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2007-05-02, 08:30 PM
This was an OLD PrC I made a while ago. Enjoy it. Comment on it. Use it (It needs playtesting. Badly.), and then abuse it!

The Starsign Mage

"Their are those that follow in the footsteps of the traditions. Then their are those that through caution to the skies and set their own goals and values. We are they."

The Starsign Mage (SSM) is based upon one of 9 base elements:
Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Darkness, Light, Sound, Time, and Balance. Each represents a path that each Starsign Mage Walks. And with it, he makes his name across the lands.

Spells: Must be able to cast at least 3 Arcane spells, All of which must have the same elemental energy behind them (A Fireball, Protection from fire, and Scorching Ray, for example. Another Combonation would be Protection from Chaos, Spell Immunity, and Calm emotions if Balance is your choice.). These dictate your element of choice.

Skills: Knoweldge (The Planes) 5 Ranks, Spellcraft 10 Ranks

HD: Dependent Upon Element
BAB: Dependent Upon Element
Saves: Dependent Upon Element.
Skills: As Wizard, But Tumble (DEX), Jump (STR), and Profession (Adventurer) Are Class Skills.
Skill Points: 4+Int Modifier
Proficencies: A Starsign Mage is Proficient with all Simple weapons and light armor, but not sheilds.


Fire:Fire Users are often Hot headed, Tempermental, and act before thinking. They are brash, but they make up for it in the fact that they never speak anything but the truth
HD: D6
BAB: As Fighter
Saves: Fort Good, Reflex/Will Average

Water:Often the ones calming the Firemages, Water mages are intelegent, aloof, and and collected. Almost the complete opposite from Fire users, the Water mage will often use backhanded tactics to acheive her goal.
HD: d6
BAB: As Sorceror
Saves: Will Good, Reflex/Fort Bad

Sonic Also includes spells of the Chaos Descriptor
Sonic/ChaosSonic Users are Loud, stubborn, and often the most wild. Living to extremes, they never cease to confuse and amaze all those involved.
HD: D6
BAB: As Rogue
Saves: Reflex Good, Will/Fort Bad

Wind:Wind users are often Hyper, ADD, or light headed. They are arcobatic, and use this to their advantage. They usualy have a pentiant to be very spontaneous.
HD: D4
BAB: As Wizard
Saves: Will/Reflex Good, Fort Bad

Note: Earth Subtypes include anything that deals Nature. Animal Friendship, Barkskin, and Wood Shape are examples. Pretty much anything from the Druid/Ranger Spell lists or the nature/earth domain.
Earth:Earth users are the Strong Silent Types. They are the ones that often see things analyticaly, miss social cues, or think too much.
HD: d10
BAB: As Cleric
Saves; Fort and Will Good, Reflex Bad.

Anything using Negative energy qualifies. Most Necromancy does.
DarknessThe Darkness users are clever and charismatic. They often become leaders and make their way through life determined to do what they want, how they want. What they want, however, may not always be the best thing.
HD: D8
BAB: As Rogue
Saves: All Good
Alignment:Any Evil or Neutral

Anything with a Light Descriptor, or Good subtypes, and Protection Domain spells qualify. 'Light:Light users are more akin to Darkness users then they want to beleive. They Are often leaders aswell, but act as mediators and throw caution to the wind to advance their goals. They are stubborn, and are charismatic, just like the Darkness users.
HD: d8
BAB: As Rogue
Saves: All Good
Alignment: Any Good or Neutral

Balance:Balance users often are mild mannered and reserved. They take things very seriously, making sure that everthing is prepared.Protection Domain spells, Law doman spells, Lawful Subtype spells count for the purposes of the spell requirement.

