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2015-07-13, 07:47 PM
Recently began running a 5E Homebrew campaign that picked up where the last one left off, with the particular region the PC's are currently adventuring in being rich with technology compared to the rest of the world but still in a medieval fantasy setting. The players will be investigating a derelict military outpost, a mountain fortress which upon first investigation will be deserted, but eventually the PC's will be ambushed by a massive horde of Starved Ghouls/ (Dead Space 3 Feeder-esque) Undead.
They were initially turned into mindless, robotic servants by a mysterious injection which spread throughout the outpost, and then later raised again as undead by the BBEG's Lieutenant, an extremely powerful Unholy Domain Cleric/Eldritch Knight named Dreadnaught, who rides on a clockwork dragon. The party's much beloved Gunslinging Wizard DMPC (having only rejoined the group for a brief time as always) will help hold off the horde and then Dreadnaught rides in on his Dragon and destroys the party's transportation, a thoroughly armed Zeppelin Gunship, then landing and engaging the party. At which point, the DMPC will call for the PC's to retreat into the nearby mine that criminals were shipped to the outpost to work. Covering their retreat to the mine, the DMPC ultimately destroys the entrance behind them to cut off pursuit and (unbeknownst to the PC's) teleports out in order to come up with a plan to get them out. At which point, the dungeon begins.
The PC's are all 3rd level, and as follows:
A Chaotic Good Dragonborn Tempest Cleric,
A Lawful Evil Homebrew Half-Giant Samurai (just a flavored version of a Barbarian, is also an explosives expert),
A Neutral Evil Homebrew Half-Doppelganger Assassin Rogue,
A Chaotic Neutral Homebrew Winged Elf Eldritch Knight,
A Neutral Good Tiefling Battlemaster,

I don't particularly enjoy killing PC's and usually (unless they're just being flat out idiotic) fudge dice in order to save them, at least at lower levels. However, I always try to maintain a tense atmosphere of danger and grittiness about the campaign which I have been quite successful at, at least according to my players. I want to ensure the continued challenging nature of the campaign.

The Dungeon Map: http://imgur.com/LHWn0DN Right above #16 and all the way to the right of #23 are the concealed doors, #10 is the boss area and #21 is the entrance.

The dungeon is a fairly sizable cave system with a set of rails and a minecart running all the way throughout, with the exit being a portal that is opened by a boss level BBEG minion that attempts to escape, a Warforged... spellcaster of some kind (haven't decided about that bit yet actually) That leads to an harsh winter wasteland where the next part of the story takes place. The primary enemy I was thinking in the mine would just be large quantities of the Feeder enemies (the criminals imprisoned in the mine were also turned), but I would like to mix it up a little bit, and I'm definitely wanting to start including some traps (dynamite traps and pit falls maybe?) at this point and potentially some puzzles too if possible. There are also two concealed doors leading to small rooms throughout the mine (what to put in these?). Any and all suggestions about this dungeon are appreciated; I have ideas, and the donjon dungeon generator had some odd suggestions, but I'm sure there are other brilliant ideas to be had here. I'm particularly skimpy with the items I hand out and would appreciate suggestions of useful items to give the PC's in this dungeon.