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2015-07-25, 11:21 PM
Hey fellow rpers.

I have been away from DnD in general for years now. Never had the chance to really play.
Well my long time friend and old DM wants to get a game going again. One last hurah if you will.
Well this got me thinking to characters I had in my head, but never got to actually see advance as far as their goals and dreams.

Anyway, one of them used this really old homebrew I cant seem to find anymore.

It was something like "(insert name here)'s Progressive Lich)
It was a lich template, that started off a bit on the weaker side, but you could do a ritual every so often to gain more and more power.

He also had progressive templates for a lot of other things.

I can't seem to find this on google anymore and it's driving me insane.

Anyone else remember these? And know where to find them?

2015-07-26, 12:55 AM
If you don't manage to get your hands on what you're looking for, dandwiki has several Lich PrCs you might find useful.

2015-07-26, 05:39 PM
There is an official monster progression for the lich template here: http://archive.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/sp/20031212a

On the other hand, you may have been thinking about this version: http://www.minmaxboards.com/index.php?topic=706.0

If it's neither, I don't know what you're looking for.

2015-07-26, 05:46 PM
Do you remember what site it was on?

2015-07-26, 10:33 PM
It's neither of those classes.

It wasn't an actual class.
It was a template that you could improve and make better.

Iirc it was something like this:

Rank 1 - Some ability bonuses, some of the basic lich abilities.. etc
Rank 2 - More ability bonuses, some of the same stuff, improving..
It went on for like 8 ranks like that.
Then there was a list of Lich Powers, that you got so many of them based on your rank. Some required others as prereqs. Like one allowed you to control more HD worth of Undead than normal, another improved your touch attack.. etc.

As for what site it was on.. I can't remember for the life of me. It was a forum, I am fairly sure of that.

This guy had a bunch of undead things like this. One for liches, one for vampires, one for revenants.. etc.
All were similar in the way you started off at like rank one, and improved it some how.

In the case of the lich, he detailed a ritual that can only take place once every decade or something and you had to do all these checks. If successful, you gained enough power to move on to the next rank of lich.

EDIT: I FOUND THEM. Typing up what I remembered sparked something inside of my brain.
It was Dicefreak's Templates. I am so happy right now.