View Full Version : FFG Star Wars initiative system in 5e D&D

2015-07-26, 04:34 AM
Hey everyone,

As the title says, I'm experimenting with implementing the system from Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars systems. For those that haven't played it, players roll initiative as normal, but then any player may use any of the initiative values rolled to take their turn.

e.g. Player 1 rolls 4 for initiative, Player 2 rolls 2, enemies roll 1

However, Player 2 has a buff ability that Player 1 wants to use, so Player 2 acts on initiative tick 4 to buff player 1, knowing that enemies won't be acting until 1 anyway.

Player 1 then acts on tick 2.

The question I want to ask is: will this break my game? I like the benefits that the system brings, with the increase in teamwork that I have seen it foster. It might also lead to a slight (slight!) decrease in the godliness of Dexterity, since if you absolutely must go first, you can always pinch the initiative value of the guy who already needs Dex for their class skills rather than making it essential to someone who otherwise has no use for it. On the other hand, people whose main schtick requires the initiative (looking at you, Assassin Rogue) don't get screwed by on bad roll.

BUT! Are there any downsides that I have missed?