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2007-04-30, 09:41 PM
So, I was just kidding around with some friends and we came up with a crazy idea.

Salt the Ground (Su): Once per week, a 10th level blighter may perform a special deforestation action. It requires 10 consecutive full rounds and only has half the usual radius. However, within this area, ranger, druid, and nature domain spells no longer function. Plant life fails to grow and any creature that dies rots immediately. In addition, the dirt is loosed and begins forming a waste, as per Sandstorm rules. Finally, no natural or magical healing can occur in this area, similar to the effects of mournland. This lasts until a circle of druids and nature clerics with total levels equaling twice the blighter's perform a special sanctify spell in the center. This replaces the blighter's Plague ability at 10th level.

So, maybe not that cool for PCs, but it seems pretty flavorful at least. I mean come on, who has ever wanted to make a new Mournland?


2007-04-30, 09:46 PM
I don't see why not - So long as you never allow PCs to become Blighters... But that shouldn't be a problem, anyhow.

2007-04-30, 10:39 PM
The title is very confusing for us Australians. I thought it was going to be a PrC based on being an annoying, obnoxious arse. LOL

2007-05-01, 12:41 AM
Contrary to the sentiments of the above poster, all Australians are not so easily confused.