armored:
-You gain proficiency with bucklers.

-You gain an additional number of languages equal to your Intelligence or Wisdom modifier, whichever is higher.

Mage Slayer:
-A creature must be within your melee weapon reach, not 5 feet, for you to attack it with a reaction.

-If you make a creature lose Concentration in one spell, they have to make a Concentration check again, with Advantage, to the next spell they cast. If they miss, they fumble that first spell they try to cast.

Magic Initiate:
-You learn an additional 1st level spell that you can cast once a day from the chosen class you chose for this feat.

Martial Adept:
-The die that this feat gives you is a d8, and you gain 2 dice instead of one.

Medium Armor Master:
-Max dex bonus to AC in medium armor is +4 instead of +3.

-Getting this feat gives you a +1 raise to Dexterity.

Polearm Master:
-You can wield a polearm and a shield if you are proficient in both of them, no matter if it is a two handed or heavy weapon. While doing so you cannot do the extra attack with the bonus action that this feat provides.

Savage Attacker:
-When you attack you can sacrifice a -2 to hit for an extra die of damage of your currently equipped melee weapon.

-The effects of this feat all work in your melee reach, not 5 feet.

-You can also choose a different mode with this feat, in which you deal half weapon and attribute damage, but gain a +2 to Hit.

-A single skill of your choice you are proficient with (including the ones you gain with this feat) doubles its proficiency bonus. This cannot stack with class abilities that already provide a similar bonus like Expertise.

-You can move at normal speed while sneaking while traveling (you normally move only at half speed).

-When you succesfully Hide in combat, the enemy doesn´t gain Advantage to see you, even if you move into his sight.

Spell Sniper:
-You no longer have disadvantage to cast a Ranged Attack spell in melee combat.

Tavern Brawler:
-Your damage with any Improvised Weapon becomes a d8 instead of a d6.

-Whenever you are reduced to 0 Hit Points and are required to do Death Saves, you already start with a successful save, requiring only two more to regain consciousness.

War Caster:
-Any time you suffer damage that is below to half your Constitution score (rounded up) you don´t need to do a Concentration check.

Weapon Master:
-You become proficient with all Martial weapons if you weren´t before.

-You can: (a) choose a single non-Finesse and non-Heavy melee weapon and make that weapon become a Finesse and Light weapon or (b) make a Heavy weapon become a Versatile weapon that you can use in one hand, albeit with a lower damage die (1d12 and 2d6 becomes 1d10).

So, hit me!

2015-07-06, 01:52 PM

-You gain a +1 to Constitution.

-You gain a +1 to Initiative.

-You gain one Fighting Style of your choice from the Fighter Fighting Style list.

I'm not sure it's a good idea to give a +1 to Initiative, it doesn't fit with the no-small-bonuses-here-and-there philosophy of 5e. And maybe +1 Con and a Fighting Style is already balanced enough. If not, maybe you could give them advantage to Initiative once per long rest, or advantage in Wisdom (Perception) checks to avoid being surprised, or something alike.

For the rest, sounds cool.