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2015-07-11, 02:54 PM
So in my game, the word demon means any big bad boss. When you kill Bosses, they can drop demon souls. You can use the deomon souls to grant yourself additional powers, and demon souls come in sizes from +1 to +5

The whole system is meant to either partially relace or just add to wealth by level. I'm wondering how exciting the bonuses are though.
When you find a demon soul, it will be assigned a value from +1, lowly souls, to +5, the souls of greater archdemons. You may utilize these souls in a variety of ways.

Imbue: you imbue the power of a single soul into a weapon, shield, or piece of armor. When sop imbued, you may grant the item a soul bonus to its previous enhancements. this soul bonus augments the enhancement bonus, or adds additional properties. Such as, a +2 demon soul applied to a +1 fiery longsword could grant +2 to its enhancement bonus (+4 fiery longsword), or an additional enchantment (+1 dragonbane fiery longsword), or multiple enchantments (+1 fiery icy shocking longsword), or any combination of these (+2 fiery icy longsword). Soul bonuses do not stack, but they do overwrite each other. You may imbue a stronger soul into an already imbued item, but the weaker soul is lost utterly.

Invest: When you invest a soul into yourself, you may gain a soul bonus to any one ofyour ability scores equal to the souls bonus. If you invest a +2 soul, you may gain skill ranks as if you had gained a level in your favored class instead of increasing an ability score. If you invest a +3 soul, you may gain a bonus feat instead of gaining a bonus to an ability score. if you invest a +4 soul, you may split the investment and give two scores a +3 instead of giving one score a +4. if you invest a +5 soul, you may gain an additional level in any one of your favored classes instead of gaining a bonus to ability score. All bonuses to ability scores are inherent bonuses.

Invoke: Invoking a soul releases the captive essence within. The soul is freed from the eternal cycle, the gods smile upon your deeds, and you have lost a shot at increased power forever

So yeah, I was looking for feedback on that system.

The magic item thing is tricky, it makes valueing demon souls in gp pretty tough. My party figured out that applying the demon souls last is important for your weapon, so you only pay for a +1 spear and then it's a +2 icy spear off a +2 soul, you just saved a good chunk of coin.

I'm thinking about changing the +4 souls ability (+3 to two ability scores or +4 to one) because I want it to interact with other parts of the game. Like the other bonuses, the +2 and +3, either increase ability scores or something else. Idk to what though
No one has invoked their souls yet. That tells me the systems worth using lol, no ones willing to trade the mechanical bonus for a super vague god smile. I put that in so I would know if the system was too weak, figuring they wouldn't care about the souls at all in that case. Ah well, this dusty piece of rules text remains unused.

2015-07-14, 12:00 PM
Any ideas on this? Do you think a more flavor generic version would be better?

2015-07-14, 03:38 PM
I'm a big Souls Series fan, so of course I like it. Could use tweaking, I don't have time to figure it out right now.

I might just replace the entire EXP and/or monetary systems with souls. Level up your players at set points in the story, after reaching certain milestones or killing boss demons. Makes balancing CR easier.

How are souls and soul use viewed by society? Is there a society at all or is this a post/pre-apocalyptic setting? Is magic in general tied to souls? Can you trade souls as currency? Lots of questions have to be answered before I can give much more advice.

Further question, what is the purpose of "invoking" souls? It's not a mechanic from the games, but I presume there's a karmic reckoning at the end of the campaign?