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2015-07-10, 01:26 AM
Hey everybody, I'm Shasfowd and I'm creating an rpg called Paladinus. In it, you play as one of 3 'Roles' in an attempt to crush evil and save the world from the coming plauge! If you're interested, please fill out this questionaire. More news will be coming soon!
Sign Up (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1GYqhXQvoRwwiRmFCI1kNTP3vVLIFFnIxJpTAAHgYNec/viewform?usp=send_formy[)

What is Paladinus
Paladinus is set in a land ruled by the Paladinus Consortium, a Relgious government whos soul purpose is to guard the weak from the Horde, a strange race of demon-like beings. It is your job to battle these monstrosities and save the lands!

In Paladinus, you play as 1 of 3 roles
Warlock-Use powers granted by the Godesses. Primarly uses the 'Spirit' stat.
Guardian-Wear the powerful Guardian suit and protect your allies! Primarly uses the 'Vitality' and 'Might' stats.
Paladin-Paladins lead their allies to victory. A combination between the Guardian and Warlock, Paladins are very diverse. Primarly uses the 'Might' stat.

You have 5 different stats to use
Spirit-Determines your morale against enemies. Also used to cast powerful spells as the Warlock.
Vitality-Vitality decides your health, and ability to ignore diseases and other physical effects.
Might-Might is how strong you are.
Accuracy-Accuracy is your ability to hit a target. The greater your accuracy, the easier it is to hit your foes.
Agility-Agility determines your speed and swiftness. The greater your agility, the faster you can move.
Some abilities use Radi, Called 'Radius', 'Greater Radius', and 'Ultimate Radius'. A Radius is equal to your stat. Greater Radius is equal to double that stat, and an Ultimate Radius is thrice the stat.

Additional Notes
There are 7 ranks that you can level up through.
You use multiple dice, from d4's to d12's
Average party size is 3, 1 Warlock, 1 Guardian, and 1 Paladin.
A gamemaster is necessary to play (well, as necessary as dungeons and dragons)

Unique Features
Balance between 5 unique stats.
Have an array of passive abilities at the tip of your fingers!
Complete special mission types and earn Halos to spend on items!

2015-07-10, 12:35 PM
Can you give us a brief teaser of the basic gameplay style, core resolution mechanic, any particularly compelling unique features, and so forth?

That's the important stuff (for me, at least) to see when determining if I'm going to like a system enough to experiment with it.