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2007-04-30, 07:00 PM
So, back when I first gone on here, there was a very high-level Epic Arena that was pretty popular and I, along with many others, had fun building characters for that wouldn't get used in other campaigns; very few parties have room for my Sarrukh and Naga love.
I'd really like to get this restarted, and had some basic ideas for the rules.

1. There will be at least two judges. Judges determine what is allowable for entry and settle in-character conflicts. Judges are not allowed to accept their own characers (obviously), and are not allowed to judge fights in which they are combatants. However, since there will heopfully be several judges, judges can still enter in fights others will preside over.
2. In general, most D&D 3.5 material from wizards will be accepted, as long as the Judges have stats for it. Outside material will probably be accepted, as long as the Judges have stats for it. You sending stats is included in this. 8owever, obviously broken things (infinity loops of any sort) are banned, as are player divine ranks (no-matter how legitimately gained), and obvious "optimized" class combinations that simply do not make sense. A good example of something really dumb was given in the original arena's rules, but I don't remember it now. As long as it's generally sensible, it should be allowed. This, by all means, does not mean unusual things are banned. High ECL races are encouraged; it's hard to play them in any other campaign, so why not let loose with this one?
3. There will be several divisions at preset ECLs. These may be determined by entrants. The previous arena was ECL 60, and I believe that should be our highest startinglevel. A "lightweight" division might be starting at ECL 20.
4. Special rules concerning LA buyout will have to be taken into account; at the amont of EXP one is often making between levels, one cuold buy off several LA without ever droppping a level in experience. My current theory is that baught-off LA convert to the more useful HD, although banning it all together isn't out of the question.
5. Effective caster levels combine with caster levels taken. For example, if a Dragon has the ability to cast spells as a cleric equal to its Dragon HD (which would be ridiculous), class levels taken in cleric would stack with these effective levels for consideration of caster level.
6. There will be a cap to the maximum bonuses on any given item, to prevent ridiculously overpowered items. Additionally, an item increasing the DCs of all actions taken by the character exists for the same price as an item of resistances (this was introduced into the last ECL 60 arena to prevent people from simply pumping their save DCs higher than wizards could afford to match with the more expensive ability increases they needed to raise their DC). Finally, artefacts, even those gained by class, are banned.
7. Stats are 48 point-buy, plus bonus ability points for ever fourth level. HP is 3/4, rounded up. Due to the confusion that can come from figuring when in a character's progression stat bonuses came, all bonus skill points from Int and HP from Con are applied retroactively, as though one had had them from the start.
8. Match-to-match rules may be agreed upon by the two contestants.

These are the rules that I remember, as I remember them. Beyond this, the players of the arena should discuss the rules to elaborate further and on more specifics.

Currently, we're recruiting judges and players. I'll volunteer for a judge slot.

The Great Skenardo
2007-04-30, 07:04 PM
pssst: wrong subection. This is the OOTS adventure game area, not the "Currently Recruiting" area.

2007-04-30, 08:31 PM
pssst: wrong subection. This is the OOTS adventure game area, not the "Currently Recruiting" area.
Thanks. I've clicked the wrong "section with a big O," many a time, and always foresaw this. Now, it's finally happened.