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2015-08-01, 04:05 PM
I love the themes the warlock class bring to the table. Any character who wound up pledging himself to some sort of mysterious (Great old one), downright weird (Archfey), or devil (Fiend) will almost always have some sort of interesting backstory which is fun to explore in game.

However, the warlock subclasses in of themselves are pretty limited. Playing a warlock of Dagon, a demon lord of the abyss who resides in water, gives you the same classic "kill them all with fire" benefits as playing a warlock of Asmodeus. This is my attempt to change this.

Dagon, Lord of Shadowsea

Stop humming the "Jaws" theme whenever I walk into the room!

Expanded Spell list:

Spell Level

Speak with Animals, Detect Evil and Good

Beast Sense, Locate Object

Water Breathing, Tidal Wave (ee)

Control Water, Watery Shpere (ee)

Conjure Elemental, Commune with Nature

Pact features:

The Depths of Knowledge:
Starting at level 1, you gain the primordial awareness feature that is normally obtained by rangers at level 3. You use warlock spell slots instead of ranger spell slots to activate the ability. Your favored terrain is considered to be the ocean for this ability.

Swam too Deep:
Starting at level 6, you can breath underwater and suffer no ill effects that have to do with water pressure. You gain darkvison out to 60ft when underwater, and can see clearly through the water up to that distance. You also gain a swim speed equal to your base land speed.

Old One's Knowledge
Starting at level 10, you can pose questions to Dagon 3 times per long rest as if casting the spell Contact other Plane. Provided you have not done something that greatly displeases Dagon, you do not need to make a saving to avoid insanity. Dagon will always know the answer to the question, however, his truthfulness is up to the Dungeon Master.

Sleep with the Fishes
Starting at level 14, Dagon grants you the power to put your enemies in a watery grave. You can cast Tsunami once per day, using your warlock save DC for the spell.

If you ever use this class in a game, please post a link to the game in this thread or send me a pm telling me how this class performed. Any tips you can offer are helpful!

2015-08-01, 04:08 PM
This class is for all of you people who wanted a cross between a druid, a ranger and, a warlock. I'm not sure if anybody actually wanted that, but it's here now! :smallbiggrin:

Going of the fiendish codex I back from 3.5, Dagon is one of the oldest demons who knows a great deal. That was the inspiration for giving him knowledge related abilities. The aquatic abilities should be obvious.

This class will obviously be more useful in an aquatic campaign, but is still playable in a normal campaign.

2015-08-01, 04:20 PM
Old ones knowledge is really cool, seems like a good subclass overall.
I love warlocks

2015-08-02, 04:17 AM
Dagon is one of my favourites and this subclass is a really solid take on the big D.

An alternative name for level six could be 'sign of the abyss' and for level 14 'ebb and flow'.

2015-09-05, 09:36 AM
Added the spells watery sphere and tidal wave to the spell list.

If you don't have the elemental evil handbook, don't worry! There's a perfectly legal pdf on the wizards of the coast website containing all the races and spells that came with that book.