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2015-07-27, 06:24 PM
I have a player who wanted to be an artist in their background. So I wrote this up to be a kind of Renaissance style artist. What do you guys think?

Background: Artist
- You have spent your formative years engaged in a number of artistic pursuits. Maybe you are self taught, maybe you were tutored, but all can see you have a way with a brush, chisel, pen or song.
- Choose an artistic pursuit (by rolling or simply choose). Were you happy with your success? Do you feel like a sell out? Do you take commissions? Are you misunderstood?

Skill Proficiencies: Perception, Insight
Tool Proficiences: Two kinds of artisan tools
Starting Equipment: One 50 page sketchbook, charcoal pencil, explorer's kit, pouch with 10 gold pieces, common clothes, a letter of recommendation from a museum featuring your artwork

Specialty: roll 1d8, or choose
1 Painting
2 Linework
3 Print making
4 Written storytelling
5 Sculpting
6 Metalwork
7 Poetry
8 Songwriting

Background Feature: Fame
- Your art is known in the city or region where your talent first expressed itself. Nobility think highly of you, and often collect your work. You can live at a comfortable level for free by pledging yourself to a patron. You can also gain artisan materials or simple work at one quarter price.

Personality traits: d8
1 I love watching people.
2 I want for people to see or read my work, and I'm shameless in promoting it.
3 I hate to leave a project unfinished.
4 My work is unorthodox and often misunderstood.
5 I want to render the world accurately.
6 Emotion and feeling are more important than facts.
7 I follow one of the masters of my specialty with fanatic devotion.
8 I hate some or all of my work.

Ideal: d6
1 Beauty: I seek all forms of beauty.
2 Freedom: All subjects should be depicted in art.
3 History: Art is meant to document the present world for posterity.
4 Communication: All activities should communicate an idea.
5 Shock: Art should include the grotesque, to show the rough side of life.
6 Unfettered: Nothing is off limits to me, not blood, not death.

Bond: d6
1 I make art to provide for a lover/child/parent/sibling.
2 I'm attached to a patron, and I love making them happy with my art.
3 My art is everything to me, and I try to protect my works whenever I can.
4 I want to show the true life of the poor, and help them in the world.
5 I fell in love with a museum or library as a child and will protect it with my life.
6 My home is where my art began, and should be protected at all costs.

Flaw: d6
1 I really cannot take criticism.
2 I look down on forms of art that are not my specialty as not true art.
3 I spend all my money on expensive materials, even when I can't afford to.
4 I take on commissions but do a half-hearted job.
5 I am enraged when someone doesn't get my work.
6 I'm extremely jealous of other artists, thinking they are better than me for no reason.

2015-07-27, 08:24 PM
Way unbalanced. Two artisan tools? Just kidding. It looks very cool. I like that you took the time to do the personality characteristics as well as the mechanics.

other possible specialties - stained glass, calligraphy (especially illuminated manuscripts).

2015-07-28, 02:08 AM
Great work! I love this background and will definitely be using it in my campaign!

2015-07-28, 02:59 AM
You know, I've been working on a list of backgrounds (for a random character generator), and somehow I hadn't thought of 'artist'! Out of 147 options!!

Do you mind of I steal this?

2015-07-28, 06:26 AM
Oh, wow yeah absolutely steal it! :)

Gr7mm Bobb
2015-07-28, 09:06 AM
Well done, definitely gives the feel for a less social entertainer. Two thumbs way way up!