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Milo v3
2015-07-21, 08:28 AM
Unchained Rogue Archetype - Threaded Bounder
Individuals with less than pure morales sometimes use their skills to get into places they shouldn't, and with the skills of a spider these bounders can get into nearly all secure locations.

Poison use (Ex): At 1st level, a threaded bounder is trained in the use of poison and cannot accidentally poison herself when applying poison to a weapon. This replaces trapfinding.

Spider's Web: At 2nd level, the threaded bounder gains the ability to shape the Lashing Spinnerets veil and increases his total veils shaped by 1. The threaded bounder uses his Intelligence as his primary veilweaving attribute. Upon reaching 6th level, he gains the ability to bind lashing spinnerets to his Hand Chakra. Starting at 8th level, he gains the ability to bind lashing spinnerets to his Wrist chakra. This replaces the rogue talents gained at second and sixth level.

Essence Web: Starting at 4th level the threaded bounder gains an essence pool equal to 1/2 his class level. In addition to being able to channel this essence into veils, the threaded bounder can burn 1 essence as a standard action to make a melee touch attack against a creature or object. If it is successful, this touch connects the target with the essence of the threaded bounder, causing the threaded bounder knows the direction of that target until the next time you sleep in a manner similar to the know direction spell.

The essence burnt in the use of this ability cannot be used again for any other purpose until the bounder sleeps. This replaces the rogue's edge gained at fifth level.

Improved Essence Capacity: At 10th level, and again at 15th, the threaded bounder increases the essence capacity of his Lashing Spinnerets veil by 1.

2015-07-21, 05:22 PM
I love it. Though I think you should mention this is an Unchained Rogue archetype.

The trades made with this archetype are very fair. With the granted mobility of the Lashing Spinnerets, I can actually see myself using this rogue.

Milo v3
2015-07-21, 06:31 PM
Okay, changed the titles.

Great to hear that it sounds fair, and makes the class more interesting.