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2007-05-05, 11:50 AM
The rules for creatures with multiple hands (that is, more than two) are awfully scarce and you have to look all around the rules for it, so I thought I'd place the rules together and fill in where I couldn't find the rules, my additions are underlined.

Multiple hands and fighting
Multiweapon fighting
All hands except one are off hands, as such those hands only gain half the strength bonus and when not trained in multiweapon fighting have a -10 penalty instead of the -6 penalty for the primary hand. When wielding a one handed weapon in two off hands it is considered light for the purpose of multiweapon fighting penalties, similarly when wielding a two handed weapon in three off hands it is considered a light weapon for multiweapon fighting penalties.

Multiple hands on a single melee weapon
A weapon wielded using only off hands gains only half the normal amount of damage bonus due to the wielders strength. Every additional hand on the weapon wielded by the primary weapon increases the damage by the strength bonus. Power attack increases damage as much as the total amount of times the strength bonus is added rounded down.

Multiple hands and ranged weapons
Every hand after the first two to wield a bow increase the effective strength modifier by half the standard strength modifier.


A Thri-Kreen warrior with the multiweapon fighting feat wielding a greatsword in his primary hand and one of hand and a longsword in the rest of his hands has a -2 penalty on attack rolls with both weapons, deals damage as a normal two handed fighter with his greatsword and damage as a normal one handed fighter with his longsword.
A Thri-Kreen warrior wielding a composite longbow (+6 strength bonus) in four hands only needs a +3 strength bonus to use the weapon effectively, dealing the full bonus damage from the strength bonus on the weapon.