View Full Version : Fae/Fey Castle: need help expanding

2015-07-22, 11:53 AM
My players have started to enter the Fortress of the Queen of the Dark Fae/Winter Court/Unseelie, Mab.

The Queen is currently discussions with a Giant Warlord that is seeking her help in transporting his troops.

So far my plan is to have the players meet with her Champion. Who will not let them pass unless they get permission from her advisors the Lady, Maiden, and Crone.

I want these encounters to be slightly combat related but mostly puzzle solving. Any advice on how to prepare this?

I'm playing in 5e DnD. But I need non rules specific help.

2015-07-22, 03:43 PM
Tell us more about the Lady, Maiden, and Crone. They sound similar to the classic trope of maiden, mother, and crone who can reflect three stages of life. Maiden may call for emotion/passion, lady for action, and Crone for wisdom. Sorry I don't have more right now. Remember that riddles can be fun or frustrating.