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2007-04-30, 08:26 PM
the gloves are inspired by a pair of glove I own that seem to keep warm by themselves, even after being in a bag for 3 hours

Rainbow Gloves
These gloves seem to shimmer with the colors and hues of the rainbow. they seem to retain heat after worn and being taken off. Any flame near the gloves seem to be of a different color than what would be seen as normal
The wearer may cast the following up to 10/day
Rainbow beam
Rainbow blast
The wearer gains the use of the metamagic feat "Spectrum Control", as long as the wearer wears the gloves. at will, the wearer may change the colour of any light spell
Moderate Evocation, rainbow beam, rainbow blast, CL 8th, Craft Wondrous items, Spectrum Control.

Spectrum Control [Metamagic]
The spells you cast that seem to shine with the infinite colours of the spectrum always turn out the way you want them.
Benefit: Any spell you cast with either the words "rainbow" or "prismatic" that requires a die roll in order to determine a result (eg, prismatic rays roll to determine the colour of the ray and its result) no longer requires a roll. Prismatic spells have a higher Level Adjustment in order to stop players to use the Violet colour ray result (sent to another plane).
Level adjustment: for spells with the word "rainbow" in their name: +2
:for spells with the word "prismatic" in their name: +3

I need someone to work out how much the rainbow gloves would cost. the changing the colour of light spells is just flavour.

Magnor Criol
2007-04-30, 08:36 PM
I'm not familiar enough with spells to provide balance suggestions, but this doesn't really seem quite right. But that's just the crunch; the flavor's really fun, I lik eit. One note - "Color Spray" is certainly a sort of spell that would be affected here, but since it's neither "Prismatic" nor "Rainbow" it technically isn't covered. I'd fix that.

You may want to find something a bit more...weighty than "rainbow" to use, however. How about 'spectrum'; it means the same thing and carries a bit more heft to it. Then the feat could be something like "Spectrum Specialist" or "Spectrum Control," perhaps.

2007-05-02, 11:24 PM
Magnor, after looking at the crunch for colour spray, I just want to know what exactly applying control the rainbow to it would do? colour spray does not allow a dice roll for results like the other rainbow spells do. with the fluff, it does seem to apply

rainbow beam does a random damage type on a roll of a d8, rainbow blast does scaling damage of all 5 energy types. applying CtR to beam allows you to always do fire damage or cold damage. applying CtR to rainbow blast would result in being able to choose the energy type.

you do have a point though about the names. I will change all of them except the gloves.

Magnor Criol
2007-05-03, 02:41 AM
You're right...I'd forgotten Color Spray's specifics myself, I was thinking it was more like Prismatic Spray. My bad.

Perhaps one thing that a spectrum controller could do with spells that center on colors but don't have random effects (like Color Spray, Prismatic Sphere, and Prismatic Wall) is 'buff up' one of the colors by weakening another.
For instance, a spectrum controller casting Prismatic Wall to stop enemies he knows are weak against fire but strong against electricity could weaken / forgo the yellow (electricity) wall, for some strengthening of the red (fire) wall - takes more to dispel or does more damage or something. There'd have to be limits to how much it could be manipulated, probably, but just throwing the idea out there.
....ooh. What about some sort of PrC that delved farther into this color manipulation? It'd be pretty specialized, since there's not overly many spells like this...but...hm. Idea stored for pondering.

2007-05-04, 06:17 PM
the problem with applying Spectrum Control to prismatic wall is that you end up with a violet wall that banishes anything that touches it to a random plane of existence. If the caster could choose where the target is banished to, then you end up over populating the demiplane of dread or Neth, the demiplane that lives, both demiplanes with no chance of escape

I might expand Spectrum Control to allow it to be applyed to color spells that don't have a random result.

why has no one tried to either ask me why the gloves should be able to change the colour of light spells or tell me how much these gloves would cost?

btw, rainbow blast and rainbow beam are from spell compendium

2007-05-05, 02:22 AM
why has no one tried to either ask me why the gloves should be able to change the colour of light spells or tell me how much these gloves would cost?
My guesses, in order:
It seems pretty obviously in theme with the fluff.
They are still trying to wrap their brains around it. (That said, it just occurred to me that metamagic rods would be the things to compare these to. Unlimited use, but very narrow focus.)

2007-05-05, 03:50 AM
I just thought of a way to use the colour changing ability offensively. cast light, then turn the light black. when you find some monsters with light sensativity, change the colour to white, get your sneak attacker to attack the monster, lather, rinse and repeat untill dead

Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll
2007-05-05, 07:48 PM
to bad light doesn't effect light sensitivity.

Magnor Criol
2007-05-06, 02:55 AM
Yeah, I think at best color control of the Light spell would be useful for roleplaying circumstances only, it couldn't do something that actually effects the mechanics of combat (unless the DM feels the occasion warrants, I suppose.)

2007-05-07, 01:45 AM
another use for the colour changing only works if there is a puzzle that requires a coloured light to reveal its secrets. since the RAW light spell doesn't actually say if you can change the colour of the light, I assume that once you cast the spell, you can change it once, then its locked. just get the party caster to cast light on something, then use the gloves to change the colour of the spell untill the secret is revealed.

I would only allow the light/ sneak attack once, after that, the DM would rule that anything with a 1 INT or WIS knows to look away when others do. the colour changing is activated by a hand signal known as the Single Deuce. amplifying the light requires the Double Deuce.