View Full Version : Themes, ideas and concepts, but at a loss for mechanics and balance.

2015-07-17, 11:12 PM
So I have an outline for a couple classes. A few starting mechanics and concepts of ideas but I have trouble fleshing them out. I can think of some subclass features and how I want the class to look, but when it comes to the base class features and giving them the common link and keeping it all capable but balanced... it just seems daunting.

I was wondering if someone with some class creating balance could help me out. Help me with creating some of the skills and giving me a 2nd POV on keeping things balanced.

The first concept is the puppeteer. I am surprised I havent seen one in 5e yet but some googling didnt really bring up any finished results. I was thinking the base feature be the puppet and maybe a point system that gives his puppet the ability to take actions, bonus actions, the dash/dodge ect. It would be more powerful than the BM ranger due to no spell casting, and no support weapon dmg from the caster. The subclasses I was thinking having an offensive and defensive type of puppet. One maybe with a minor version of sneak attack (1d4 or something) acting like a wooden rogue and the other like a mobile shield. Protecting allies, distracting enemies.

The second concept would be the Gunner. It was basically an idea I took from the MMO Tera and wanted to see it in DND. The main focus being a heavy 2h hand cannon. Maybe slow to reload (a full action) but being the heaviest hitting weapon in the game. Eventually getting aoe dmg, longer range and maybe an AIM action that that increases the crit range or dmg. The subclasses... are kind of undefined right now. Maybe a cannoneer vs a gattling gunner. Slower harder hitting vs rapid fire.

Any help with mechanics or advice on keeping things balanced would be appreciated.