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2015-07-29, 01:40 PM
Attack resolution in New Evolution is rather simple, when performing an attack you roll an attack die, your target rolls a defense die and you compare the two values. If the attack is higher you deal full damage. If defense is higher you miss. If attack is equal to defense you deal half damage. What makes it complicated is various ways to affect the die you roll and damage you inflict/receive. This is usually done through passive traits and support techniques.
Affinity represents your relation with a particular elemental type (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Ice, Light, Dark, Thunder or Wood). Positive affinity allows you to use a larger attack/defense die, while negative affinity forces you to use a smaller attack/defense die. So, a Rookie digimon with +1 Water affinity uses d6 as a defense die against Water attacks.
If a digimon is resistant to a particular elemental type attack and defense die are rolled twice taking the lower result. If a digimon is weak to a particular elemental type attack and defense are rolled twice taking the higher result.
Unless your campaigning requires otherwise, your digimon spends most of his time in his Rookie form, and unless your DM wants you to raise it from an egg, it will start in this form. Champion form should be unlocked after first combat encounter, but DM may choose to do that sooner or later. Since Champion form is unstable a digimon can only maintain it for 2 rounds. This number should go up with practice, but once a digimon degenerates to Rookie form the Champion form can not be used for the same number of rounds. At a certain point Champion form becomes fully stable, allowing the Digimon to maintain it through the entire encounter. The digimon still needs to start the encounter on Rookie form. Ultimate digivolution functions the similar to Champion digivolution, but DMs are advised not to allow stable Ultimate forms, at least not until the campaigning is coming to an end. Mega forms should never be made stable. Armor digivolution is similar to Champion digivolution, except that cooldown is doubled. Armor digivolution can also be used on a Champion digimon to produce an Ultimate. DNA Digivolution can be used to fuse two digimon of the same stage into a digimon of a higher stage. DNA digivolution has no time limitations itself, as long as the two digimon can maintain the base forms used. However, it does require some connection between two digimon and their tamers.
Techniques are special moves that digimon can use. Each digimon has at least one basic techniques that can be used indefinitely, and at least one that can be used a limited number of times per encounter. Digimon learn new techniques and boost number of charges of their existing techniques as they gain ranks.

Stage: Champion
Family: Wind Guardians
Affinity: +1 Wind, -1 Thunder/Ice
Resistance: Wind
Weakness: Thunder/Ice


Mach Impulse: 6 Wind Damage. Basic.
Udjat Gaze: -1 Defense Die. 3 Rounds. 1/Encounter. (Rank 1/4)
Tempest Wing: 10 Wind Damage. 1/Encounter (Rank 3/9).
Red Sun: 8 Fire Damage. 1/Encounter (Rank 6).

Rank 2: +1 Ice Affinity
Rank 3: Tempest Wing (1)
Rank 4: Udjat Gaze (2)
Rank 5: Negate Ice Weakness
Rank 6: Red Sun (1)
Rank 7: +1 Fire Affinity
Rank 8: Earth Resistance
Rank 9: Tempest Wing (2)
Rank 10: Wind Immunity