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2015-07-08, 12:38 AM
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Extraverse, the 42nd

Not a true vestige, the Hitchhiker's Guide is actually a disembodied force of knowledge and insight, which provides suggestions and information about how to survive outside the normal multiverse in addition to a large general base of knowledge. It grants its binder a smattering of knowledge, a towel of many purposes, and the ability to harness finite improbability to meet one's purposes.

Level: 5th.

Binding DC: 22.

Legend: The Hitchhiker's Guide was a tome of finite knowledge created by a traveling college of mad wizards. They sought to create a more affordable and personable, and especially convenient, source of great knowledge than Boccob's Library and used extra multiversal locations to build it. When the pocket of the Far Realm they were constructing it in got shunted into the strange non-plane where the vestiges dwell the wizards were, one and all, slain instantly. But the guide persisted reaching out to the minds of those sensitive to such things offering them wisdom and insight.

Special Requirement: You must hold a towel in hand throughout the entire process of making a pact with the Hitchhiker's Guide, and must have a thumb on their person though it need not be theirs or attached to them physically.

Manifestation: The guide appears within the seal floating taking on the shape of a wide and tall, but surprisingly thin, tome. Its cover is made of a strange and sturdy material which it will identify as "plastic" blue in color with the words DON'T PANIC written largely across the front in white. It opens to reveal a single glass page upon which shapes and words form conducting the pact making process thus.

Sign: The words DON'T and PANIC appear on your cheeks in a bright color, causing bald patches to appear in any beard you possess.

Influence: You feel the need to belt out horrible poetry using made up words whenever you are conversing with others.

Granted Powers: The Hitchhiker's Guide grants you its wide spread knowledge of common things, the ability to manipulate finite improbabilities to move yourself short distances, the ability to resist panic, improbable luck, and a living towel which stretches from your body and acts upon your will.

Reassurance against Panic: The simple words speak to your heart, Don't Panic granting you a +4 bonus on saves versus fear, and you cannot become frightened, panicked, cowering, paralyzed with fear, or killed with fear becoming Shaken instead for the duration or 10 minutes if it would have been lethal.

Finite Improbability: As a swift action you may generate a field of finite improbability which teleports you 5 ft per 3 effective binder levels you possess. Once you use this ability you cannot use it again until 5 rounds have passed.

Living Towel: You may extend a towel down out of your shoulders as a swift or move action (retracting it is the same action). While this towel is extended you may perform the following: Cause it to enter cloak mode in which it wraps tightly around you, protecting you from the cold (as if with Endure Elements but cold only) and granting Cold Resistance 5, you must spend another swift action to make it leave cloak mode before using any of the other abilities; cause it to enter blindfold mode in which it covers your eyes blinding you but grants you blindsight with a range of 5-ft, you must spend another swift action to make it leave blindfold mode before using any of the other abilities; whip out at a creature within 15 ft dealing 1d6 damage per 5 effective binder levels with a melee attack (this overcomes damage reduction as a magic weapon of your alignment); deflect an incoming attack, this requires an immediate action instead of a swift action, granting a +4 bonus to your AC; extend to slow your fall (as feather fall, this requires an immediate action instead of a swift action; grab an unattended object weighing 5 or less lbs within 10-ft and hold it or place it in your hand.

Transreality Encyclopedia: You gain Bardic Knowledge as a bard of your effective binder level. In addition you gain a +8 competence bonus on Knowledge checks dealing with things beyond the standard cosmology.

Improbable Success: The guide grants you a measure of luck which serves to help keep you alive. When you bind the Hitchhiker's Guide you gain a bonus luck feat (see Complete Scoundrel) for as long as it is bound and a bonus luck re-roll per 6 effective binder levels.