View Full Version : [3.5-ish] Houserule balance check - on metamagic

2015-08-03, 12:18 PM
Hi all!

Assuming no metamagic reducers whatsoever, do you see any obvious balance issues with the following feats:

Extend spell:
+2 to effective spell level: steps up duration from round/CL to min/CL; from min/CL to hour/CL. May be stacked to increase a spell's duration from round/CL to hour/CL (+4 total adjustment).
No effect on instantaneous or permanent spells, nor on spells with a duration that doesn't scale with CL (importantly, this excludes true strike, wraithstrike, and other obvious abuses).
Persistent spell is removed from the game.

(bonus question: if that's too aggressive, would +3/+6 change your mind?)

Enlarge spell:
+2 to effective spell level: steps up range from personal to touch; from touch to close; from close to medium; from medium to far. May be stacked to increase a spell's range all the way from personal to far (+8 total adjustment).

Widen spell:
Level adjustment down to +2 from +3; stacks with itself.

I've looked at my 400-odd favourite spells, found a few solid choices but no obvious abuse (importantly, I've nixed the Polymorph line in my game in favour of PHB2's polymorph subschool). In a few cases you get strange results but I think they're manageable. For example, a 2x Enlarged Teleport is essentially a no save "come with me"; easily solved by giving a saving throw to unwilling targets. However, I may have missed a few things. :smallsmile:

(for context, this isn't actually for play in 3.5e but for use in a system I'm working out which started as a 3.5 rebuild and evolved to something else. It tends to scale like 3.5 so I think your opinions will be useful for me to get the balance right)