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2015-07-14, 09:46 AM
MONK PRC Nine dragons fist.
Must have followed Way of the Open Hand. Gain no proficiencies to weapons or armor.

Skill list
LVL21. Zhuāngjiǎ pò lóng - armor breaking dragon
Spend 4 Ki points to use max damage for attack roll, only works on basic attacks and can't stack with crit roll. If it lands 1d10+5DEX would hit for 15, 15, BA 1d10+5DEX

LVL22. Feat or +2 attributes.

LVL23. Lóngshén de yǎnjīng - dragon gods eye
Reduce to-hit penalty to 0 for the round for 4 Ki points. However doing so causes strain, so movement speed cut in half for the same time.

LVL24 Martial arts now do 2d6

LVL 25. Lóng yùhé healing dragon. Monks Ki can now blend with another's to knit flesh and bone. (WotOH self heal can now be used on others.)

LVL27. Long Shén Dùhǒu. Dragon God's Roar.
Spending 3 Ki points you fill your lungs with pure Ki and shout a cone of pure force 25 feet long. Targets must make a DC15 Dexterity check. Failed save take 2d10+WIS damage or half on a success full one. Max 1 per 2 PRC levels per long rest.

LVL28 FEAT/ +2 attributes

LVL29 Martial arts now do 2d8

LVL30. Kāimíng de bàgōng Enlightened strike
1 per encounter (max 2 per long rest) Monks apply WIS bonus to unarmed damage. Ex: 1d10+5DEX would hit 1d10+5DEX+WIS
Works with flurry of blows.