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Primal Path: Path of the Fin


Tribal communities exist all across the realms, in all manner of locales and climes. while their customs often change, one steadfast certainty, seen time and time again, is the reerance for particular animals local to that tribe. These are often wildly varied; Nothern tribs may revere the Wolf or the Bear, those of the deserts follow the hawk or the Jackal, and those of the jungle may aspire to the Ape, or the Tiger. It is in this tradition that the Path of the Fin, island warriors capturing the bloodthirsty essence of the great Shark, arose.

Feeding Frenzy
Fin Barbarians, as opposed to their land-locked brothers, undergo much in the way of physical transformation when they enter a rage. Starting at 3rd level, While raging, you gain a bite attack which deals 1d6 + str damage. When you attack a living creature with this bite, you heal an amount equal to half the damage dealt by your bite attack.

Blood sense
A fully grown shark can sense a single drop of blood in the water almsot a mile away, simply through smell. At 6th level, You gain an amazing sense of smell: You gain advantage on all investigation and Perceptions rolls dealing with smell, you can automatically track a single living creature who's scent you know so long as the trail is no greater than a week old, and by spending a minute concentrating, you can detect the scents of all living creatures in a 300 yard radius, or up to a mile in the water.

Starting at 10th level, while raging, your bite attack damage increases to 1d8 + str, and a creature you bite must make a reflex save (DC 8 + proficiency bonus + Str bonus) or be knocked prone.

Shark Force
At 14th level, you become a full apotheosis of shark and man. You gain gills, a small dorsal fin, and your skin becomes rough, like that of a shark. You gain a swim speed equal to twice your normal walking speed, you can breathe underwater, and your armor class increases by 1. While raging, your bite damage increases to 1d10 + str.

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It's Jawsome!!!

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It's Jawsome!!!

This subclass specifically does not gain proficiency with Roller Blades.

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King Shark vs Mega Bird: Jaws 7, even more revenge!!!

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Someone PM a link of this to Sharkforce-he deserves to know.

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Someone PM a link of this to Sharkforce-he deserves to know.

Done if you already didn't.

If you did then he has 2-3.