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2015-08-04, 11:40 AM
Hi all, inspired by the Syntrophos and other Intelligent weapon classes posting recently, I created my own take of intelligent weapons as a playable race.

Dainsleif [Race]

Legend goes that long ago there was a dwarf-lord who, wishing to prove his devotion to the gods, spent the last century of his life seeing to create a weapon worthy of Moradin himself. Countless weapons were created and discarded, many broken down and reforged, again and again. Finally, on the last day of the hundredth year, the dwarf-lord made one final hammer-blow, softly uttered "It is finished" and passed away. The gods then sent an Angel to personally collect the Dwarf-lord's soul and his offering, but when the Angel arrived, no soul could be found, only a massive pile of weaponry of all types. Determined to complete at least part of its mission, the Angel tried to find the most worthy weapon, but was startled when the first blade he picked up shouted at him to "put me down ya great glowy galoot!Ē At once it seemed as if some floodgates had opened as one by one the other weapons began to awaken with a clamor. The final straw came when the Angel drew his own sword in surprise at a suit of armor standing up of its own accord, only for his sword to then admonish him for being "a pigeon-hearted fool." At this the angel decided enough was enough, dropped the sword and retreated back to the celestial planes as fast as his magic could carry him.

No one knows what exactly it was the old dwarf lord tapped into in his final years, ancient magic or psychic power, but his creations began to spread throughout the world, each of them seeking adventurers to wield them. They are the Dainslaif.

Type: Construct
Abilities: Str: -- Dex: -- Con: --
As objects, Dainslef have no Str, Dex, or Con scores, they are capable of sensing the world around them with acuity comparable to a human, including the ability to smell and taste using whatever part of their body is the 'business end'. They can speak audibly and also have the ability to communicate telepathically with their wielder using any language the Dainslef knows. Aside from the lack of low-light vision and darkvision, Dainslaif possess all other standard construct traits, including bonus hp based on the size of its intended wielder.

Living Weapon (Ex): A dainslaif's body takes the form of a masterwork melee weapon. The weapon type is chosen at character creation and cannot be changed except through a special reforging process (see below). The danslaif has hardness based on its material type. The Dainslaif has limited ability to act on its own, but possess an Ego Score equal to 10 + Ĺ Hit dice + Ĺ total enhancement bonus + Cha modifier. While being wielded, the Dainslaif can take the following special actions;
* Make a single attack against an opponent within their wielder's reach or against the wielder themselves as a standard action. A Dainslaif is always considered to be proficient in its own use. The Dainslaif gains a bonus on the Attack roll equal to their Int modifier.
* You may deflect an attack away from your wielder, once per round when your wielder would be struck in melee, you may interpose yourself, causing the attack to strike you instead. You then take damage as if the attacker had made a successful Sunder attack against you.
* Each day, the Dainslaif may attempt an Ego Check. If the wielder fails their will save, for the next 24 hours, the dainslaif may choose to have the wielder to draw the Dainslef at any time they attempt to pull out another weapon or item, and the wielder cannot put away or discard the Dainslaif without its express consent. If the Wielder succeeds the check, they are in control of how and when they use the dainslaif for the next 24 hours.
* Once per day per point of enhancement bonus the Dainslaif possess, they may make an Ego check to force their wielder to follow a specific course of action, treat the results of a successful Ego check as if the wielder were affected by a Suggestion spell. This is a Mind-Affecting effect. The Dainslaif can do this even if the wielder succeeded on their Will save to control the Dainslaif for the day.

Dainslaif cannot cast spells with somatic components unless that spell has be modified with the Still Spell metamagic. They likewise cannot cast spells that require a divine focus unless the divine focus is worked into their design as part of their body.

Animate Armor (Su): While in contact with an unattended suit of armor, the Dainslaif may animate it to serve as a proxy body. Treat the armor as an Animated Object with the following additional quality;
Single Actions Only (Ex)
Your animated armor has no will of its own and can be directed to perform only a single move action or attack action each round while you concentrate. The armor can move up to its speed and attack in the same round, but only if it attempts a charge.
This power can only be used on unattended armor of an appropriate size, attempting to use this on a worn suit or a suit for a creature too large or small to properly wield the Dainslaif causes the power to automatically fail, the ability also fails if the HD of the resulting animated armor would be greater then the Dainslaif. This ability can be used At-Will. If animating an armor with Armor Spikes, the Slam attack deals piercing damage instead of bludgeoning. The armor can wield you as a weapon, and is considered to be proficient in your use (but not any other weapons, even weapons of the same type).

