View Full Version : D&D 3.x Class Brainstorming - Sorcerer of Chaos

2015-07-26, 10:53 AM
Creating this class would be a bit involved so I'd like to get some opinions first.

The sorcerer of chaos is a variant sorcerer that adds a new casting mechanic. First all sorcerer spells are split into two categories: Category A and Category B. Category A includes general purpose combat spells: sleep, color spray, flaming sphere, web, fireball, haste, etc. Category B includes utility spells and situational combat spells: unseen servant, burning hands, spider climb, disintegrate, etc.

Next, all of the sorcerer's spells known are chosen completely at random from category A.

Next, on top of this the sorcerer knows a number of spells from category B, equal to twice his spells per day (including bonus spells), also chosen completely at random. However these spells are cast as spells per level, and do not use his spells per day slots. Each one may only be cast once and then it is gone forever, though if a spell is randomly rolled twice then he has 2 uses of that spells. Unused spells per level are not wasted upon level up, rather they roll over to the next level. So at first level the sorcerer of chaos gets 6 random spells from category B, and usually 2 more bonus random spells from charisma. At level 2 he gets 8 more random spells from category B, and usually 2 more bonus random spells from charisma, plus any leftover spells he didn't cast during level 1. That may seem like a ton of options, but bear in mind that many of them are random junk such as comprehend languages or mount. New characters are assumed to have spent half of their old category B spells on all their levels except their last level. So simply add up the spells per day from all previous levels (double x half = normal). By 8th level I expected a lot of unused 1st level spells to pile up, but that's fine IMO. I expect him to have most zany 1st level tricks in the PHB and SpC by that point.

Finally, this sorcerer gets a bonus feat at first level, 3rd level and every 3 levels thereafter that must affect a spell: spell focus, metamagic, etc. Because honestly how else can you make a build around random spells? New characters must select their feats while they roll their spells, so immediately after rolling their spells for sorcerer 6 they pick 2 feats before rolling more spells.

The idea here is that you can get yourself a random playable caster on the fly. You don't have to spend a bunch of time planning spells and you can get yourself a new and different caster to play each time. There could also be a Favored Soul of Chaos and a Psion of Chaos. Psion of Chaos Category B spells would also be per level rather than using any power points, except when augmenting. It would be easy enough to make a website that randomly generates a character, and even pauses every 3 levels to give the player a chance to pick his feats.

The hard part keeping me from making this class variant right away would be dividing spells into Category A and Category B. Ideally I wouldn't only split up the PHB spells, I'd also include Spell Compendium. Going beyond spell compendium seems too crazy for me though.