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2015-07-22, 09:09 AM
(Clearly a work in progress. The goal should be evident as well. Not sure exactly how to balance it out, but I'm sure if no one else says something as to how then it will come to me eventually.)

-Hybrid Eidolon: The first time a composite caller calls his eidolon, he must select two subtypes. The composite caller must address each field as follows.

--Alignment: The composite caller must be within one step both alignments. If both alignments are non-opposing neutral alignments, then the resulting eidolon possesses both non-neutral alignment components (e.g. an Agathion/Protean eidolon would be Chaotic Good). If both alignments directly oppose, then the average alignment should be taken. (e.g. Archeon/Devil eidolon would be Lawful Neutral). If the alignments are next to one another, or the same, then the more extreme alignment must be chosen (e.g. a Div/Elemental eidolon would be Neutral Evil). The resulting creature has all the subtypes possessed by both eidolon normally.

--Base Form: The composite caller must choose a base form available to both eidolon. The only exception to this rule exists, when the subtypes chosen have no overlap in forms. If this is the case, then the summoner may choose from either list.

--Base Evolutions: At 1st, 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th, and finally 20th, a summoner may choose from either subtype for the base evolution acquired at that level. A summoner may also choose a lower level base evolution in place of a higher level one if they have not already selected it. For instance, at 1st level a summoner with an archon/azata eidolon might select the archon's 1st level base evolutions. At 4th level, the summoner may choose the azata's 4th level base evolutions, the archon's 4th level base evolutions, or the archon's 1st level base evolutions.

--Evolutions: A summoner may bestow upon their eidolon any evolution available to either subtype their eidolon possesses, but if an evolution is available to only one of the eidolon's subtypes then it costs an extra evolution point.

-This alters the summoner's eidolon class feature.