Maintenance: As objects, Dainslaif do not recover from damage on their own. However, if they are attended by a character with a Craft skill appropriate for the Dainsalifís weapon type, they recover hp in the same way a living creature being attended by someone with the Heal skill would.

Self-Improvement: As they gain experience, Dainslaif grow in power and ability. Through deep reflection they can unlock new abilities within themselves. At any time, the Dainslaif can spend time meditating to awaken new abilities, becoming a magical weapon. This requires a sacrifice of XP as shown on the table below. The Dainslaif must meet the required minimum level and must meditate 8 hours a day for a number of days in a row equal to the XP sacrificed divided by 100.
The XP values shown on the table are the total value of the sacrificed required to bring the Dainslaif up to the listed weapon bonus. If a Dainslaif already has the capabilities of a + 3 Longsword, then they can become a +4 longsword by spending 700 XP and spending a week in meditation.
A Dainslaif cannot have a bonus higher than +5 until it reaches a character level of 21 or greater. Use the Weapon Bonus table below to determine the XP sacrifice when special abilities are added. A Dainsleif who raises their effective enhancement bonus to +5 also gains their choice of 2 lesser powers or one greater power, chosen from the list of intelligent item powers. They may again choose from 2 lesser powers or 1 greater power when their effective enhancement bonus reaches +10. For the lesser powers that grant ranks in a skill, the Drainsleif now and forever treats that skill as a class skill if they did not already do so, but even so if the granted ranks would raise the Dainsleifís skill ranks above HD + 3 the excess ranks are wasted. You cannot select the same power more than once.

Weapon Bonus Total Sacrifice Required Minimum Hit Dice Required Meditation Time
+1 100 XP 1 1 day**
+2 400 XP 3 +3 days
+3 900 XP 5 +5 days
+4 1,600 XP 7 +7 days
+5 2,500 XP 9 +9 days
+6* 3,600 XP 11 +11 days
+7* 4,900 XP 13 +13 days
+8* 6,400 XP 15 +15 days
+9* 8,100 XP 17 +17 days
+10* 10,000 XP 19 +19 days
* A weapon can't actually have a bonus higher than +5 see the above text.
** This is the base meditation time for a +1 weapon. All numbers following it are added to this base number. For example, going from no bonus to a +3 bonus would cost 1 + 3 + 5 = 9 days, but going from +2 to +3 would just be 5 days.

+ 1 Abilities: Bane, Defending, Dissipater, Flaming, Frost, Lucky, Ghost Touch, Shock, Sundering, Spell Storing, Power Storing, Keen, Ki Focus, Merciful, Mighty Cleaving, Throwing, Returning, Thundering, Vicious, Seeking

+2 Abilities: Anarchic (Chaotic Dainslaif Only), Axiomatic (Lawful Dainslaif Only), Disruption, Flaming Burst, Icy Burst, Holy (Good Dainslaif Only), Shocking Burst, Unholy (Evil Dainslaif Only), Wounding, Collision, Mindcrusher, Psychokinetic Burst, Suppression, Psibane

+3 Abilities: Speed, Bodyfeeder, Mindfeeder, Soulbreaker, Dislocator

+4 Abilities: Brilliant Energy, Dancing, Great Dislocator

+5 Abilities: Vorpal, Coup De Grace
Additional abilities may be added to the list at DM discretion. The DC for any saving throw provoked by a special ability of a Dainslaif is equal to 10 + Ĺ their Hit Dice + Charisma Modifier.