HD: d6
BAB: As Cleric
Saves: All Good

Time:Time users are the most enigmatic of them all. They may speak in cryptic riddles, or have many hidden motives that they keep to themselves
Time Is the only element which doesnot have a set spell descriptor. Use anything that doesnot have ANY elemental descriptor.
HD: d8
Pick One Set:

BAB: As Fighter
Saves: All Bad

BAB: Rogue
Saves: Reflex and Fort Good

BAB: As Cleric
Saves: Will and Fort Good

BAB: As Wizard
All Saves good

BAB: As Druid'
Saves: Will and Reflex good

Level Bonuses:
1: Starsign Infusion, 1st Starsign Gift.
2: Elemental Circle
3: 2nd Starsign Gift
4: Planalar Affinty
5: 3rd Starsign Gift, Egg Hatching.
6: Spell Strike
7: 4th Starsign Gift
8: Amigo!
9: 5th Starsign Gift
10: Millenium Starsign
Ability Descriptions

Starsign Infusion (SU): You are imbuned with the power of your chosen element. The Element becomes almost part of you, but you retain all your normal subtypes. You do not gain any extra subtypes from this fusion. You may only choose an element for which you have 3 spells of the same subtype, that match one of the catagories. Upon doing so, any spell with that subtype is cast at +1 caster level.
Starsign Gifts (SP): Every other level, you gain a special power that corresponds with your Starsign. You have a number of "Charges" Equal to your Levels in Starsign Mage. Each Power costs a number of charges equal to the number it has. The 1st gift costs 1 charge, the Second costs 2 Charges, the Third costs 3 Charges, the 4th Costs 4 charges, and the 5th costs 5 Charges. These abilities are cast as a Caster of your Arcane Caster Levels (Most Likely your Base Class and your SSM levels) +1. You also gain an additional +1 Bonus from Starsign Infusion.
Fire: By accepting the powers of fire, you gain the following as spell like abilities:
1st Gift: Scorching Hands
2nd Gift: Fire Ball
3rd Gift: Delayed Fireball.
4th Gift: Fire Sheild
5th Gift: Incendiary Cloud

Water: By Accepting the powers of water, you gain the following as spell like abilities:
1st Gift: Resistance
2nd Gift:Ice Wall
3rd Gift: Control Weather
4th Gift: Cone of Cold
5th Gift: Ice Storm (Damage is now at SSM Level d6)

Earth: By Accepting the powers of Earth, you gain the following as spell like abilities:
1st Gift: Magic Stone
2nd Gift: Stone Skin
3rd Gift: Wall of Stone
4th Gift: Earthquake
5th Gift:Iron Body

Wind: By Accepting the powers of wind, you gain the following as spell like abilities:
1st Gift:Gaseous Form
2nd Gift:Air Walk
3rd Gift:Chain Lightning
4th Gift: Control Weather
5th Gift:Whirlwind

Sonic By Accepting the powers of Sonic, you gain the following as spell like abilities:
1st Gift:Shatter
2nd Gift:Power Word, Stun
3rd Gift:Time Stop
4th Gift:Word of Chaos
5th Gift: Power word, Kill

LightBy Accepting the powers of Light, you gain the following as spell like abilities:
1st Gift: Arclight (see Below)
2nd Gift:Cure Moderate Wounds
3rd Gift:Spell Resistance
4th Gift:Spell Turning
5th Gift:Holy Aura

Darkness By Accepting the powers of Darkness, you Gain the following as spell like abilities:
1st Gift: Inflict Light wounds
2nd Gift: Vampric Touch
3rd Gift: Inflict Serious Wounds
4th Gift: Slay Living
5th Gift:Unholy Aura

Balance By Accepting the Powers of Balance, you Gain the following as spell like abilities:
1st Gift:Protection from Elements
2nd Gift:Spell Immunity
3rd Gift: Spell Resistance
4th Gift:Mordenkainen's Disjunction
5th Gift:Wish

Time: By Accepting the Powers of time, you gain the following as spell like abilities:
1st Gift: Blur
2nd Gift: Mirror Image
3rd Gift: Haste
4th Gift: Time Stop (Instead of normal duration, you may act for 3d4 Rounds of apparent time)
5th Gift: Wish

