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2015-07-19, 09:58 PM
I love the themes the warlock class bring to the table. Any character who wound up pledging himself to some sort of mysterious (Great old one), downright weird (Archfey), or devil (Fiend) will almost always have some sort of interesting backstory which is fun to explore in game.

However, the warlock subclasses in of themselves are pretty limited. Playing a warlock of Dagon, a demon lord of the abyss who resides in water, gives you the same classic "kill them all with fire" benefits as playing a warlock of Asmodeus. This is my attempt to change this.

I plan on designing specific warlock subclasses for the lords of the Nine Hells before moving on to other patrons (both fiendish or otherwise).

Asmodeus, Lord of Nessus and the Nine Hells

About the whole "reign in hell" sales pitch... I wasn't talking about you guys.

Expanded Spell list:

Spell Level

Command, Detect Evil and Good

Detect Thoughts, Zone of Truth

Clairvoyance, Speak with Dead

Locate Creature, Dominate Beast

Commune, Dominate Person

Pact features:

Infernal Insight:
You gain Insight as a bonus proficiency if you don't have it already. Additionally, you now learn to read and speek infernal. At level 6, you add double your proficiency bonus to insight checks.

Hellish Knowledge:
At level 6, you can learn any spell (of a spell level you are capable of learning) on any other archdevil's expanded spell list as a ritual spell, even if it is not a ritual otherwise. The casting time for these ritual spells last 1 hour per spell level.

Dark One's Sight:
Starting at level 10, you can always see invisible creatures unless you are in an antimagic zone. At level 14, this ability improves to true seeing.

Fall From Grace:
Starting at 14th level, you can use a action to hurl a creature through the nine hells. The creature follows the same path Asmodeus went through after his own fall from grace after the signing of the pact primeval. At the end of your next turn, the target returns to the space it previously occupied, or the nearest unoccupied space. The target takes a total of 9d12 of falling damage, having plummeted all the way through all 9 circles of hell in a matter of seconds. Once you use this feature, you canít use it again until you finish a long rest.

If you've got a bunch of time on your hands and want to make this ability more thematic, you can have the target take the following damage:

1d12 slashing, 1d12 bludgeoning, 1d12 piercing, 1d12 acid, 1d12 cold, 1d12 sonic, 1d12 poison, 1d12 fire, and 1d12 untyped damage that can not be resisted in any way.

If you ever use this class in a game, please post a link to the game in this thread or send me a pm telling me how this class performed. Any tips you can offer are helpful!

2015-07-19, 09:59 PM
The spell list of this class was designed with two features in mind:

1. Get people to do your bidding (ie Dominate person)

2. Know everything (ie Commune)

This entire class could be summed up with the following expression "Knowledge is power".

In terms of balance, I'm really worried about Hellish knowledge being terribly, terribly broken. Please let me know if it is or not.

2015-07-19, 10:20 PM
No, it's not a huge deal. It's a lot of spells, but most aren't terribly useful as rituals.

Looks good to me.

2015-07-20, 02:40 PM
Asmodeus has been my favorite of the arch devils. I'm thinking I'll play a warlock bonded to him in my next campaign.
For other patrons, could you do Dagon? He's really cool.

2015-07-20, 10:54 PM
Asmodeus has been my favorite of the arch devils. I'm thinking I'll play a warlock bonded to him in my next campaign.
For other patrons, could you do Dagon? He's really cool.

I'll probably do Dagon next.

If you do get arround to playing that warlock, please tell me how the class functions in game!