Reforging: A Dainslef who has been reduced to 0 hit point or less has been destroyed, however, enough magic lingers in their remains to allow them to be reforged. This requires the possessor of the dainsleifís remains to make a Craft check with a DC of 20 +1 per day the dainsleif has been destroyed. Upon being repaired, the Dainslaif immediately loses 1 level, a 1st level Dainslaif instead permanently loses 2 points of Charisma (if this would reduce Cha to 0 or less, it cannot be raised.). During the reforging process, the smith may choose to alloy the dainslaifís original remains with a single chosen Special Material such as Alchemical Silver, Cold Iron or Adamantine, causing the Dainslaif to gain the properties of that chosen material. If the Dainslaif was already made of a special material, the new material replaces the old material unless the smith possess an ability that specifically allows them to forge items out of multiple materials, similarly, the smith may choose to reforge the Dainsleif as a different, but similar weapon type, a Longsword could be reforged as a Rapier or Scimitar, for example, or a shaft could be added to a Dagger or Shortsword to turn it into a Spear, similarly, the Dainsalif can be re-sized to be wielded by a creature up to one size category larger or smaller. The DM has final say on what you can and cannot be reforged into. A Dainsleif may willingly allow themselves to be destroyed in order to be reforged. If the Dainsleifís spirit does not wish to return, the reforging instead produces an ordinary masterwork weapon of the Dansleifís type.
If the Smith can succeed on a check of DC 40 +2 per day the Dainsleif has been destroyed, the reforging causes no level and/or ability score loss.

King of Weapons: Dainslaif belive themselves to be superior to all other weapons and demand their wielders show proper respect. For every 25gp spent purely to add decoration and/or embellishment to the Dainslaif for the purposes of increasing its artistic value, the Dainsalif gains 1 XP.

LA +0

================================================== ======================

Racial Feats
Bonded Armor
Requires: Dainsleif Race, Character Level 3rd
Benefit: You are specially attuned to a particular suit of armor. Choose a specific suit of Masterwork armor, you must have been using this armor as a proxy body via your Animate Armor ability for at least a month for it to qualify. You may now enhance your armor by spending XP, as per your Self-Improvement Ability (only choosing from Armor appropriate abilities instead of weapon abilities.). Your Armor also gains increased abilities as your level increases (see table).

Level---Bonus HD---Natural Armor---Str/Dex/Wis---Special
3rd-5th +2 +2 +1 Remote Link 100ft, Improved Control, Share Feats, Hardness +2
6th-8th +4 +4 +2 Improved Slam, Hardness +4, Independent Action
9th-11th +6 +6 +3 Remote Link 1,000ft, Share Senses, Hardness +6
12th-14th +8 +8 +4 Greater Slam, Hardness +8,
15th-17th +10 +10 +5 Perfect Link, Hardness +10
Remote Link: You no longer have to be physically touching your bonded armor in order to control it. You may continue to animate your bonded armor out to the specified range. You cannot see through its senses, but you are aware at all times of its distance and direction to you, you know itís exact position while it is within range of your remote link, and have a general idea of its location beyond that so long as it is on the same plane.

Bonus HD: Your armor gains bonus hit dice as shown on the above table, at no time though may your armor have more Hit dice then you, (if an effect would cause it, such as level loss from reforging, the armor's HD is reduced to at most equal to your own.)

Improved Control: Beginning at 3rd level, your Bonded Construct no longer is limited to making a Single Standard or Move action each round, and may act normally.
Share Feats: Your Bonded armor may make use of any feats you possess, and gains a bonus on all skill checks equal to your ranks in the relevant skill. It is proficient with any weapon or shield the Dainslaif itself is proficient in.

Improved Slam: at 6th level, your Bonded Armorís Slam attack deals damage as if it were one size category larger (1d8 for medium armors, 2d6 for large), You may spend XP to enhance your Armorís Slam attack as a magical weapon, as per the Rules in you Self-Improvement ability.

Independent Action: at 6th level your armor gains the ability to act independently, gaining Int 2. It can follow simple spoken instructions, treat this as if it were trained in the following tricks; Attack (even unnatural), Come, Down, Fetch, Guard, Heel, Stay and Work. It gains 1 feat +1 for every 3 hit die it possesses. If taken beyond reach of your Remote Link, it continues to follow your last order to the best of its ability.

Hardness: Your connection to your armor strengthens and reinforces it, at 3rd level and every 3 levels after that, it gains +2 hardness. If this causes your armorís hardness to reach 20 or higher, your armorís slam attacks are treated as adamantine for the purposes of bypassing damage reduction and ignore the hardness of any softer object when attacking.

Share Senses: At 9th level, you can see through your armorís senses so long as it is within range of your Remote Link.

Greater Slam: at 12th level, your Bonded Armorís Slam improves again as if it advanced a size category (2d6 for medium armors, 3d6 for large).

Perfect Link: your armor has become a perfect extension of your will, and you can control it across any distance, even across planes.

:EDIT: just realized a potential issue with Dainslaif reforging themselves multiple times to size colossal and animating a 32HD armor. They not cannot animate an armor with greater HD then they possess.