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Samuel Sturm
2015-07-21, 10:36 AM
Greetings, Playground! I'm preparing a series of 1-shots for my players, and I need help coming up with ideas. Now, here's the twist: all the PC's will be playing some sort of dragon. We'll be using the RPG Battle Dragons, with the default setting. There are 7 worlds, all inside each other with a tower connecting each layer.

The worlds have multiple "courts", roughly equal to a feudal king's court. The PC's will each have committed some minor crime in the exuberance of youth, and have been sentenced to community service. Now, here's the question. What would pass for court ordered community service, when the characters involved on all sides are dragons?

2015-07-21, 12:08 PM
Same thing as regular community service - picking up trash, helping old lady dragons polish their hoards, that sort of thing.

Bad Wolf
2015-07-21, 12:38 PM
Getting rid of weeds, weeds in this case being annoying mortal adventurers.

2015-07-21, 12:59 PM
If they're big or strong, they could be made to fly construction materials or similar loads (garbage? raw fish?) from one place to another.

You could also sit them in a soup kitchen and make them heat up meals with their fire-breath. They can do something similar at a brick kiln or forge, firing up bricks or metal.

Another idea would be helping to rescue boats, dragging them to shore or carrying victims to safety.

Lvl 2 Expert
2015-07-24, 07:03 AM
The courts and the rest of the world are also all dragons (I'm unfamiliar with the system)? I'm asking because if they aren't the PC's have a lot of special powers they can use, and thus the rulers will be tempted to send them on a quest that would be pretty much impossible for non dragons.

But I'm expecting they are all dragons, in which case it gets harder to think up something good. I'd probably send them out to deliver a message or something, pick some item up, something with lots of ground to cover and plenty of adventure hooks. The ruler's motivation for this is that it will get them out of his scales for the entire service period. There will need to be some way of guaranteeing they don't just fly away and don't come back. But if this is their home city, their families live there and the task doesn't seem too hard I suppose that's already taken care off.