View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next Duergar Subrace

2015-07-20, 12:36 AM
Just wondering if anyone had any good insight into building this subrace? Or perhaps a good write up has already been done?

Enlarge and invisibility are pretty much a given and of handle these the same way drow get racial spell casting, along with a cantrip.

The MM mentions their great mental fortitude.

Tough as Stone. Like dwarves, duergar have strong
constitutions. Adding to their physical stamina is an incredible mental fortitude resulting from their time as slaves of the illithids. A duergar's mind is a fortress, able to shrug off charms, illusions, and other spells.

Adding something that acknowledges this trait would be great, but keeping it balanced might be tricky.

Aside from that maybe tweak the dwarven weapon proficiencies a bit too include maybe crossbows maybe shortsword?