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among the humanoid races, spellscales are the most creative, experimental, and varied. Most generalities about spellscales collapse under examination, because each spellscale displays a unique philosophy and behavior. What’s most true of them as a group is that these dragonblood humanoids have a very strong racial inclination toward sorcery.
It has long been known that many sorcerers have dragon blood in their veins. For the majority of these individuals, their spellcasting abilities are often the only hint of their draconic heritage, but sometimes the evidence is clearer. Occasionally, when two humanoid sorcerers produce a child, the infant displays decidedly draconic features and physiology. The child is, in fact, a spellscale rather than a member of either of the parents’ races. In much more rare instances, a sorcerer of great power produces such a child by mating with someone who is not a sorcerer. To those who believe that some (or all) sorcerers have draconic heritage, these children are strong evidence of the theory’s truth—if such a child’s draconic characteristics did not come from the sorcerer, then how else to account for them? In certain situations, a spellscale infant might arouse speculation about the mother’s having mated with a dragon and might be misidentifi ed as a half-dragon. Spellscales are, however, a distinct race. They breed true among themselves and almost never interbreed with other humanoids. In such an odd instance, any child produced is a full-blooded spellscale.

What else do I need to say about this wonderful race that disappeared after 3.5. Well here is an attempt to bring them back in a more modern system that is continually proving to be a well made system just like 3.5 was.

Ability Score Increase: +2 Charisma

Age:Young Spellscales grow up about the same rate as Dragonborns, though they do not walk hours after being born they do fully mature by 15. and most live well past 90 years of age.

Alignment: Due to a Spellscales wild nature they tend to lean towards Chaotic, aside form that they are their own person each and everyone.

Size: Spellscales generally the same size as Humans, and therefore are Medium size.

Speed: Walking speed of 30ft

Vision: Spellscales have excellent vision they can see in pure darkness, Darkvision 60ft

Draconic Ancestry: All Spellscales know one cantrip based on their Draconic Ancestry, this must be taken at 1st level and can not change. The ability that your spells from your race will be based off of is Charisma.
Blood Quickening Ritual: Once per in game day you can through a morning ritual change your Blood Quickening Subrace by worshiping the proper draconic god.

Language: They speak common and Draconic fluently as well as knowing 1 additional language.

Ability Score Improvement:+1 to Intelligence
Skills:You are proficient in the Deception skill.
Magic: At 5th level you can cast once per long rest Counterspell as as 3rd level spell.
Ability Score Improvement: +1 Intelligence
Proficiency:You have Proficiency when it comes to appraising items of their value, as well as Persuasion proficiency when you are selling items for a higher amount.
Magic:At 3rd level you can cast Identify as a 1st level spell once per long rest.
Ability Score Improvement:Either +1 Strength or +1 Constitution.
Advantage:You have advantage on hitting Chaotic Evil Enemies, and gain bonus damage versus evil Dragon types equal to your Charisma modifier
resistance:You have resistance to an energy type based on your Draconic Ancestry.
Ability Score Improvement: +1 Wisdom
Skills:Proficient in Perception
Meta magic You can use the Meta magic Subtle Spell Once per long rest at 3rd level

Ability Score Improvement: +1 to Wisdom
Saves You gain a +2 bonus to death saving throws.
Magic:At 3rd level you can cast inflict wounds as a 1st level spell once per long rest.
Ability Score Improvement:+1 Intelligence
Proficiency: You are Proficient with 1 martial weapon of your choice
Meta magic: You can use the Empowered Meta magic once per long rest.at 3rd level

Ability Score Improvement: +1 Wisdom
Skills:You have Proficiency in the Preform skill
Meta Magic:You can use the Heightened spell meta magic once per long rest.
Ability Score Improvement: +2 Wisdom
Skills: You are Proficient in Arcana and History
Magic: You gain one additional Cantrip of your choice.
Ability Score Improvement: +1 Constitution
Skills: you are proficient with investigation skill
Meta Magic: You can use the Meta magic Subtle Spell Once per long rest at 3rd level
Ability Score Improvement: +1 Wisdom
Skill: you are Proficient with the Medicine Skill
Magic: you can cast once per long rest cure wounds as 1st level spell at 3nd level.
Ability Score Improvement:+1 Strength or +1 Dexterity.
Advantage:You have Advantage on Lawful good enemies and can add your Charisma modifier as bonus damage to Good aligned dragon types
Negation: You can negate Resistance to Energy type based on your Draconic Ancestry.

Draconic Ancestry

Damage Type

Acid Splash

Shocking Grasp

Produce Flame


Minor Illusion

Spare the Dying

Poison Spray

Fire Bolt


Ray of Frost

2015-07-28, 01:23 AM
This is a great job. All of these look balanced (at the lower end of the scale, even), with the exception of the Io subrace. Why do they get so much more than everyone else?

My other comments would be:

What is the spellcasting ability for the innate casting?
The subraces that get first-level spells should get them at 3rd level, to be consistent.

2015-07-28, 09:49 PM
Wow, I did not expect to get comments. This is different. that is cool. :smallsmile:

Anyways for why Io is more powerful it was meant to actually reflect the Draconic Gods in some way. Io being at the top of the Order, his was clearly the more powerful choice of them all. Though does that mean an Io build is best for everyone no.

Also thanks I did forget about the ability that the spells would be based off of. Since this is Spellscales I think Charisma is proper. I also missed the 3rd level part, when I wrote this my mind was saying second level for some reason I will make that change.

2015-07-29, 01:26 AM
Oh, I didn't realise you weren't looking for comments, sorry! I tend to assume everyone here is looking for PEACHes (because I usually am), so I like to pay my tax when I can.

And I agree with charisma for spellcasting. It's what I would have assumed in the absence of any guidance.

2015-07-30, 11:39 PM
No No No. I was looking for comments but normally I don't get them. :smallredface:

2016-05-07, 09:26 PM
So base race gets +2 Charisma, a Cantrip, and Darkvision. Seems maybe a little weak, actually.

Bahamut's Advantage against Chromatics is too situationally powerful. Make it something more broad in application, but weaker.

Same for Tiamat.

Overall, it feels a bit weak. None of the subraces get that much, and the base race doesn't get much either. You could safely add another feature or two.

2016-05-07, 11:36 PM
I have added a new ability that is fitting to Spellscales and changed up Bahamut and Taimut. Bahamut now gives advantage on any Chaotic Evil enemy and bonus damage to evil dragon types while Taimut does the same only for Lawful Good enemies and good dragon types.