Elemental Circle (EX): Every Starsign Mage knows that creatures are weak to Certain Elements. Its called the Elemental Shift. When Attacking a creature of the Apropriate element, gain your SSM Levels as a bonus to your spells and attack damage. The Element to the Left gains the bonus when attacking something of the element on the right.
Light-> Darkness
Fire-> Earth
Earth-> Air
Air-> Water
Sonic-> Balance
Balance-> Sonic
Time-> Time

Planalar Affinity (SU): When Fighting, A Mage knows how to use the planes to his advantage. He is familiar with how elements interact with certain enviroments, and thus can create a favorable enviroment. 1/day, he may treat his spell as if he was on the plane of his element (Sonic Goes to the Plane of Chaos, Balance to the Plane of Law, Darkness to Negative energy and Light to positive energy. Time Simply gains the effect of the Quickend Spell Metamagic Feat, or another metamagic feat if the spell already has the Quickened Metamagic Feat applied).

Egg Hatching: Often, SSMs will find eggs on their travels. They may hatch these eggs, creating elemental companions. If the SSM has a familiar, he may replace it at no cost to him for an elemental familiar.If the element Is Sonic, Light, Darkness, or Balance, And he does not have a familiar, he may gain a familiar of the proper list and give it the Chaos, Good, Evil, or Lawful subtype respectively. Time may either take an apropriate creature as a familiar, or gain the benefit of the Alertness Feat. Check with your DM on this one.

Spell Strike (SU): The SSM may channel extra cosmic energy into his gifts. The SSM May take one of his Starsign Gifts and treat it as it had the following metamagic feats 1/day: Maximized, Extended, Empower, Heighten. You may not divide the feats. They must be applied to the same spell.

Amigo! (EX): The SSM has made many friends along his journeys and often they find a renewed sense of adventure in their souls. The SSM May confer a +1 luck bonus to any 1 roll 1/day to any one target. This bonus lasts for a number of rounds equal to the SSM's Charisma modifier. He may bestow this upon himself.

Millenium Starsign Gift (SP): Their are special gifts reserved for the most powerful SSMs. These are the Millenium Gifts. They represent raw cosmic energy that can be infused with normal spells. The SSM has gained the peak of Starsign Power. He may now cast his selected subtype of spells with a +2 Caster level bonus. This bonus does stack with his other +Caster level abilities. This ability does not burn up Starsigh Gift Charges.

(Arclight Spell)

Evocation (Subschool: Light)
Level: Drd 1, Sor/Wiz 1, Adept 2
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Target: One creature
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: See text
Spell Resistance: Yes

The mage raises his right hand, the aura around it slowly gaining power. He looks up to the heavens, and as the cosmic energy comes forth to his hand, he gazes upon his foe.With a word, he released the bolt of energy and watched as it streaked towards its target.
When you cast this spell, you release a blast of cosmic energy that streaks towards its target. The caster makes a ranged touch attack. If he passes, he deals 1d8/2 levels Damage. A Reflex Save negates the Damage.
When the Caster reaches level 5, and Casts this spell against Outsiders, he deals 1d8/level damage instead of 1d8/2 level damage.

Innis Cabal
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not to shoot ya down Korias, its good work from what i can tell, but there is a star mage out there already in some of the 3rd party material. Though you took a better approch IMO

2007-05-02, 08:33 PM
Requirements, why is first level 4x skill points?

2007-05-02, 08:35 PM
Ooops. Mistake on my part!

Fixed it up.

2007-05-02, 11:16 PM
Wait, by level 14 your Time Mage can throw out an enhanced Time Stop, granting 3d4 turns...then can use Haste? And just one level above, they can time stop twice per day...before normal wizards even start touching 9th level spells?

Holy fajita.

2007-05-03, 05:54 AM
Wait, by level 14 your Time Mage can throw out an enhanced Time Stop, granting 3d4 turns...then can use Haste? And just one level above, they can time stop twice per day...before normal wizards even start touching 9th level spells?

Holy fajita.

Hm. Your right.

Well, SHould I tone it down from Wish to Limited wish?